Accelerating Abundance Masterclass

Join me Sunday 1/20 for a guided activation and training to accelerate abundance in all facets of your life.

Register + Energy Exchange:

This event is for all visionary leaders, light workers and conscious creators eager to embody their genius and live in alignment with their purpose while enjoying incredible abundance with ease.

In this online masterclass activation you’ll understand the top myths about abundance (and the roots of scarcity mindset), how to transcend unconscious beliefs and energies in the way of embodying your naturally magnetic, receptive essence and how to allow more abundance to flow to you and through you.

You’ll leave this experience feeling activated in your inherent magnetism, more connected than ever to your inner wisdom and ignited with powerful tools and inspiration to support you in leading your most empowered, aligned, abundant life.

You’ll receive tangible guidance on how to create more abundance in your life, how to reframe your entire relationship with money and how to truly start allowing more of everything you want in life to start flowing with effortless ease.

Energy exchange for this transformational experience is based on the value you decide feels best for you to contribute in order to receive the fullest capacity of what is on offer in this container.

In the new paradigm of abundance in which money is simply energy, and perhaps even more so is a representation of love energy flowing freely – how do you show up when invited to consciously choose what feels most true for you to honor your gifts and the exchange of sacred gifts being shared with you?

This masterclass experience has already started in this moment when you decide to show up differently, perhaps differently than you ever have before.

Now that you’re completely empowered to do what feels best for you, what do you choose?

Can’t wait to see you Sunday

Ep. 50: Marine Selenee | Heal Your Family, Heal Your Life: Free Yourself with Family Constellations

Marine Sélénée is a New York-based Family Constellations facilitator, executive coach, Reiki practitioner and motivational speaker. A French native, Marine was born in Brittany and raised in Paris. After studying psychology and communications in Paris, she moved to Miami. There one of her mentors, Michelle Blechner, introduced her to Family Constellations Therapy. She discovered the transformative nature of this healing practice—which would drive her path forward. Marine then moved to New York City to dive into her Family Constellations practice.

After immersing herself into the process with Mark Wolynn in Miami, she studied the method under Suzi Tucker at the Bert Hellinger Institute, before opening her own practice in New York. Through her own healing journey Marine realized the unique power of the Family Constellations Method. Discovering this approach revealed the missing link she was searching for in traditional therapy: the ability to get to the root of the wound in order to understand, heal, own the past and move forward. Marine’s unique approach to Family Constellations Method helps people heal from family wounds and find individual blocks rooted in the family system. This awareness unleashes freedom in the present.

Connect with Marine:
Happy Girls Facebook Group
Instagram: @marineselenee

Accelerating Abundance at Sayuri Healing Food

Join Sydney Campos and friends at Sayuri for a guided activation in accelerating abundance in all facets of your life.

This event is for all visionary leaders, light workers and conscious creators eager to embody their genius and live in alignment with their purpose while enjoying incredible abundance with ease.

In this workshop activation you’ll understand the top myths about abundance (and the roots of scarcity mindset), how to transcend unconscious beliefs and energies in the way of embodying your naturally magnetic, receptive essence and how to allow more abundance to you and through you.

You’ll leave this experience feeling activated in your inherent magnetism, more connected than ever to your inner wisdom and ignited with powerful tools and inspiration to support you in leading your most empowered, aligned, abundant life.


Sydney Campos is a Visionary Mentor, Intuitive Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything. Sydney guides visionary leaders to live in alignment with their soul purpose while embodying next-level power, pleasure and prosperity.

In addition to being a seasoned Business Strategy Advisor and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Sydney is also a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Energy Healer, and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner. Sydney shares her multifaceted inspiration through 1:1 visionary mentoring, self-mastery courses, transformational retreats, intuitive readings and her Visionary Souls Podcast.

An avid adventurer, Sydney is likely to be found in Bali, Venice Beach, San Francisco or anywhere in Mediterranean Europe. Sydney has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow and New York Magazine.


* 3:30-3:40pm Arrivals + Settling in
* 3:45-5:15pm Workshop Presentation, Guidance, Embodiment + Interactive Discussion
* 5:15-5:30pm Community Networking + Hang


* Bring a journal to take notes in, you’ll be prompted to do some writing reflection throughout the afternoon

* Wear comfy clothes to move in as we’ll be doing a bit of embodied expression to get your energy moving

Entry: 200k

Visionary Embodiment // Step Into Your Genius in Ubud, Bali

Join me and my friends at Evolve Bali for a guided activation to embody your visionary genius.

This event is for all visionary leaders, light workers and entrepreneurs eager to embody their genius, own their power and truly live in alignment with their purpose.

You’ll leave this experience feeling activated in your intuitive super-powers, more connected than ever to your inner wisdom and ignited with actionable tools and clarity to bring your soul vision to life.

Ep. 49: Nixie Marie | Witches, Mystics, Healers, Wise Women RISE

Nixie Marie is an Eco-Entrepreneur, Mystic, and Goddess Activist living in Topanga, CA. As a Sagittarius, Nixie has a constant eagerness for knowledge and truth. She began her esoteric soul-searching journey upon moving to Los Angeles in 2013. She instantly fell in love with the ancient teachings of Goddess Magick and launched I AM Goddess Collective Podcast in January of 2017 to fulfill her efforts in sharing her findings.

Despite the many layers of our patriarchal society, Nixie is committed to empowering women to speak up, rise up, and become the leader they are destined to be through modern magick. With a background in Fashion Design, Nixie is a creative force that embodies the Goddess in everything she does.

Connect with Nixie:
Instagram: @nixiemarie_

Bali Awaken + Ascend New Years Retreat

You are invited to Bali this New Years to…

Awaken to your soul’s full potential and embody your power now
Become a conscious creator of your dream reality
Awaken your intuitive gifts
Learn how to channel your psychic-creative energy into manifesting your dreams, healing yourself and others
Deeply align with your soul purpose
Embody your high vision for all areas of your life
Transmute old, stagnant energy that’s in the way of you feeling your best in all moments now

Bali holds an extremely special and dear space within my heart. When I arrived in Bali for the first time I knew I had landed somewhere extraordinarily magic that carried within it so many hidden mysteries and healing treasures waiting to be unlocked.

This is why I had to create a retreat here, in the so called heart center of the world! The accelerated transformation, nourishment and sheer alchemy on offer within this sacred retreat container is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not to be missed.

Ep. 48: Zoe Davenport | Ascending to 5D and Beyond: Quantum Embodiment


Today, Zoe uses her multi-dimensional gifts to inspire and support the visionary leaders of the new paradigm. She seeks to guide them towards self-love, authenticity, creative potential, energetic mastery and the embodiment of their higher selves. Her ability to hold the multi-dimensional field open accelerates a person’s potential and allows them to make a quantum shift in reality, jump to the highest timeline and ground their creative expression into the human experience. She is here to support those ready to expand upon their leadership roles – using her intuitive gifts of potential outcomes to easily guide a person towards their most aligned journey.

From continued deep integration and embodiment of her higher self Shey-Eh-Bah, Zoe draws upon ancient knowledge and the multi-dimensional field to light the way for a person’s divine mastery and ascended leadership. This supports transformational results grounding in clarity, direction, purpose, empowerment and a synergy between divine feminine yin energy of Being and divine masculine energy of inspired action. Her work is activating, accelerating, grounded and always calling upon the highest timeline making quantum shifts in a person’s reality. Zoe speaks internationally, hosts crystalline activation retreats, group programs and virtual/live seminars on the power of self-love as a visionary leader.

Visionary Souls Podcast LIVE with Multidimensional Guide + Channel Zoe Davenport diving DEEP, activating super high vibes, sharing wisdom on:

* Bridging 3d dimensional consciousness with higher realms
* Being a genius visionary soul incarnated in a complex human body
* Feeling EVERYTHING and how emotional / energetic mastery is THE WAY we are all being guided to follow in our ascension
* Embodying your divine template, allowing yourself to choose joy
* Becoming aware of negative self-talk and healing the inner critic
* How your world is a kaleidoscopic mirror filtered with various lenses, all of your own choosing in any moment
* Victim vs. creator consciousness and the missing link in Abraham Hicks

Come FLY with us into the higher frequency realities we all know in our hearts is possible NOW.

For more Visionary Souls tune in on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Podbean, all the things <3

Subscribe for new episodes every week (not always on FB Live). In service to VISIONARY SOUL EMBODIMENT BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS,

xx Syd

Connect with Zoe:
Instagram : @zoedavenport1111
Her channeling masterclass:

How To Actually Live Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 3.54.47 PM.png

Aloha sweet soul – happy Solstice and Full moon, wow what powerful energy we are being offered to alchemize and PLAY with, you feeling it ALL?

So much is coming in. 
Huge vision. 
Light body activation. 
Being called to step into ALL THAT YOU ARE. 
Initiated into your full authentic expression. 
No hiding. No holding back. 

Really, more than ever, in this moment – can you feel it?
It’s all here for you. 
Everything in your life has brought you to this now perfect moment. 
And you’re on the edge, waiting to jump off..into what?
What are you creating?
What are you contributing?
What is your greatest gift wanting to be birthed?

NOW is the time to plant the seeds, and not only your intentions, but aligned, committed POWERFUL action to bring forth that which wants to live through you, as you, FOR YOU..

What are you committed to?
What’s in your way of being fully depended upon by YOU first and foremost to be who you need to be to bring this beautiful rebirth full circle?
What are you completing?
What are you letting go of, now and forever?
What are you finally saying no to carrying any further?
It was never yours anyway beloved. 

I love the time we are living in now. Its quantum leaps loves..the new normal..healing generations in an instant, clearing ancestral trauma in a moment, reprogramming limiting beliefs and fears and all other illusions that would have you think you’re separate from your own soul, from me, from your beloved within, from god. 

We are one. And we are here now, Heaven on Earth actualized in your own hearts first and foremost. And then shared – in this collective dance unfolding. 

Can you feel it?

I feel this literally as an increased vibration emanating throughout my entire body, my entire field, amplified sensory perception, new psychic awareness, amplified beyond intuition, speaking more with nature, with new energies making themselves known, clearer channeling than ever much more coming online..really a lightness of being in general, an ease, a flow, a simple allowing, a beautiful divine femininity about it all. 

THIS is what I have always dreamed of experiencing. 

A life of trust, surrender, allowance, play, joy, pleasure, incredible abundance. 

How about you?

What is it you’re experiencing?

I know a lot of the world is processing this heightened energy in all sorts of ways, some of which may feel chaotic and even violent at times. 

When you’re not willing to face the truth of who you are and what you’re being called to alchemize and uncover it can feel painful to be in such stark resistance. 

I think that’s what all pain and suffering is anyway – avoidance of the truth, avoidance of the feelings wanting to be felt, avoidance of the story you are here to truly live, the one you’ve created long before you ever arrived here on earth. The game you are here to play – are you ready to realize it?

You chose it after all love, remember?

You designed the rules as well. 

Trust you knew what you were doing. 

You’ve been here before. 

And what a time to BE. 

A beautiful awakening unfolding for us all, whether everyone is consciously aware of it or not the collective can’t help but be impacted by the frequencies increasing and love energy expanding into more inclusion, magnetic impact, instant manifestation and quantum leaps in every way you could possibly imagine and beyond..

I know in my soul I came here to PLAY.

And learn through contrast what LOVE truly is. 

Only through feeling at first that I forgot who I am and why I am here. 

And getting lost trying to fit into a sick society I am actually here to completely change. 

It’s a funny journey, remembering. 

Isn’t it?

I’ve created journey that is essentially designed to help you remember too. That’s the essence of Divinity Codes. 

Remember who you and why you came here. 

A lot of people use this phrase and perhaps miss the deeper meaning of the invitation conveyed there in. 

Why else are you here other than to remember?

And how?

And so the Divinity Codes invitation goes.

Uncover and clear the trauma and un-truth in the way of you allowing your life to be a simple easeful flow of your desires being realized moment after moment. 

It sounds good until you’re living it..and seeing how, wait..this is what we’re meant for. 

And yes, in every single moment..

How about now?

Incredible feedback keeps coming in for Divinity Codes, my 8-week self-guided online journey for embodying your soul purpose, activating your full power in all areas of your life, speaking your authentic truth, trusting your intuition, trusting your good feelings (and knowing you deserve to feel AMAZING), accelerating abundance, owning your worth and living life in alignment with your absolute desires – and SOUL much more as you can probably already feel. 

BLESSED to share this healing transformation with such extraordinary souls continuing to join the journey! 

Could you be next?

–> Here’s what wasn’t working for Divinity Codes participants before they started the course..

…Love Life. Financial Circumstance. Self-Love
…I filled my time with things I didn’t want, but that I thought I needed or wanted just because of the way they looked from the outside.
…Everything I did felt draining, and no amount of effort felt “enough,” and I always felt there wasn’t enough energy in the world to make things better using the tools I had.
…Money and power
…Relationships and self love
…I was struggling with the way I related to myself. The self talk was more around blaming and dissatisfaction with where I was in life.
…I was anxious and unhappy. I was not earning enough money. I did not have a romantic relationship. I did not love myself.
…I didn’t feel worthy of the things I wanted and I wasn’t confident enough to use my authentic voice and let myself be seen in the ways I desired.
…My relationship to money, the directness of my desire, the polarity in my intimacy and my self trust.

Learn what everyone has created thus far – RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS and major MIND-BODY-SOUL re-alignments and total high-self embodiment (link in comments to read more and enroll).

Here’s the thing…

Life beyond your wildest dreams isn’t just a saying, a meme, a marketing pitch or some other slogan meant to sound cool and not executed upon by any means beloved. 

Life beyond your wildest dreams is meaningless until you actually decide to finally go ALL IN and dream your wildest dream AWAKE.

Have you considered how this moment could be your chance to leap?

What are you calling in?

Are you fully living your greatest potential, all the way here?

How amazing can you allow yourself to feel (in every moment)? 

How FUN can life be? All the time?

What’s it like to taste your genius, to feel your depth, to see-love-celebrate-fully embody your divine soul?

And then PLAY, creating your desired reality to suit your heart’s most aligned desires?

It’s all a catch phrase, an instagram meme, marketing lingo, whatever you want or whatever your ego and unconscious not-enoughness might be projecting onto this post right now..

…until you decide to take responsibility for your experience and radically transform the way you live, PLAY, LOVE, show up, share and dance in this beautiful miraculous life. 

You are so powerful love. 

You are here to share such extraordinary gifts. 

And live with deep meaning, fulfillment and so much love.

So in this moment, in this Solstice/Full Moon portal, going into 2019 and every day thereafter, what are you choosing?

xx Syd 


Dream Beyond Bali Mastermind

Soon we gather for The Dream Beyond Mastermind Immersion🌴🌍

8 Days & 7 Nights in Paradise to master flow state, hack your genius, and uplevel in abundance and impact for an epic 2019.

▷ ▷ Winter solstice 21-28 December 2018 
▷ Floating Leaf Resort – Bali
A potent group of hand picked next level Creative Leaders

Bali – Ocean – Beach – Nature


This retreat is open for next level entrepreneurs, freedom designers, conscious creators.
Last few space available.

Apply at:

▷ In this retreat you will experience:

Energetic Activation for Tapped in Genius
Ecstatic Breathwork
Sexual Energy to boost Creativity
Tribal Bioenergetic Shaking Ritual
Ocean Meditation

Accessing Flow State Unlimited Edition
Enter the Space Before the Mind
Effortless Creation – Receiving vs. “figuring things out”
Higher guidance – unwavering support

Expanding Consciousness
Lucid Dreaming/Lucid Living
Darkness Meditation
Pleasure as an avenue into spacious awareness
Mind Death/Clean Slate & Rebirth
Nootropics & Neurohacking

Business Mastermind
Magnetic Marketing
Themed Idea Sex Pods
Joined genius, focused on your gift to the world
Crystallizing Your Calling
“Now what?” – Your Next Level Offerings
Connections, interviews and in the moment video creation

Accelerated Manifestation & Quantum Flow
Bending time
Getting more done by doing less
From inspiration to implementation
Activating ‘the mutual green light effect’ of creation
The Tao of Business

Deep Rejuvenation & Nourishment
Yoga, beach, sun, ocean
Massage and personal spa sessions
Organic food, smoothies & superfoods
Physical Activation & Body Alchemy Workout Shreds

See you Friday fam 💕💕💕

More deets + magic 💎The Dream Beyond Mastermind Immersion – Flow, Abundance, Mastery

Ep 47: Adamas Incendia | Liberation: The Ancient Remedy For Awakened Living

Adamas Incendia studied English and classics at Rhodes university in South Africa and then homoeopathy and naturopathy in Australia which he finished in 2000. He has been practising as a homoeopathic doctor in South Africa ever since while also working with various plant medicines and developing a unique range of alchemical formulations to cater to a more enlightened and discerning audience. Adamas has a profound commitment to the skills required to bring about swift, beautiful and radical healing and he uses all the tools at his disposal including plant medicine, higher Buddhist practises and his own unique methodology and formulation of homoeopathy which he has found to seriously accelerate the healing process. This has all been born from 18 years of clinical experience in the field and a relentless commitment to finding the most elegant swift and powerful means to bring about lasting change.

Adamas’ latest creation Liberation The Remedy is an ancient remedy for the modern age of awakened living and is the culmination and fruition of all his work and experimentation to create a substance simultaneously deep acting, powerful yet gentle.

In this episode I interview the creator of Liberation The Remedy on where this ancient alchemical concoction comes from, what its made of and how it is here to help us deeply align and heal on our ascension journey. We also cover the following topics:
– Trauma healing in the body
– How Liberation works in dream time to support release of unconscious patterns and karma
– How ancient plant medicines and alchemical compounds are integrated in this formula to activate and sustain multidimensional healing
– How our cellular structure is effected as the Earth’s frequency rises
– What happens when we can fully let go of attachment to the past to be truly present
– How Liberation supports us in being masterful manifestors

Connect with Adamas:

Use Sydney’s code on your first purchase of Liberation for 10% off: HeavenOnEarth