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Awaken the Potential Within Summit with Lee Davy

April 18, 2020

Personal mastery is the capability to grow and learn on a personal level. It concentrates on the aspects of learning that belong to the individual. It enables us to delve deeper into our personal vision, into what we truly desire, concentrating all our efforts on developing our personal and professional skills and capabilities. It includes aligning with our spiritual purpose, and honing our physical reality, which includes optimizing our health, wealth, relationships and more.

Lee Davy, a superhuman activation specialist, having spent 30 years cultivating and perfecting the art of honouring his spiritual path and optimizing his physical reality. Through this free online summit, he will bring you face to face with over 20 experts, authors and leaders in the fields of:



breath work

social wellness


personal development

body/health enhancement

conscious exploration and more.

You’ll hear their unique stories and gain insight into the best practices and tools they’ve used to create strong healthy physical vessels and integrate these practices and experiences into living their life’s purpose to create soul-aligned businesses, impact in the world and live a life that they love.

The goal is that you’ll walk away with actionable insights and tools of Personal Mastery in order to optimize, align and cohere your mind, body and spirit. By concentrating on the realm of individual learning, it allows us to clarify and deepen our personal vision continuously, and focus consistently on what we really desire.

Personal growth allows us to…

develop patience

see reality objectively

concentrate our energies…

as we expand our personal aptitude and capabilities, while generating more energy, creating more health, ultimately opening us to our unique gifts and soul purpose. As you learn to integrate these tools into your every day life and business you will create more meaning and connection and ultimately shift paradigms of what it means to do work and business with consciousness in service to humanity and the Earth.

If you’ve ever wondered how to connect to and align your health with personal vision and the goals you’ve always desired to achieve, to manage the distance between future vision and current reality and reduce the conflict that prevents you from achieving your vision so you can live with more meaning, create more freedom and abundance, and unveil your true nature, gifts and self worth, while being in service to othersthis free event is for YOU.

Awaken the Potential Within: A Guide to Personal Mastery Summit is available for a *limited time* only! The summit runs April 18, 2020. If you missed the free conference, you can access all 20 +  interviews for a limited time.

To get access to the summit sessions, register now


April 18, 2020

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