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Phenomenal Coach Summit

September 14 @ 8:00 am - September 22 @ 5:00 pm

aloha dears – I was invited to be a part of this epic summit with some of my dear friends and even a former mentor of mine who helped me at the very beginning of my path!

Are you someone who is supporting women to step into their personal and professional power?

Do you desire to support women to experience and embody their power?

This is what I have committed my life to and maybe it is your desire or commitment too…

The divine feminine movement has been like a rising wave …but…where do you go once the wave meets the shore?

How do you expand this rising of the feminine into practical tools and actions that evolve the work of the divine feminine?

I have an answer for you…

I want to share with you my colleague Anahita Joon Tehrani and a powerful symposium that I have had the joy of taking part in…

Phenomenal COACH”

Cutting Edge Facilitation and Business Tools for Women Who Work With Women

*** Here are some of the titles of the live and & pre recorded sessions ***

  • How to Launch and Sell According to your Human Design (Business) 
  • How to Navigate Ascension Symptoms (Facilitation)
  • How to Create Authentic Content (Business) 
  • Using Divination for you and your Clients (Facilitation)
  • How to know when to Pivot (Business)
  • How to Be the Offer (Business)
  • How to Embody your wisdom and Be an “Edler”, Regardless Of age (Facilitation)
  • How Desire & Psycho Sexual Wellbeing inform the Client Journey (Facilitation)
  • Understanding Somatic Shamanic Work (Facilitation)
  • The Priestess Path as Vocation  (Facilitation & Business)
  • And ….more….


Join us here: https://ecstaticleadership.pages.ontraport.net/phenomenal-coach?utm_campaign=Summit%3A+Phenomenal+Coach&utm_source=Sydney+Campos&utm_medium=Speaker


The rising of the feminine energetic is seeking to become fully expressed through being implemented in business, cutting edge facilitation and coaching.

In order to ground and move this new energy it will require those who work and support women (or desire to) to continually evolve their arsenal of tools and facilitations.

Join us for this amazing event “The Phenomenal Coach”  which has a rooster of incredibly potent female coaches, entrepreneurs and experts that will support you to rise and evolve your existing practice or inspire you how to become a “Phenomenal Coach”

Female leaders that possess cutting edge facilitation skills and business tools have the opportunity to “ground” the rising deep into the Earth where it will sustain and expand your business and your personal leadership.

See you here <3

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