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Joshua Little, Personal Freedom Mentor, Actor, Singer, Visionary, London UK

“I was stuck in 3D programs operating as an empath, feeling the energy of everyone around me and having little sense of connection to myself. Intuiting things about people but struggling to see their light. Feeling like a victim of men in my life. I had little self love which was reflecting in the way i felt about my body and how I took care of it and I still struggled to trust myself, literally scared to venture out in the world. My inner life felt so unhappy.

I knew I wanted to work with Sydney because I needed to get out of this mess that I was in and create the life of my dreams.

I’ve taken multiple group programs before which have been so powerful for me including NLP coaching, Strategic Intervention, Yoga teaching training, EFT, meditation, Tony Robbins and more but I never had never had the support from someone else to go deep into me and understand more about my personal journey.

Since working with Sydney over our three month program, my health feels amazing and I feel so much vitality, life and flow in my body and self. I trust myself again and love all of who I am, the shame is all gone. I’ve been on a process of shedding so many layers to get to the essence and core of who I am and feel so much more confident in sharing that side of me.

I have created an incredible coaching program and have been sharing my gifts, strengths and genius with incredible women who are rising as leaders in the world. I have created so much self love that I’m now in a relationship with the soul mate man of my dreams. I have become so free of sexual shame and have healed so much with my relationship with my parents and my whole family lineage. The eczema I’ve had all over my body since I stopped breastfeeding as a baby has completely healed.

Sydney has super powered intuition. She brings her mastery of self to the game. She is vulnerable and honest when she needs to but focuses on lifting you and taking you into higher dimensions of being. Embodying higher vibrational emotions and sending transmissions through her healing work. She has a high level of integrity for her work.

Working with Sydney is like being in a Vortex Beyond Time and Space and transmuting all the fear to love. It is truly transcendent.

Sydney’s zone of genius is helping you to shift shame, transforming and aligning to your soul’s desire, embodying your highest self and learning to access your own Akashic Records and connect to your razor sharp intuition.”

Karina M., Musician, Stylist (Intuitive Soul Session Client)

“Thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom Sydney. Yes, you are absolutely correct. It was such a gift to connect with you. I loved how your visions started to unfold about my career path.

Every word you spoke had an impact on me and was in tune with what I have been thinking and feeling. It was truly amazing to be present to the expansive insights you were describing.

As you communicated with me what you were seeing, I felt a tremendous connection to what you were saying. I have been thinking about the very same things for a while.

It finally gave me perspective and clarified all the swirling thoughts of confusion in my head and confirmed what I need to focus on. This has caused so much mental anguish and indecision for so long.

Our session grounded me and gave me the confidence to take action. Since our session, I have launched my Instagram page, a blog, and webpage with my personal healing offerings.

I also have my 1st ‘essence styling’ client. I’m excited about the fact that, what you said gave me permission to ‘put myself out there’ and just try things out, without feeling like it needs to be this huge lifetime commitment.

I finally feel like I have a foundation to work off of so that I can expand in the direction I need to. Otherwise, I would have been scattered and second-guessing my decision every step of the way.

I can now breath easy. I look forward to replaying our session, as I’m sure I’ll process even more of your intuitive wisdom.

Thank you for your support and insight. You truly have a profound gift.”

24312769_10215072486105993_7655775678574895850_n.jpgKelly Knaub, Transformational Life Coach + Kundalini Yoga Guide, Hawaii USA

“I am highly intuitive and have a strong relationship with my Spirit Guides in the shamanic realms, so it would have been easy for me to say I had no need to try an Akashic Records reading (as I sometimes hear other healers say they get readings from no one else). But wow, I am truly so glad I decided to get one from Sydney! She has a gift for helping you see & own your unique soul work, & I left the reading feeling more empowered than ever.

The timing of the reading itself was very divine & synchronistic to begin with. I was in the midst of a huge life transition & suddenly wondered to myself one day if Sydney was still offering her readings. Within 24 hours, she offered her email list a special deal on them & I booked one right away!

I was in tears within minutes of the reading, & Sydney addressed a number of questions I had written down in advance that I hadn’t even vocalized.

She also shared very helpful insights on some sticking points I’ve had around my business & confirmed some ideas I’d been toying with but hadn’t yet put into action (which I didn’t mention to her).

So much was revealed that I needed days to integrate everything. Most importantly, I felt seen, heard, & held throughout the session in the sacred container that Sydney created. I am still in awe of the experience & highly recommend it.

Thank you, Syd, this was mind-blowing. I’m so honored to share my journey with you!”


Ryan Adamiak, CEO + Founder, Up and Coming Media, NYC USA

“Sydney’s program helped me reassert my commitment to many areas of my life I had been neglecting – in doing so, I always felt supported and respected. Sydney’s methodology allows for you to be you completely, and I never felt talked down to or preached too. Over the 6-week program and thereafter I’ve lost over 15 pounds, reconnected to playing music (one of my passions), and I’ve managed my business better (offering more engagement to employees, gaining clarity on expansion plans for the future and communicating more clearly). Much of my business and thought process is very analytical and I always tell my team to go off of the data. You can’t argue with the results here!”

“I came on this retreat to be in an intimate space with other people and I had history with Sydney, having witnessed her transformation online and in person is incredibly magnetic. I was enthralled by the possibility of being in her space. Her no-shame spirit was reflecting back to me how I had more work to do. I get the message from others often that I live a magical life but I sensed I had more work to do.  I was also specifically drawn to the inner-child focus. Sydney’s vision spoke to me. I was actually considering going to Landmark Forum before joining Sydney’s retreat.

Prior to the retreat, I was feeling challenged by menopause. I know my body and my soul needed to be integrated. I felt like doing major transformational work. I was ready to grow and evolve in new ways. My body was demanding I return to it and listen to it.

I’ve looked for coaches but its hard to find someone that inspires me – I never thought a 29 year old, my friends daughter, would be the one.

I am stepping into embodying so much of the work I have done over the decades. I am a trained facilitator in many modalities and have studied and guided others through transformation forever – but now its time for me to receive guidance and experience the work in a new way.

I was considering Landmark because I am encountering a lot of family issues at the moment. My mother is turning 80 and my siblings and I are being called to show up for each other and for my mother in new ways that are challenging our connection and history in all sorts of ways. I was seeking support with navigating that process in more integrity and leadership. 

I’ve done innumerable trainings and I see so many coaches projecting their own issues into the work they take others through. Sydney pulled me in at a time when I was feeling the pull for a deep dive. I didn’t know that I needed a psychic intervention, which is what Sydney definitely offers. I’ve been reading her emails, and every time I read them I get a buddha smile on my face – I get a meditation type feeling just in connecting to her writing. 

I felt like I received a psychic, energetic download that just comes through her that I can hear. Through interacting with her I’ve gotten immensely clear on my blocks, what they are and how I can move through them with grace.

My results since the retreat have been as follows:

  • I feel connected.
  • I feel clear on my next steps in my life. 
  • I feel grateful for having experienced so much truth and honesty. 
  • The only true move is the most necessary one – you already know the answer!

The flow of the experience was amazing. Sydney’s ability to read participants in a very clear way with lots of permission and space for them to receive is astounding. Sydney has a nice balance of telling her story and not projecting her own issues – she expertly tells her story for service and connection. Sydney’s capacity to keep her energetic level steady is incredible. She stays energetically in service so consistently – its profound. Her ability to hold space is incredible. People want what she has. 

If you’re considering joining the retreat – Absolutely. Just do it. Don’t even think about it. You’re going to learn something. I could promise you if you go that you might not experience what you think you need, but you are going to SHIFT and get so much out of it you can’t even imagine. If you’re asking me – I can promise you you’re going to get SO much out of this. Whatever you’re looking for will be right in front of you.”

Kelly M., CEO + Entrepreneur, NYC-Based

13939291_3099506453233_5899474003112888221_n.jpg   Jenna Hillier, Visionary Health Coach, Founder @ The Measure of a Woman, CPA, NYC USA

“When I started working with Sydney my biggest pain-points were mindset and money. I felt like Sydney could specifically help me with mindset because she had been through what I was going through – leaving my full-time job, starting my new company, making myself visible as a coach for the first time and offering my services.

My biggest results from working with Sydney were the confidence to quit my job and believe that everything would be ok. I also took a lot of action with Sydney that I didn’t have the confidence to take alone. She introduced me to what my life could (and would) look like.

To this day Sydney has been one of the more comprehensive mentors of mine.

21753084_10209981335154281_5493345331542269757_oStefano Ganddini, Spiritual Performance Coach for Visionary Entrepreneurs, Los Angeles, USA

Sydney’s last retreat in Bali literally changed my life. My intention going to her retreat was to fall deeper in love with myself. And that’s exactly what happened.

I had multiple major breakthroughs on her retreat related to RECEIVING and ALLOWING myself to experience more FUN, JOY, and FLOW in my life. It was on this retreat that I realized, at a very DEEP and visceral level, that LIFE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HARD.

And since then, as I’ve described to multiple people, I feel like I’ve been in this incredible state of “Bali Flow” that has allowed me to have my first six-figure salary month with less effort and more fun than ever before (and that, of course, has been a consequence of simultaneously SERVING more powerfully than ever before).

I am now MOVING to Bali at the end of this month, and it is BECAUSE of this retreat.

Sydney Campos is an incredible facilitator and every aspect of her Bali retreat — from the AMAZING food to the powerful workshops to the beautiful local excursions — was perfect.”

“I came on this retreat because I was feeling stuck in my story around being single. I didn’t understand how this was going to change. I was very caught up in scarcity and lack of possibilities when it came to relationships and intimacy. I was in a conundrum about what i needed to do to attract the right person, and I was mad about why I needed to change. I was unhappy and making myself unhappy because of this external thing that I don’t have any control over. 

I had been feeling this way since March. I had taken a big leap from last summer through last fall and over the winter and then landed in the Spring of this year wondering what was going to happen. I was considering doing the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) program before the retreat. It’s a series of seven workshops specifically around love, intimacy, self-love and sexuality.  I’ve been in therapy for a long time. I’ve also worked with Miranda and Jana Saunders – amazing transformational coaches. I’ve done retreat and personalized 1:1 coaching with them.

From this retreat experience I’ve received the support I need to move forward. In the past I needed to experience more wallowing and processing wounds – what’s working now is really focusing on the positive and doing work to seek love, fun, connection. I am getting more support to move towards positive. 

Sydney’s ability to do the guided meditations is awesome. Her language is so beautiful and really helped me to connect deeply to my inner child. Sydney’s authenticity deeply resonates with me and helps tune me into a deeper state of connection with myself. Sydney created an amazing balance between structure and flow that I found very comfortable. I loved connecting to my various stages of age in our work and meditations. A lot of my work in this area has focused on a particular range – this retreat helped me hugely in connecting to new age ranges and experiences that tuned me into more fun, love and happiness. 

My results since attending the retreat include:

  • I feel more alive to my happiness. I feel more alive to fun.
  • I am more aware of my desire to feel connected to other people. 
  • I had such a powerful experience connecting with our retreat group. 
  • I am more of an introvert, more of an isolator and now i feel very connected to be with people and do healing with others. I found that experience so supportive and powerful – in community. 
  • I experienced a shift in my thinking from: doing this kind of work means there’s something wrong with me and I need to fix it in order to be accepted, to be good enough, to be loved. I never realized this until after i left the workshop – I realized that instead this is like going to the gym – it’s pleasurable for me to do this work on myself because I can feel good! I’ve had a major shift in focusing on the positive and benefits not the negative or “what’s wrong with me,” I go to the gym and yoga because I know I will feel good. Now I feel like I’ve shifted from personal development and healing work which used to be like “i need to fix something that’ wrong” to “I love to do this because its fun and I will be happy, I will feel good. There’s nothing wrong with feeling good!”

Specifically, just being in Sydney’s presence and energy is so powerful. This retreat was such a gift – exactly what I needed – amazing jumpstart into my next phase.

If you’re considering going on her next retreat: Don’t be afraid. HEALING CAN BE FUN! This is deep and enjoyable – but is FUN!”

Catherine J, International Development Specialist, Vermont-Based

John H., Writer + Musician based in Bali, Indonesia

I did the Intuitive Soul Session with Sydney and had no idea what to expect as I hadn’t experienced this kind of process before.

I was amazed at Sydney’s ability to channel non-stop for such a long time – there was a huge amount of information and some deep insights into my life and I felt a great deal of love and support.

I was hoping for some direction and a better understanding of things I had been experiencing recently and I found the session shone a light on those areas, and it was also a step towards further awareness of some of my hidden blocks and inner child issues, which I have continued to open up to and integrate.

Sydney has a wonderful gift and if you feel a call to work with her I would highly recommend following your intuition and seeing where it takes you!

Alyssa Kim, Spiritual & Wellness Coach, Founder of Thrive School, Thrive With Alyssa, Los Angeles, USA

It has been about 8 months since I began working with Sydney and in that time I have been able to lovingly leave a relationship of 12 years, have the courage to quit my career of 10 years and begin my own coaching business, uproot and clear limiting beliefs that had been holding me back from going after what I truly desire, skyrocket my feelings of self love and worthiness, and get into alignment with my truth.

Sydney created a safe container for me to learn and grow and heal. She encouraged me and gave me the tools and courage to pursue things I never would have done on my own. She shined light on the parts of me I wanted to hide but were essential to uncover for my growth. She was both gentle and strong with her guidance.

My favorite part about working with Sydney was the vibration that she holds is so high that you are automatically upleveled just by working with her and being in her presence. She holds space so beautifully for you to expand and grow just by being herself.

Hiring Sydney was the catalyst for my life completely shifting. And quickly! If you are ready to expand and have someone there who will guide you and help you feel inspired, safe, vulnerable, and powerful all at the same time, Sydney is your girl!”

Dayana-Dayana-FINAL-0029-1Dayana Mayfield, CEO, Copywriter + Storyteller,, California, USA

Yesterday I had an Akashic reading with Sydney and I was absolutely stunned by her gifts and abilities. She truly calls forth your soul, your guides, your ancestors, and your angels and gives you the messages you truly need to hear.

I’m at a pinnacle moment in my personal development, and she helped me heal past traumas and showed me that the future I’ve been envisioning is what I’m effortlessly being invited to.

She gave me very clear messages to help handle the old patterning and resistance that is already coming up, and I’m using these tools! The reading was such a healing moment for me and I will never forget it. I immediately felt lighter, more joyous, and all around cleared out. There’s just an immediate sense of wonder and newness that I appreciate.

I honestly feel changed. I know that I have such a clearer place from which to make life and business decisions. It’s truly truly amazing to hear her channel such powerful messages and to experience a real shift. I’m stunned.


Margie Pargie, CEO+ Founder, Aerial Yoga Goddess, Transformational Coach, Margie Pargie

“Four months ago, when I first signed up for Sydney’s mastermind, I felt very confused. I had been traveling full-time living “the dream” making tons of money, sold my yoga studio and was hosting sold out retreats. But I felt exhausted. I felt like I could never “catch up” with all of the work I had to do, my relationships were draining and I wasn’t really sure what I was creating anymore. My SELF and my brand needed a REBOOT. I wanted to make more money, but didn’t understand why my funnels weren’t converting. I kept spending tons of money on business tools with no results.

We worked together for three months in a group mastermind and for one month 1:1.Within three weeks of working with Sydney I 10x’d my monthly revenue from $3K to $30K without creating any new business infrastructure but instead by simply following the customized energetic alignment practices Sydney intuitively guided me through.

One month into the mastermind, Sydney invited me to write out my 10 year future vision, which included a detailed image of a beautiful white aerial yoga studio and retreat center on the beach with a spa. I thought this would take years to manifest. A few weeks later, I was invited on a tour of THE EXACT studio I had imagined. I was completely blown away. Soon after I was invited to re-locate to Belize as a core consultant overseeing the studio’s offerings and expansion.

The greatest benefit I received from my experience working with Sydney is that I now speak my truth no matter what. My boundaries are clear and my energy has never felt more focused. I trust myself and own my value. I share more authentically than ever, especially on social media, and I just FEEL GOOD. I am completely me. I am no longer seeking validation from how much money I make, people in my life or material things. I am free.

I appreciate Sydney because she is so loving and mirrors back the parts of me that I couldn’t see before. The way she pushed me to have uncomfortable conversations, create healthy boundaries, and embody RADICAL ORGASMIC LOVE for myself was a push I was DEEPLY DESIRING. Her tools of tantra and orgasmic manifestation are now pillars of my coaching practice. Working with Sydney is worth every penny and every ounce of uncomfortable work. I manifested my 10 year plan in a matter of weeks and that is MAGIC.”

rebeccaRebecca Volinsky, Visionary Mentor + Artist, Founder of Visionary Living with Rebecca Volinsky, LLC

I reached out to Sydney at first because I was feeling disconnected from my purpose. I had begun so many huge personal transitions transformations and felt so cut off in my work life. I knew Sydney could help me get started and out of the place or immobility. 

Compared to other mentors, Sydney is totally unique. Really, she’s blessed with a lot of dynamic energy and she is willing to make her journey fully public, she takes big risks and shares it all. 

My biggest results while working together were launching my design business entailing my jewelry and artwork, I had an art show, I was connected with some incredible people and most of all I gained the ability to really take action in alignment with my purpose.

Since our work together I’m celebrating working with my own coaching clients who I am guiding through powerful transformations. I am expanding in all ways – I’ve recently sold a painting for more than I’ve ever sold any other piece of mine for. And I got asked to do a solo show in a beautiful space in Soho – a childhood dream I totally ruled out literally fell in my lap.

“I was Sydney’s previous client and simply knew I needed to be in Sydney’s space in person. I didn’t pay attention to too many of the retreat details – I just knew I needed to be here.

I was craving more depth in the personal development work I had been doing on my own – I needed support in deepening my experience and getting back on track. My meditations had started to feel a little disconnected and superficial. I was clear that I have some deep trauma blocks that I haven’t been able to access. And it was starting to occur to me that there was something spiritual going on around my physical injury – I was guided to go deeper in my spiritual work to resolve it fully. I knew my next chapter of transformation was going to require an immersion.

In other transformational programs I’ve participated in, which have been substantial, I wasn’t able to access my 3-year old self where many of my biggest challenges originate from. I was able to access this precise point through my work on the retreat in a way I never had before.

After this retreat, I came home with a very open channel, unlike I’ve ever experienced. 

What else did I experience as a result of the retreat?::

  • I identified that my physical malady is directly connected to a spiritual issue – now I am empowered to take care of myself holistically as though its a spiritual practice
  • I uncovered a deeply rooted pattern of how I haven’t spoken up for myself in my truth – which has resulted in physical trauma and various other injuries and hardships
  • The retreat was able to help me convene with my 3 year old self and see the root of my issues.
  • I am open to more compassion and more love – for myself and others as a result. 

Sydney is great at establishing in her words and actions early on that we were in a sacred space, setting expectations for the retreat and the participants as well to connect intimately and honestly – making it easier to connect deeply and quickly whereas elsewhere or with other people I might not have had such breakthroughs/connections.

Sydney models the concepts she teaches and embodies the practices she is teaching and guides in a way that makes it really easy to TRUST her and feel safe to go really deep.

I’ve never been on a retreat like THIS but I’ve been on many retreats. The small group made a huge difference in how deep we were able to go. 

The way Sydney carries herself gives me permission to put myself first and check in with myself – which has been instrumental to healing my self-worth and self-esteem. 

The exercises and activities we did felt very cohesive. Sydney gives people permission to work on a very deep level and get incredibly intimate quickly. 

Clearly Sydney works in the space of radical authenticity and honesty – I don’t need to concern myself with how I carry myself or how I sound, which avails me to a clearer perspective on myself. I am learning from Sydney how to embrace and embody what I believe to be true for me and live authentically.

I am knowing myself on a deeper level than I ever have before.

If you’re on the fence about doing this retreat – just do it, 100%. If you feel like you are genuinely to meet your truth in the EYE, and step into transforming yourself through that, then you should 100% without a doubt attend Sydney’s retreat.”

Elizabeth H., Actress, Writer + Director, NYC-Based

AAEAAQAAAAAAAANzAAAAJGYwOWM4NmIxLTIzODctNDNhZC1hYjhjLTIyMzZhNzE2NDQwOQ.jpgLisa May Francisco, MBA Candidate, Communications Manager @ Intuit

“Working with Sydney has been so instrumental and integral to my growth. I have always wanted to work with Sydney in some capacity, but I just wasn’t sure how and when the opportunity to join her group coaching program came up, I immediately decided to join. My biggest block prior to the program was giving myself permission to be the person I wanted to be, free of projected stories and limiting beliefs incurred from society and my family.

During the program I committed to the following breakthroughs: 1) Deepening my trust and strengthening my spiritual relationship with the Universe; 2) Believing in myself and that my highest visions I had for myself in love, career, finance, spirituality, relationships, and my body were all possible; and 3) Feel and believe I am worthy of the love I desire and want to receive.

After the 6 weeks of working with Sydney and with the powerful collective support of her group, I can honestly say that I was able to achieve every breakthrough. Sydney created a beautiful space to do the most vulnerable work, she showed up to all of our sessions at 110% and made herself available to whatever the group needed. With her guidance, intuit wisdom, and empathic disposition combined with my sheer willingness to show up, this partnership has created miracles and allowed quantum shifts in my current life to take the leap into embodying the woman I’ve always wanted to be.

Words cannot describe how blessed I am for my reading with Sydney. At first, I was hesitant about spending the money, but now after receiving my reading, the cost seems so little for how much guidance she offered! The questions I prepared were answered without me even reading them.

She helped me discover lifelong conditioning that has been blocking me from my purpose and living my full capacity. I am an artist, and she knew that immediately! We went deep into the themes of my artwork, and she helped me see where I was creatively blocked. As an artist that is huge and well worth the investment!

My reading was two weeks ago, and I have thought about it every day since and started immediately putting her advice into action. Sydney has an incredible gift, and I am so fortunate she shared it with me. Her healing has already begun transforming my life! Much love, Sydney!! Thank you so much!!

~ Sarah H., Fine Artist, USA

“Prior to the retreat my biggest blocks were fear of success and fear of the unknown – these beliefs kept me in a holding pattern, keeping me stuck without any change. I was freezing and in a constant state of inaction. 

After the retreat I went into two auditions and had a completely different experience with showing up – I felt like my authentic self, unafraid to share who I am, and there’s nothing I can do or be to change any outcome – I trust that I am taken care of. I felt newly empowered to take aligned steps into the direction of my actual dreams. It felt so good to give myself that gift. I went into the auditions without any kind of fear or self-doubt – plus I Had a great time and didn’t care about the outcome. I felt liberated.

With Sydney’s retreat, in addition to being there with a partner who I really trust, felt extremely comfortable. I had an amazing time connecting. My results since attending the retreat have included: heightened energy, better positive mood, amplified senses – sense of sight and sound in particular, all my feelings feel very close to surface – rawness, but open and safe feeling, I feel the confidence and motivation to move forward are now present; and I don’t feel fear of success or failure – I am confident to start taking action in the direction of what I desire.

My negative thoughts tell me exercise was HUGE for me..because I am so hard on myself in general. As I was saying these out loud to my partner I was sobbing, I was very emotional. It almost felt like someone else was saying them to me. It made me so sad. How dare I let myself talk to myself that way – I don’t deserve this. In terms of my self-worth, I healed this part of myself in a hugely powerful way. 

I am now existing in a new paradigm – how can my gifts heal and help others? Believing this now – this is seeing how a naturally insecure person who is so hard on herself who is so dependent on everyones approval growing into an independent, powerful, inspired visionary. Now I am free to detach from the results because I am free of expectations and a need for approval and validation. My entire outlook has shifted.

I was so impressed by the way Sydney was able to keep everyone engaged and just hold a space for every single person. I could definitely feel like certain people wanted to check out at certain moments as things were heating up but Sydney always managed to get everyone together and get connected – holding their attention, not in a direct or commanding way but inviting and encouraging everyone to participate – clear invitation to unite. I learned a lot from watching her with the way she was so open with listening – so carefully and non-judgementally. 

Sydney never gave direction – she never told anyone what to do or how to fix it, let everyone come to their own conclusions. Sydney is intuitively powerful in zoning in on what makes us uncomfortable and how to connect beneath the surface level. She can see you.

Considering doing this retreat? DO IT. Don’t think about it. I’m glad I didn’t know it was an inner child workshop – then I might have overthought it. It was amazing. I’ve never done anything like this before – for me being a first-timer, it wasn’t easy, but it was the gifts and rewards were beyond anything I could have imagined.”

Rebecca W., Musician + Healer, NJ-Based


Cary Miller, Founder of The Voice Within

Sydney Campos is a seer of this world. Grounded, fun, warm, and a woman who comes from a marketing and advertising background, she gets the hustle of everyday life. She’s a successful business woman, as well as an incredible seer. When Sydney gave me an Akashic Records reading, she predicted life events that literally came to fruition that evening after our reading. She helped me to clarify recent and previous transitions in my life, and inspired me to continue on my career path with a renewed vigor. Thank you Sydney for your great insights, depth, and lightness of heart!”

“Sydney, with much gratitude I thank you for the akashic record reading I had with you. You are such an angel with a gift that just blows the mind! And I’m so honored for connecting with you and you being such an influential person to help me with my journey.

The information that was received was just incredible, definitely something I would not had been able to get to on my own. You helped me in more ways than I can explain and reignited the fire in my belly giving me not only the push but the faith to get back on track with my journey.

Really powerful session and powerful healing that came after. I truly adore you and thank you so much for your inspiration.

I highly recommend anyone that’s needing to get into the know, or get into the nitty gritty of what’s happening to get a reading with Sydney.

She will wow you with her deliverance of such impeccable details! This reading was so invaluable and the high vibes I receive from you keep me going for days after.

Thank you so much!!!”

~ Sonia C, Soul Empowerment Guide, Western Australia

“I came to this retreat specifically because I was really impressed with what Sydney shared about her transformation. I was impressed with her ability to be facing intense issues in her youth. Initially I was sending Sydney’s information to my partner and then realized I was feeling very called and knew I needed to be there.

I had the intention to live fully in inspiration, spending more time writing, really listening to what coaching and writing and being of bigger service to others looks like. There feels like theres a chunk missing from my life although I am showing up in so many capacities. In my time away from work I don’t spend my time in a journal or in a book writing and vision boarding my goals and setting myself up for my next level – I’ve had a lacking commitment and motivation to create clarity. I know this has been missing for me and I was ready to break through this to live in more alignment with my purpose.

The weekend retreat illuminated to me my own lacking self-love. I’m now connected to my inner child and taking guidance from this space now – how do you want to play? How do you want to have fun? I want my life to look like a playground – with intentional creativity and fun. 

In terms of other transformational experiences, I’ve experienced the work of Ecker Peak Performance and Neogenesis NLP training among others things – which Sydney feels familiar to.

Even though this weekend experience was very intimate and small – it was very powerful. I was really impressed by how Sydney can observe and witness when other people are stuck in their story she can help by just listening and help them see themselves more clearly. 

Since attending this retreat I feel more open hearted, more in flow, more peaceful and observant and outside of my current job – I am clear on my new entrepreneurial direction for my “take 2.” I’m not ignoring the noise that’s been blaring at me for quite awhile now. I want to complete a book that’s been in my brain for the last 8 years. I want to help men with living empowered, healthy, clear, loving lives. 

What helped me most was how Sydney kept repeating the direction to tune into how I feel in the moment. The metta meditation we did looking at different ages of my life was very helpful. My core wounds are my window into how I can best help others. I am empowered in my wounds form now on.  From some of our other exercises, I was able to get clear on how inspirational writing and sitting down to actually write my book or read is going to light my soul up.

I now desire fun and play and I see how I deserve to give that to myself

Sydney puts herself fully out there with utter transparency and shares her experience, strength and hope on the table – balls to the wall. She’s not holding back at all. She has transformed from her experiences and she can talk WITH you not TO YOU in a way that’s very inviting, inclusive, compassionate, relatable.

If you’re thinking about joining this retreat: It’ll be a heart-changing event for you if you show up.”

David S., Business Executive, NJ-Based


Michael Dos Santos, Serial Entrepreneur + CEO, Versatile Studios, One Drop Rentals & LoKi

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Sydney on many projects now and can’t begin to express how much she transforms an idea into magic! Serving as our marketing and brand strategy director, Sydney has taken a crazy idea and made it into a brand that people can relate to. For another company of mine she’s lead the charge with bringing a key promotional campaign to life.”


Tara Malloy, Writer, Creator @ AtlasAbandoned + World Traveler

“Sydney has truly helped me see that As someone who suffers from both depression and anxiety, I often struggle with feeling confident in my decisions. Knowing that I am fully supported has made me feel more confident in making decisions and forging my own path.

My life has completely changed since I’ve connected with Sydney: I’ve quit my job, broken up with my partner of five years, moved, made open-ended travel plans, furthered my career, and entered into a new and amazing relationship all in a matter of months – with Sydney’s guidance and encouragement, I have!

Most of all, Sydney’s helped me realize that I’ve had the power within me to make these changes all along. What stands out to me the most is how I’ve come to recognize and appreciate my value. Even just a few months ago, I was selling myself so completely short it was ridiculous! I felt like it was ‘too late’ to change anything. Now I know that it’s never too late to change anything and that I am actually in complete control of how I spend my time and who I spend it with.”


Drea Faye, Founder + Chief Visionary Officer @ Drea Faye, Owner of Aspect Gallery

“I connected with Sydney because I needed help with business strategy, and I was also aware that every factor of your life can contribute to your business strategy. For me, that was the exciting part of working with Sydney: that working on your fitness, health, meditation, mindset, and relationships to name a few all immensely impact your business, providing fuel to create bigger dreams and a clearer message. Sydney has a tool, a map, an action, a new connection and/or a resource for literally everything that you could need as a creative entrepreneur.


Andy Pray, Founder, Praytell

“Working with Sydney is a joy and I can safely say that I’ve never worked with anyone quite like her. She has a rare mix of empathy and action orientation, often times with a velocity of output that can be a bit dizzying. From research to strategy to day to day tactics, she’s able to deliver consistently. She’s a star.”

lQivjtQFOllin Morales, Visionary Thought Leader and Angel Translator, Founder, Ollin Morales

Sydney has an AMAZING gift of connecting to your Akashic records. Her reading was astoundingly accurate and affirming for me. I appreciate the way she allowed herself to be an open and neutral channel for spirit to speak through her. But added to that: she is such a sweet and loving person and will make you feel at ease and right at home. And that’s important for such a sensitive and sacred task. I certainly recommend her for anyone wanting to gain insights on their past lives, possible futures, and any information that can provide healing and clarification.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 6.13.51 PM

Amy Jindra, Founder of Choose Love, Visionary Tantra Coach

My Akashic record reading with Sydney was exactly what I needed. Sydney was able to connect me with my guides, lead me to heal old patterns and stories, and gave me so much priceless insight on my family and my past lives. I am so grateful for my reading, it has changed so much for me.”

Michal, Pre-Med + Visionary Wellness Entrepreneur

“Sydney’s beautiful transformation has made me believe even more deeply that we all have the capacity to evolve as human beings. I admire her very much for being so forthcoming and open about her journey, and it has inspired me to share more of my own journey with others.

Sydney meets me at a deeper level as though we have known each other for years. She’s helped me feel more confident to say goodbye to connections I’ve outgrown, and devote more time and energy to deeper connections that are truly in alignment with my core values.

What I also love about Sydney is her ability to communicate. It’s just easy to speak to her and have a real, honest discussion. She says what she means and means what she says. She is the type of person I prefer to have on my team; she is self-aware, open and committed to fine-tuning the way she relates to herself and to others.

During the Akashic Records reading, Sydney was spot on and I can tell she has a true gift. I was shocked she knew so much about what was going on for me before I had the chance to even tell her. Truly incredible!”

Nicole D., Writer, Bioengineer, Sustainability Advocate

“Sydney 100% changed my life. Night and day changed. Instantly. Permanently.

I just (today) had an Akashic Record reading with Sydney and am part of her Alignment Activation 7-week program.

I’ve never felt safe for one conscious minute in my whole life. My earliest memory is of being chased by a huge dog. From that moment until this, I have been braced for the worst. I’ve had violent nightmares nearly every night for my life and I couldn’t even conceive of the idea of safety in my waking life. BUT THEN,

After working through the meditations and journaling prompts in the videos that Sydney shares so generously online, I had the most powerful dream I’ve ever had. I was standing outside and said out loud, “I trust that I am abundant.” AND I FELT THE MOST POWERFUL TRUST I’VE EVER FELT. AND I felt SAFE for the first time EVER!!

I didn’t think that was even possible for me! And in the space of 11 days, through the exercises she shared in her free 7-day Alignment Alchemy challenge and the guidance and energetic modeling she does in her videos, I have been able to carry this feeling over into the waking world and really build onto it.

I would never have experienced any of that if I hadn’t found Sydney’s videos and dived deep on the lessons she offers. I know this for a fact because I have been listening and reading this kind of content for 15 years — from Oprah and Pema Chodron and Louise Hay and all the big name greats I could find. BUT I didn’t CONNECT to any of it.

I couldn’t EMBODY any of these lessons until Sydney brought the words to life for me. Most powerfully, I didn’t UNDERSTAND connecting to my intuition until I participated in the 7-day Alignment Alchemy challenge and learned how from Sydney’s videos. Her videos on witch wound, mother wound, and inner child illuminated parts of myself I’d never had words for and gave me a language to engage with them. Also, before I read Sydney’s posts about her book, The Empath Experience, I didn’t UNDERSTAND my entire sensory experience at all. Receiving this wisdom has been such a GIFT and RELIEF.

There is absolutely no one on Earth like Sydney. If you’re lucky enough to have an opportunity to engage with her, be ready to have your life changed.”

Check out more client testimonials and reviews here.


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