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Love for Every Body

February 14, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 2:30 pm

2021 is the year for not only taking personal responsibility for the life we want to create, but the world we want to cultivate together.

Creating a more safe, loving, and healthy world for all starts with us learning to wholly honor and love ourselves first.
The truth is, the map for our personal well-being is already within us.
The keys for our most vibrant, pleasurable, nourishing, loving, abundant, and radiantly healthy life are accessible right now.
When we trust and love ourselves enough to surrender to where we are being guided, we effortlessly align with our lives’ natural flow and the empowered creators we know we are at the core.
We gain access to the knowledge to know how to best care for ourselves and thus are able to show up as our highest selves’.
Join us for a “Love” Day celebration and launch party for the Zeva’s Wellness platform and the unveiling of our first magical product.
This perfect combination of a mini-retreat and celebration/party was created for the vibrant soul who believes in love for “every body” and that the map for a vibrant, healthy, radiant life starts with you.
Featuring six amazing, visionary experts and a live panel, you will be guided on an experiential journey into the realms of self-love/self-care practices, abundance mindset, conscious/eco entrepreneurship, multidimensional healing, accessing your intuitive gifts, and embodying your authentic leadership.
Visit our website to see a more detailed description of our amazing speaker line-up and the incredible wisdom they have prepared to share with you.
If you feel a longing to cultivate a more loving and healthy relationship with all aspects of yourself and connect with the template for your most optimal well-being, this event is for you.
If you are excited to discover how learning to care for yourself and honoring your intrinsic wisdom can create a safer, healthier, and more loving world, you’ve come to the right place.
Register Early Bird by February 11th and receive 50% off your admission ticket, access to incredible free gifts, and automatic entry into a giveaway for an amazing Self-Care Gift Basket.
Early Bird Admission by 2/11 is $22.00
Regular Admission after 2/11 is $44.00
Access details for the event will be emailed to you on February 13th once you’ve registered for the event.
Through this experiential journey, you will be empowered to:
– Develop a deeper connection to yourself and your true essence.
– Cultivate a more profound
understanding of how your beliefs and programming can become an obstacle to you actualizing what you most desire.
– Discover the easiest ways to access the intuitive wisdom around what supports your optimal well-being and how to best care for yourself.
– Nurture your confidence around your innate gifts that you’ve always been destined to share with the world.
– Gain clarity around your desires and higher values and how that translates to your purpose.
– Access greater freedom and trust in the expression of your authentic voice, intuition, and inner wisdom.
– Deepen your awareness around how self-love nurtures our own reservoirs and frees us up to be of service to the people, causes, and endeavors we most care about.
We are so excited to gather with you on Love day and explore how loving ourselves can be an avenue for loving the world back into wholeness.
To your radiant health, love, and well-being.


February 14, 2021
11:00 am - 2:30 pm

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