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Akashic Ascension Portal – Hawaii 2022 Immersion

April 16 - April 24

We are assembling a cosmic crew of soul fam who share lexicons of akashic facilitation, advanced energy healing + intuitive guidance to play together in Hawaii vortexes next April.

A recent celebration from one of our students..

“The Akashic Facilitator Training program was a space that allowed me to meet together with others, to remember once again our limitless ability to touch into our own truths. Beyond the constructs of what we have been taught to believe is true and beyond the borders of the box I created for myself to keep myself safe in this particular human life.

I was offered the opportunity, the gift really, to see beyond the narrow view of day to day 3D life and to play responsibly in the greater, more expansive field of truth and possibility.

Being in group with others, allowed for the pure alchemical magic of the divine mirror. In pure presence with one another, we heal and grow instantaneously.

I am forever grateful for the tools, the opportunity to explore my own path and to do so, walking side by side with the other women in my group.

This course was simple yet profound.”

Apply to our first training of 2022 – opening March 3, 2022 – May 5, 2022.

The Hawaii Immersion is open to only graduates  of the Akashic Facilitator Training program.

Check out our immersion home:

The intention for gathering has effortlessly landed as::

A co-creative portal amplifying nourishment, potency, expansion and ease for akashic facilitators creating Heaven on Earth while attuning to highest timelines, true self embodiment, multidimensional mastery and homestate in body, mind and soul.

Feel into our potential co-creation..
  • timing:: april 16-24, 9 days, 8 nights together in paradise bali-style villa 2 min walk from my fave blacksand beach – Kehena¬†ūüôā One of the newer beaches formed by lava flow..very activating
  • gourmet chef providing our meals so we can focus on receiving¬†+ deep nourishment/self-care
  • daily practice shared together¬†– with each of us taking turns in offering gifts/guidance as we are inspired
  • advanced practice in akashic records¬†+ multidimensional healing modalities..including hands-on healing, group telepathy, remote viewing and more (somewhat of a curriculum is landing for this)
  • gridwork¬†+ vortex activations¬†+ initiations in some of Lemuria’s most sacred sites
  • visiting Pele – the active volcano – in person for fire ceremony¬†+ gridwork
  • ocean hot springs visit(s) – some of the most healing waters on earth
  • daily movement practice¬†+ embodiment play/somatic attunment
  • ecstatic dance multiple nights with awesome community (as you feel called to join)
  • sound healing¬†+ bodywork with favorite practitioners (some of whom are my dear friends)
  • lots of relaxing down time, beach time, space to simply BE and rest into all that you’re anchoring for 2022 and beyond..

The message I get about this journey is Рco-create a sanctuary space for the soul to truly rest and come home even more deeply into itself. 

We will co-create the experience and be open to what flows each day..less is more..and we may be surprised as to what we’re guided into once we are gathered together here and the portal opens.
A perfect space has landed in our lap. Its the most affordable and yet still luxury venue in a dream location..beyond imagination. 
Investment is $3,300.00 USD or $3K if you pay in full; or if you’d like to do a payment plan: min. $500 deposit and then the rest ($2,800.00) due by April 15, 2022. (note: Cost includes everything except ecstatic dance entry which is optional (3x a week) and is about $15-20 each time – Weds, Fri and Sunday).
This is the most affordable experience offering for this level of beauty – luxury I’ve ever been able to find..even considering retreats hosted in Bali..pretty spectacular. Pictures attached so you can feel into space.
I am already receiving the downloads on practices¬†+ preparations and advanced practice we’ll explore for this potent field we’ll be playing in..it feels so expansive and yet also full of ease, allowing..deep listening. Since this is co-creative we’d also welcome intentions and desires for what we can experience¬†+ receive together..of course.

Nourishing, co-creative and playful are the key energies we welcome here. What is it like to embody 5D+ consciousness in our cellular being..in more moments of life..together?

Apply to our first training of 2022 – opening March 3, 2022 – May 5, 2022.


April 16
April 24

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