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ASCENDs kickstarter

August 1, 2021 - September 21, 2021

Social media 1.0 launched a new generation of connective tools and technologies with positive intentions but over the last decade these platforms have ultimately created a more myopic, extremist, objectified, manipulated world.

And we’re just barely now starting to see the real long term consequences play out especially in the younger generations that were born with a phone in their hands.

It’s time for a new way. Humanity is evolving. Consciousness is shifting. Everyone wants a new way but even platforms that claim to be the new solution are still rooted in designs and ideology of the old paradigms that brought us into the situation we’re still trying to escape.

What if we don’t just need a new platform or tool but rather an entirely new way of being, seeing, and creating? As our world shifts into a new era of unity, our technology and all the ways we engage therein must reflect our new collective intentions and behaviors.

Imagine a community in which everyone is a creator. Everyone has something to teach and share and everyone is gathered with the shared intention of learning and growing together.

What if technology can be a reflection of our evolving consciousness that welcomes us to discover, create and explore content that supports us and helps us grow? What if there is no agenda within our social community other than adding real value, sharing authentically, and expressing genius creativity all with the shared intention of positive growth and evolution?

Meet ASCEND. Welcome to the future of social, created upon the values of truth, transparency, integrity and collaboration.

ASCEND is a new social network based on personal development and community value in which people’s knowledge, skills and talents are the community’s currency. Using data and artificial intelligence to inspire you to learn about yourself, ASCEND curates content to help you live a better, more fulfilling life. Content is designed to inspire personal growth and expansion.

There is no centralized censorship: all content and comments are reviewed and scored within community tiers to deter low value content, misinformation and hateful commentary. Category expert scores create a new paradigm in influencer marketing, driven by expertise and quality, not popularity that’s often artificial.

Everyone can be a creator. Everyone has something to contribute to the community. 

ASCEND is built on the premise that everyone has skills they want to learn and entertainment they want to enjoy; everyone has skills they can teach and talents they can share. See the best content curated for you, scored by the community according to helpfulness.

All contributions are rewarded via the platform’s own cryptocurrency, from content to comments – scored by helpfulness to determine true relevance. Ascend connects people with the specific experts and teachers who are uniquely suited to support them in their desired areas of growth and development.

Anchored in trust and transparency, all content within ASCEND is moderated thru the community itself with no centralized censoring authority.

Content added to the platform first goes thru a round of reviews and is scored according to helpfulness and eventually by individual creators according to overall resonance. Only content scored at a certain level is approved to be shared in community whereas low value or irrelevant content isn’t permitted at all.

Everyone is held to a high standard of excellence, truth, transparency and authenticity.

Like a new collective nervous system designed with coherence and connection in mind, the ASCEND ecosystem is naturally self regulating as all creators are trusted to share in our community values with incentivizing structures built in at all levels. 

Imagine a content discovery platform that learns with you through your behaviors and choices and becomes tailored to your preferences and intuitive inspiration for how you feel best engaging.

All creators can earn credit for their contributions, and even comments are considered content that can also be rewarded with a tip credit.

Creators who share their expertise effectively are celebrated as the new influencer.

As creators are authentically scored according to true relevance and helpfulness, suddenly a new model emerges away from the old paradigm of superficiality in which anyone with money could buy a following regardless of their actual expertise or relevance.


Our first version anchors a foundation for ASCEND’s diverse ecosystem of future offerings.

Entailed within ASCEND’s product roadmap are numerous subsidiary platforms and functionality including loans, crowdfunding, media production, a kids platform, white label for enterprise solutions to support cultivating company coherence and cultural values, smart ways to organize groups, classes and community, and so much more.

Ready to create the future? Let’s play.

Meet Our Advisory Team


August 1, 2021
September 21, 2021

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