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Community Flow Class at Afterglow

January 27, 2020 @ 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Yoga Class

Excited to start teaching again! I’m starting with a community flow class at Afterglow in Wailuku on Monday January 27 from 330-430, completely free 💕

Yoga has been a massive part of my healing-embodiment journey over the last 12+ years. Even before I got sober and started my awakening I was always drawn to breath, movement and sound and any way I could get into some semblance of stillness. Even if it meant dancing till dawn so I could finally fall asleep without feeling overcome with anxiety.

I remember being addicted to Bikram yoga when I lived in New York for years even before quitting drinking.. something about sweating and moving in community was the closest thing I experienced to peace at the time.

I remember then how the hardest thing was to simply be with myself and breathe, and then maybe feel what my body was saying as opposed to interpreting how it felt based on how I thought it looked. The anxiety program ran so deep.

I’ve loved guiding meditation, energy healing, Breathwork and movement in Retreats over the years yet right now I crave stillness and stability: Strong roots to anchor epic vision birthing💕

Planting seeds for dream beyond the dream retreat center here..can you feel it?💎

It feels a little like a quantum leap in commitment to plant a flag in one place and stay..after being on more planes, in more Airbnb’s and rented cars and scooters over the last 3 years than I care to count. Being anchored in one place – and calling it home – invites a profound intimacy..a beautiful calling I am feeling here in Maui. Bring it on 🔑🐬

I’m feeling the theme of our class next week will be 2020 Vision, clear seeing, feeling and knowing..embodying our leadership and alignment with our highest timelines, whattaya say?

Aligning to pure presence..Something like that Plus whatever other special sauce you wanna bring! ❤️

Excited to play soon 🤩


January 27, 2020
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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