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April 4 - December 21

Create and completely revel in your most extraordinary life by divine design.

Share your absolute brilliance, your truth, your genius gifts.

Speak your deepest desires into being, actualize your soul vision and heart-fueled service.

Birth the offering that’s wanting to flow through you for lifetimes and taste the deepest fulfillment you’ve ever known, ready?

It’s time to rise and thrive as the radical co-creator you’re meant to be in your very own Heaven on Earth.

—> This is a mastermind container for visionary leaders unlike any the world has ever seen before.

M E T A M O R P H O S I S //  This is a nine-month container facilitating your highest evolution in multi-dimensional embodiment, soul-alignment, purpose-power-presence alchemy and accelerated abundance beyond your wildest dreams.

Included in this journey are online components, in-person immersions, intensive 1:1 and group support throughout, nourishment on a monthly basis with curated master healers all included in your investment and SOUL much more.

Feel into this b l i s s….

⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊⦉ ⦊

⦉ ⦊ This program is for visionaries…

🔑Ready to start or scale their soul aligned business sharing their absolute genius gifts with radical integrity and masterful magnetism

💎Eager to leave their 9-5 to crystallize their soul-aligned calling and launch their soul-service out to the world

🔑Called to awaken global consciousness while activating authenticity, intimacy and abundance in all moments

❯ ❯ ❯ Activates 4/4 – 12/21/19 ⦉ ⦊

⦉ ⦊ Includes two live retreat immersions in Mount Shasta ((8/8-8/11))  Bali (12/12-12/21)) ⦉ ⦊

As you drop all perceived limitations and commit to living your most powerful impactful loving life ever aligned completely with your soul mission, you avail yourself to receiving, manifesting and magnetizing:

🔑 Effortless quantum creation of your dream life business vision and soul aligned offering – launch your new product, retreat, course, platform with ease and flow and magnetism

🔑 Increased income, influence and impact as you boldly share your authentic heart’s truth and attract aligned opportunities and new forms of abundance you never could have planned for

🔑 Miracles as a natural state of being in which you notice how life is always supporting you in the infinite synchronicities that abound

🔑 Soul mate relationships and divine union embodiment within as without – calling in your own beloved with ease and joy ((yourself and/or desired partner, ‘tis a mirror after all))

🔑 Your soul family tribe showing up to support you and co-create and collaborate with you – expansive joy abounding

🔑 Pleasure, receptivity and ease as your new natural state in which you deeply trust life and feel incredible peace in the present moment

🔑 Unbridled creativity to share your unique message and medicine in the ways that feel most nourishing for you

🔑 Radiant confidence and fierce presence, increased visibility and ease in sharing and being seen

 Infinitely more soul aligned gifts to come upon activating your journey..can you already feel it?

⦉ ⦊ ⧋ Apply to join the journey ⧋ ⦉ ⦊


April 4
December 21

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