Celestial Souls | Sedona Retreat

An intimate field of celestial souls is called to converge amidst the sacred Sedona vortexes for a 7 day deeply nourishing adventure in grid work, quantum healing, high frequency embodiment, connection with ascended masters and integrating our own ascended master aspects and gifts.

This experience is for you if you’re calling in..

  • Deep nourishment of mind, body, spirit and soul on all levels
  • Cellular recalibration and rejuvenation through energy work, rest and receiving
  • Awakened, attuned and amplified psychic-intuitive perceptions and gifts
  • Experience and training in quantum healing, Akashic Facilitation and multidimensional channeling
  • Embodiment and integration of ascended master aspects, gifts and abilities
  • A highly attuned resonant field of fellow new earth frequency holders ready to play and support one another through our embodied ascension journeys
  • Expert mentorship and 1:1 + group support in unwinding misunderstandings, releasing density and diving deep into our true purpose, path and soul callings in this lifetime
  • Nourishing care from a gourmet chef providing all meals curated for optimal vitality
  • A 90-min individual body work session with a master healer supporting you to release old memory, patterns, tension and pain
  • Guidance into the world’s most potent vortexes for cellular and DNA healing, lineage healing, multidimensional awakening and amplifications of desire and intentions

Play in a profound manifestation portal to dissolve time and space limitation and sink deeper into presence, personal power, ease and unshakable faith and trust in our knowing

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This experience is a grid work invitation as well to connect intentionally everyday with the celestial city positioned above Sedona. This city is home to many ascended beings that wish to connect with us now to share wisdom as well as activation of our healing multidimensional capacities and gifts.

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Are you ready to awaken the ascended master within and embody more of your soul essence?

New expressions want to come online and new energies want to anchor into earth through our hearts. We are called to receive deeply, to allow profound release of all that no longer serves from former dimensions still lingering even if subtly, and to expand into our most authentic, present, powerful embodiments of divinity.

Let’s explore all we are invited to receive through surrounding ourselves with soul family support, expert care and guidance, daily connection with the beautiful land and the most powerful energy vortexes on earth, playing thru daily movement and meditation, exploring and sharing quantum healing and practicing our new and ancient abilities within a highly attuned supportive field.

This 7-day immersion includes:

  • Accommodation for 6 participants and one main facilitator
  • Daily meals provided by private chef; organic, locally sourced, curated for your preferences
  • One 90-min bodywork-massage session with master healer per person included
  • Luxury, modern, spacious villa to ourselves, situated in a pristine red rock view location
  • Guided practice in akashic records, multidimensional channeling, ascended master communication, somatic healing, nervous system attunement, breathwork, yoga and more
  • Quantum healing in groups and 1:1
  • Guidance to vortexes for grid work, group meditation, channeling, and energy healing
  • Deepening in your psychic and intuitive healing abilities and discernment
  • Healing cellular structure and recalibrating the energy field to receive higher dimensional light and support more sustainably
  • Special gifts and surprises with local friends, expert healers and guides that may join in to assist and amplify our experience
  • Lots of time to rest, integrate, reflect and decompress

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Luxury Accommodations with Red Rock Views

Energy Exchange

  • This retreat includes expert facilitation in intuitive channeling, Akashic Records, quantum healing, movement and meditation (and other modalities)
  • One 90-minute somatic healing massage with master bodyworker
  • Curated, organic, locally sourced gourmet meals prepared by a private chef
  • Luxury accommodations in a beautiful Red Rock Villa estate
  • Receive 1:1 support + connection with a soul-family community throughout immersion
  • Includes transportation provided throughout retreat for group excursions and activities
  • You have the opportunity to have a check-in call prior to this retreat to answer any questions
  • You will receive a welcome preparation guide to support you with logistics + packing
  • Investment includes all above mentioned benefits except airfare + transportation from airport to retreat location in Sedona
  • Total Investment is $3333.00 USD per person *price slightly lowers if you are sharing a bed

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About Your Facilitator

Sydney Campos is a Visionary, Psychic Energy Healer, Embodiment Facilitator and Best-Selling Author who is devoted to creating Heaven on Earth in all moments. Since 2012 Sydney has offered intuitive coaching, mentorship, energy healing and psychic guidance to visionaries worldwide.
She has supported thousands of visionaries globally in embodying their true selves, enjoying more ease and flow, and powerfully living their purpose.Whether advising conscious companies, mentoring visionary leaders, training shamanic facilitators or architecting the world’s next social community – Sydney illuminates bridges into new dimensions.
Sydney is a sought-after expert in the fields of embodiment, sexuality, intuition and leadership. Sydney has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow and New York Magazine. Her new book “I’m Ascending, Now What?” comes out in June 2023.
Prayer: May we attune ourselves to our divinity and create the world and all the ways of being in it we wish existed.

Tune into all of Sydney’s client celebrations + miraculous transformations from prior retreats.

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