welcome dear visionary.

it’s an honor to meet you here (or perhaps it feels more like a reunion) as you consider your role in our unique council assembling in this potent moment.

a diverse collective of pioneering souls is called to anchor together in ASCENCIA..

opening February 23, 2023 through October 23, 2023.

ASCENCIA is a multidimensional mystery school (re)sourced with expert mentorship and training in psychic and shamanic facilitation, quantum energy healing and attunement, and hu-man (light being) embodiment. 

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Guided by our respective and shared councils, advisors and higher-dimensional aspects who have called us forth to be here at this time, all elements of our ASCENCIA experience are grounded in devotion to awakening complete authenticity, sovereignty, self-mastery and embodiment in Heaven on Earth.

Over the course of our journey together, our ASCENCIA council is designed to explore, template and overwrite the following ::

1. How can we stabilize ourselves as clear channels thru and around which healing naturally occurs? 

2. What are the greatest misunderstandings, illusions and distortions in healing, personal growth, intuitive facilitation and transformation that we are here to unravel, repair and rewrite? 

3. What are the key elements for  embodying the highest levels of authenticity and integrity possible when it comes to trauma informed facilitation and multidimensional guidance? 

Our path entails initiatory rites of passage in which our council explores, receives and attunes with one rite each month for eight months.

We commit to daily energetic practices, devoted personal energy healing attunement and practice, many hours of 1:1 facilitation and feedback exchange, bi-monthly council calls with transmissions, connection and multidimensional exploration.

Our council also receives mentorship from guest expert facilitators sharing wisdom on their experience as a practitioner in these realms. 

initiatory rites of passage in this council invite us to::

// * purify

// * awaken

// * attune

// * receive

// * vision

// * remember

// * embody

// * anchor

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Here we play, receive and recalibrate beyond time and space, receiving alchemical initiations required by each to traverse into the next phase of what’s new, true and destined for now.  

Through our journey, we will be made into masters of surrender, trust, receptivity, ease and grace.

 We will intimately come to know our true power and full potential, awaken to our divine spiritual gifts and cultivate the unshakable confidence, knowing and self-worth to take our rightful place in the kingdom of Heaven.

Let’s create the world – and all the new ways of being in it – we wish existed.

Heaven on Earth is here, when we choose to be – all the way here, as ourselves.

Your full presence, power, creativity, vision and uniqueness is requested.

~ Sydney + team

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Imagine an embodied ascension accelerator with a multidimensional council of visionary allies collaborating and supporting each other for eight months…

…with skilled mentorship, guest expert guides and in-depth training in shamanic and psychic facilitation, quantum energy healing and attunement, embodiment facilitation and more.

ASCENCIA is a mystery school and a practitioner training.

Templating a new earth institute for multidimensional studies and innovation.

This field is anchored within a trauma informed lens and underscored by a potent commitment to authentic embodiment of our shared humanity. 

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ASCENCIA is an in-depth training, initiation and collaborative leadership experience initiating us all into greater depth, presence and devotion to our spiritual growth, expansion and embodied wisdom.

We are all invited to commit to a daily energetic practice, self-mastery protocols, meditation and other rituals to fully align with and refine all we hold as dear and true.

As this process will be deeply healing and activating of all senses and sensitivity in general, it is strongly recommended that council-members abstain from substances that can make the energy field permeable to influential entities (especially alcohol, synthetic drugs, excessive sugar and other psycho-actives taken in higher doses) for the duration of our training as well as commit to sobriety within 48 hours of group and 1:1 sessions.

Guest Expert Facilitators + Mentors

Jeroen DeWitt – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT)

Alicia Sunflower – Psychotherapist, Medicine Woman, Instructor of Trauma-Informed Facilitation + Psychedelic Integration

Aaron Kleinerman – Tantra Teacher, Best-Selling Author, Embodiment Facilitator

Jamie Lu – Master Sound Healer, Embodied Ascension Guide + Visionary

Leva Marie – Soul Doula, Embodiment Guide, Trauma Healing Facilitator

April Pfender – Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Energy Healer, Sound Healer + Alchemist, Best-Selling Author

Amma Sophia Rose – Temple Priestess, Medicine Woman, Master Sound Healer, Embodiment Facilitator

And more to come..

ASCENCIA Program Overview

  • Opening Ceremony Thursday February 23, 2023 at 5pm EST (2 hours) – time is subject to change in order to accommodate all council members across various timezones.
  • Private group Telegram channel opens January 29th to connect and anchor the field, and introduce intentions and desires. Curated resources and support shared here throughout.
  • Council meets twice per month for 8 months, for 90-120 min Zoom video sessions, at times with guest expert mentors according to what we are guided to experience ((16 sessions)).
  • Each council member has ((six)) Soul Sourcing Session (60-minutes) with Sydney over the course of the program plus one Visionary Vortexing (45-minute) session per month ((eight total)). Each council member receives a total of ((fourteen)) 1:1 mentorship sessions.
  • Customized energetic practices, encoded meditations + quantum healing transmissions each month according to support required within our initiatory rites.
  • Facilitate 25+ 1:1 session hours with fellow visionary healers, seers + guides to practice and receive feedback and exchange support and healing while honing in on your craft, refining your style + amplifying your abilities
  • In-depth training, practice + guidance ((plus guest expert mentorship)) in:
    • somatic healing + nervous system attunement
    • trauma healing + trauma informed facilitation
    • shamanic facilitation
    • akashic facilitation ((practitioner certification))
    • quantum energy healing transmissions + attunement
    • soul sourcing energy healing (hands-on + remote) ((practitioner certification))


  • [1] Full Pay: $6600.00 USD (save $504.00 USD)

  • [2] Deposit of $888.00USD followed by ((7)) monthly payments of $888.00USD ($7104.00USD total)

  • [3] If you’re aligned with the full investment, but require a different type of schedule to remit balance – please make a specific request in the application form.

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ASCENCIA Lead Facilitator

Sydney Campos is a Visionary, Psychic Energy Healer, Embodiment Facilitator and Best-Selling Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything. She is the Founder of the Embodied Ascension Academy, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of ASCEND and host of the Visionary Souls Podcast.

Sydney is devoted to creating Heaven on Earth in all moments. Since 2012, she has guided thousands of visionaries globally in embodying their true selves and powerfully living their purpose. Whether advising conscious companies, mentoring visionary leaders, training shamanic facilitators or architecting the world’s next social community – Sydney illuminates bridges into new dimensions.

Sydney is a sought-after expert in the fields of embodiment, sexuality, intuition and leadership. Sydney has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow and New York Magazine. Her new book “I’m Ascending, Now What?” comes out in Summer 2023 with St. Martin’s Essentials.

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