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2020 Visionary Embodiment

January 11, 2020

This new cycle of 2020 is calling us forth into our highest selves. We’re literally on the precipice of the Golden Age of Aquarius. All the prophecies align and have measured this precise moment we’ve been waiting for all these lifetimes..its here and now. So how do you choose to show up?
What is authenticity for you?
What is integrity?
What are you willing to be in devotion to?
Where can you begin, today, now?
And is there any support you require along the path?
How can you support yourself?
Trust you have all that you need actually, always.
It’s right in there all along.
Just like your destiny has been mapped out perfectly.
Ready for you to receive and follow and simply align with.
It’s not a mental process actually and words don’t do justice in trying to explain it.
It’s a feeling – flow, ease, presence, trust.
Soul. Attunement. Pure feeling and knowing.
Deep listening and then aligning as guided.
Celebrating our collective awakening in this now. Remembering and embodying who we’ve always been, who we came here to fully be. To remind each other and ourselves constantly of our greater WHY.
Sinking deeper and deeper into nothingness.
Finding in the void our everything-ness.
Remembering our godliness.
Something like that 🙂
All my love to you on this epic soul-stice portal. New Moon eclipse on Christ Consciousness Day..huge energy supporting our most legendary intentions and manifestations.
I’m offering a sacred experience and support container online January 11th designed for our Visionary Embodiment pleasure.
A sacred space to express, embody and celebrate your greatest visions for 2020 and beyond.
This 111 minute experience includes:
* Group Meditation + Energy Activation
* Remote Energy Healing Transmission
* Collective Akashic Record Reading
* Channeled prompts for deeper inquiry into your soul-calling and 2020 vision to take with you for continued integration and revelation
* Facilitated future-visioning embodiment experience
* Opportunity to receive 1:1 support thru live Q+A at the end
Open to 100 participants.
Offered as Love Donation (any amount you feel called to share via PayPal here or Venmo @SydneyCampos) or via Patreon contribution here.
Invite friends to come play 🙂 Let’s make this an epic party to remember and amplify beautiful energy for 2020 and beyond.

Register here

All my love family. All the ways.


January 11, 2020

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