5D Visionary Mentoring

Nice to see you again. That’s usually how it works – we’ve done this before, in all the other lifetimes and we’re just finding each other again. Let’s play.

The field we co-create when we activate a mentorship container empowers us to create rapidly accelerated healing, expansion, awareness and momentum towards achieving whatever is on your heart to experience, receive, embody and share.

My approach is multi-dimensional, highly curated, intuitive and invites forth a practice of authentic co-creation, surrender to the present moment and deep listening into our inner being’s pristine guidance.

This is a container for leaders called to explore a new paradigm of co-creation and collaboration, perhaps therein a new template for all relationships and ways of being. Sound like your kinda party? Me too.

Our mentorship container is co-curated starting with a questionnaire I invite you to complete upon scheduling a consultation call. Eventually I’ll ask you to share: what kind of container feels best for you (what kinds of support do you love to receive and how often, etc.) and what level of investment feels best for you to put forth into your desired transformation?

Together we will create a truly unique journey, perfectly orchestrated to deliver the precise healing, re-alignment and acceleration your soul is inviting in now.

How and what we create from our authentic presence is always rooted in true genius – which is such a natural space for us to play in, remember?

“When I started working with Sydney my biggest pain-points were mindset and money. I felt like Sydney could specifically help me with mindset because she had been through what I was going through – leaving my full-time job, starting my new company, making myself visible as a coach for the first time and offering my services.

My biggest results from working with Sydney were the confidence to quit my job and believe that everything would be ok. I also took a lot of action with Sydney that I didn’t have the confidence to take alone. She introduced me to what my life could (and would) look like.

To this day Sydney has been one of the more comprehensive mentors of mine.

~ Jenna HillierVisionary Health Coach, Founder @ The Measure of a Woman, CPA, NYC USA

“Before working with Sydney I worked in a job that kept me from diving into my passion, and barely afforded myself and my family a comfortable life. I had created a business prior to working with Sydney but I couldn’t figure out how to put into words and action what I truly wanted the business to be and do. I felt such an intense urgency: I need to help people now. I can’t be in this job any longer. I can’t live like this any longer. I was so fake and un-me.

In August I told my husband after our trip to England in Oct. I no longer wanted to work at the hospital I was at anymore. It was unfulfilling. I felt like I was stuck. In Sept. I found Sydney via her podcast. Earlier in the week I had mailed a thing to find my Birth Mother and was listening to a podcast where Sydney and a guest were speaking to how some people we just put on this planet with no roots and they aren’t supposed to. As I’m listening to this it resonated in my soul so deeply and I started crying, That is me.

I scheduled a call with her and I felt like Sydney already knew me. Like we were old friends. I was so comfortable with her. She saw through my fear and front and pulled it out of me in tears in the most loving way.  She was so Genuine and so compassionate. She guided me to seeing that my business was about investing in myself, in my soul, in my life and in my mission.

Sydney provided a space for me to grow by so many leaps and bounds. My relationships are much better, especially with myself. My self love is through the roof. I love spaces of myself I didn’t think were possible to love or access. My self worth has improved greatly.

I loved Sydneys unique take on business strategy that always invites me to really tap into my higher self to get my answers and insights for what I am to create. I feel more comfortable with being guided to my intuition and releasing control. Knowing that all aligns when you are living your most amazing life.

Sydney is truly in vibration with Divine.I can’t tell you how many times outside of our actual sessions Sydney sent that one thing that I needed that day or in that moment to hear. Her ability to hold so much love and compassion in the moments that i felt frustrated or unsure of myself was incredible.

You would literally and figuratively be out of your mind not to work with Sydney! She is so connected and tuned in and guides you to connect with your own inner knowing in the most amazing and insightful ways.” Alyssa George, Reiki Master, Transformation Coach, Visionary Healer

ssc 219-75.jpg

>>>Guiding curriculum + ways of being..

  • Comprehensive intake procedure inviting you to dive deep into your vision and goals in all areas of your life
  • Intuitive channeling utilizing Akashic Records + other modalities
  • Expert holistic business advising + strategy including operations, marketing, client attraction, financial organization and scaling
  • Curated energetic mastery practice to anchor in your desired embodiment
  • Curated remote energy transmissions to support you in anchoring in new frequencies, ways of being + bolstering your cells/light body to hold more presence and power
  • Guided meditation, visualization and embodiment practices throughout 1:1 sessions and shared throughout container
  • Somatic release of trauma and cellular (memory) clearing via breathwork, vocal toning, movement, direct energy transmission, etc.
  • Writing assignments + activations custom-tailored to your specific intentions
  • Intuitively selected videos, guided meditations, reading, courses, holistic healing and relevant connections to assist in your embodied ascension

AAEAAQAAAAAAAANzAAAAJGYwOWM4NmIxLTIzODctNDNhZC1hYjhjLTIyMzZhNzE2NDQwOQ.jpgLisa May Francisco, MBA, Communications Manager @ Intuit

“Working with Sydney has been so instrumental and integral to my growth. I have always wanted to work with Sydney in some capacity, but I just wasn’t sure how and when the opportunity to join her group coaching program came up, I immediately decided to join. My biggest block prior to the program was giving myself permission to be the person I wanted to be, free of projected stories and limiting beliefs incurred from society and my family.

During the program I committed to the following breakthroughs: 1) Deepening my trust and strengthening my spiritual relationship with the Universe; 2) Believing in myself and that my highest visions I had for myself in love, career, finance, spirituality, relationships, and my body were all possible; and 3) Feel and believe I am worthy of the love I desire and want to receive.

After the 6 weeks of working with Sydney and with the powerful collective support of her group, I can honestly say that I was able to achieve every breakthrough. Sydney created a beautiful space to do the most vulnerable work, she showed up to all of our sessions at 110% and made herself available to whatever the group needed. With her guidance, intuit wisdom, and empathic disposition combined with my sheer willingness to show up, this partnership has created miracles and allowed quantum shifts in my current life to take the leap into embodying the woman I’ve always wanted to be.

“Working with Sydney is one of the most transformational experiences I have ever had! In just one hour, she channeled in so much of what was happening for me on a physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic, financial level. She tunes into the multidimensional aspect of your being and empowers you deeply. I felt so seen and understood the issues that were playing out in my life on such a deeper level. The transmission was so powerful. So much clarity came through on lifetimes of patterns and the shift that was happening. She is a channel, helping you awaken to your greatest potential with absolute love, presence, attunement, compassion, and magic!” ~ Mona Motwani, Visionary, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Change-Maker


Our 5D Visionary Mentoring container can include..

  • A Soul Sourcing Session (Akashic Record Reading + Attunement)
  • A Strategy Deep-Dive to get crystal clear on your vision + goals
  • A laser-focused, intuitive mentoring session held each week or every other week to start following the Akashic Record Reading and Strategy Deep-Dive
  • Holistic, intuitive guidance across lifestyle, health and wellness, spirituality, energetics, mindset and expert business strategy
  • Relevant books, handouts, meditations, course content, events, networking connections and other helpful resources that support you on your unique path
  • Special access to other programs, offers and retreats and more


“I needed help getting to the next level, but wasn’t sure what that looked like. I quit my job of 13 years to focus on coaching and I wanted help getting my business up and going, but I was also looking for spiritual growth coaching as well. A marrying of the two. I knew what I wanted to do but I was having a hard time connecting to my business vision. Plus I been programmed to do things a certain way for 20 years and it wasn’t feeling authentic to me.

I have worked with coaches before, done marketing programs that I have lifetime access to, read books, podcasts, meditation, but I wanted to go deeper. I knew I had some deep digging to do and things to release and, looking back, I think that was my main priority but I didn’t know how to communicate it. I was in fear and scarcity mode.

Since working with Sydney, my biggest breakthroughs are having more trust in myself and the universe and living in a state of flow. Following our six month mentoring program I’ve gotten Reiki Level 1 and 2 certifications, found my community of deep soul family connections, deepened soul connections with people I have known for decades, have become more open and honest which has resulted in a total life upgrade, meaning: feeling the way I have wanted to feel about my life for decades, allowing people to see me for me and love me for me.

I’ve turned on my ability to receive love in all forms, money, touch, eye connection, energy connection, etc. Since October I’ve created 2 working spaces in which I see clients and share my gifts, attracted 30 reiki clients, some multiple now, have my first coaching client with multiple prospects, and started my ministerial program which had been a long-standing dream of mine to do since I was little.

Sydney asked the questions that I needed to be asked in order to uncover the things that were holding me back which included healing my wounded feminine and masculine, releasing old programming (corporate america), opening up to my true nature that I had buried for years. In general, helping me reconnect to my true nature which interestingly put me back in the same mindset I was in 15 years before I shut myself down. Today, I am a metaphysical/spiritual coach in a ministerial program through the Spiritualist church. I guess this is my calling. I wasn’t going to be let off the hook no matter how far and long I drifted.

Sydney’s specific genius is her ability to get to the core quickly. She is a coach, so she doesn’t lead you to answers she thinks are right, but she intuitively knows which questions to ask so you get the answers you need for yourself quickly. She is a powerful intuitive and she is an energetic wizard. 🙂

To anyone whose on the fence about joining/hiring Sydney, just move forward, it is worth every penny. The journey you will embark upon is transformational, healing, and unparalleled. I think Sydney is best suited to help spiritual entrepreneurs fully step into their authentic truth and power so they can really do the powerful work they are here to do. To help them strip away beliefs about the old ways of doing business and find a way that best suits them for their benefit and the benefit of their clients.”

~ Stephanie Cunningham, Metaphysical Mentor, Reiki Energy Healer, Ohio USA 


In awakening to your true self you start to experience and deepen in your embodiment of…

    • Radical self-empowerment

    • Conscious leadership

    • Authentic creative expression

    • Profound intimacy within yourself and in all relationships

    • Unshakable self-trust and trust in the universe

    • Amplified intuition and spiritual power

    • Soul-purpose alignment

“I came on this retreat to be in an intimate space with other people and I had history with Sydney, having witnessed her transformation online and in person is incredibly magnetic. I was enthralled by the possibility of being in her space. Her no-shame spirit was reflecting back to me how I had more work to do. I get the message from others often that I live a magical life but I sensed I had more work to do.  I was also specifically drawn to the inner-child focus. Sydney’s vision spoke to me. I was actually considering going to Landmark Forum before joining Sydney’s retreat.

Prior to the retreat, I was feeling challenged by menopause. I know my body and my soul needed to be integrated. I felt like doing major transformational work. I was ready to grow and evolve in new ways. My body was demanding I return to it and listen to it.

I’ve looked for coaches but its hard to find someone that inspires me – I never thought a 29 year old, my friends daughter, would be the one.

I am stepping into embodying so much of the work I have done over the decades. I am a trained facilitator in many modalities and have studied and guided others through transformation forever – but now its time for me to receive guidance and experience the work in a new way.

I was considering Landmark because I am encountering a lot of family issues at the moment. My mother is turning 80 and my siblings and I are being called to show up for each other and for my mother in new ways that are challenging our connection and history in all sorts of ways. I was seeking support with navigating that process in more integrity and leadership. 

I’ve done innumerable trainings and I see so many coaches projecting their own issues into the work they take others through. Sydney pulled me in at a time when I was feeling the pull for a deep dive. I didn’t know that I needed a psychic intervention, which is what Sydney definitely offers. I’ve been reading her emails, and every time I read them I get a buddha smile on my face – I get a meditation type feeling just in connecting to her writing. 

I felt like I received a psychic, energetic download that just comes through her that I can hear. Through interacting with her I’ve gotten immensely clear on my blocks, what they are and how I can move through them with grace.

My results since the retreat have been as follows:

    • I feel connected.
    • I feel clear on my next steps in my life. 
    • I feel grateful for having experienced so much truth and honesty. 
    • The only true move is the most necessary one – you already know the answer!

The flow of the experience was amazing. Sydney’s ability to read participants in a very clear way with lots of permission and space for them to receive is astounding. Sydney has a nice balance of telling her story and not projecting her own issues – she expertly tells her story for service and connection. Sydney’s capacity to keep her energetic level steady is incredible. She stays energetically in service so consistently – its profound. Her ability to hold space is incredible. People want what she has. 

If you’re considering joining the retreat – Absolutely. Just do it. Don’t even think about it. You’re going to learn something. I could promise you if you go that you might not experience what you think you need, but you are going to SHIFT and get so much out of it you can’t even imagine. If you’re asking me – I can promise you you’re going to get SO much out of this. Whatever you’re looking for will be right in front of you.”

Kelly M., CEO + Entrepreneur, NYC-Based


Your divinity is calling your forth, to play all in and live the life you came here to expand into and enjoy.

It’s time.


What the visionaries are saying…

Alyssa Love, Spiritual & Wellness Coach, Founder of Woo Woo Weightloss, Los Angeles, USA

It has been about 8 months since I began working with Sydney and in that time I have been able to lovingly leave a relationship of 12 years, have the courage to quit my career of 10 years and begin my own coaching business, uproot and clear limiting beliefs that had been holding me back from going after what I truly desire, skyrocket my feelings of self love and worthiness, and get into alignment with my truth.

Sydney created a safe container for me to learn and grow and heal. She encouraged me and gave me the tools and courage to pursue things I never would have done on my own. She shined light on the parts of me I wanted to hide but were essential to uncover for my growth. She was both gentle and strong with her guidance.

My favorite part about working with Sydney was the vibration that she holds is so high that you are automatically up-leveled just by working with her and being in her presence. She holds space so beautifully for you to expand and grow just by being herself.

Hiring Sydney was the catalyst for my life completely shifting. And quickly! If you are ready to expand and have someone there who will guide you and help you feel inspired, safe, vulnerable, and powerful all at the same time, Sydney is your girl!”



Margie Pargie, CEO+ Founder, Aerial Yoga Goddess, Transformational Coach, Margie Pargie

The greatest benefit I received from my experience working with Sydney is that I now speak my truth no matter what. My boundaries are clear and my energy has never felt more focused. I trust myself and own my value. I share more authentically than ever, especially on social media, and I just FEEL GOOD. I am completely me. I am no longer seeking validation from how much money I make, people in my life or material things. I am free.

I appreciate Sydney because she is so loving and mirrors back the parts of me that I couldn’t see before. The way she pushed me to have uncomfortable conversations, create healthy boundaries, and embody RADICAL ORGASMIC LOVE for myself was a push I was DEEPLY DESIRING. Her tools of tantra and orgasmic manifestation are now pillars of my coaching practice.”


“The journey with Sydney has been so enlightening. I feel like we have moved so many mountains and layers in such little time. I’ve had more resolution in the duration of the course with Sydney than I have with years of conventional counseling. I am so much lighter and I am able to process and deal with things more assertively and at better ease.

Sydney and I cleared stagnate energies that my body has been holding onto for lifetimes that have played a significant part of holding me back from my potential in this current life time. There was abandonment issues, grief, loss and loneliness amongst others. I was able to tap into the energies to heal the old observing what the lessons have taught me and make space for the new.

Thank you for being my greatest gift from the universe Syd, with so much love and gratitude I thank you so much for the unconditional love, guidance and support you’ve provided. I am a much happier soul being because of you and your teachings. I’m ready to take off and fly.” ~ Sonia C., Sovereign Soul Guide and Visionary Healer based in Western Australia


“Sydney is a tremendously generous guide and she invested a ton of her attention and energy in my growth. In fact, the entire Akashic Intensive felt like this incredible gift she created just for me.

Our mentoring container was thoughtfully curated to both challenge and support me. By the end, I’d gained new independence, mastery, and confidence in my Akashic practice as well as huge healing in the rest of my life.

My main goal for the program was to use the Records to become a more focused and inspired creative (Im a freelance writer). I got that, but I also:

  • Cleared past relationship trauma that was creating noise in my current relationship, which let me deepen into trust and mutual support with my partner.
  • Confronted past sexual shame that’s been a block to asking for what I want, which gave me the confidence to raise my rates and bid for (and win) a huge new contract with a major player in my industry.
  • Healed an old wound of worthiness with my mom, which led to forgiveness and opened up space for us to move forward without carrying the weight of the past. (Sydney facilitated this exchange between my mother and I in the Records, and even though I never told my mom it happened, she has been relating to me with a new lightness and ease ever since)
  • Cut out the “scared to fail” procrastination trap and got focused on what I love, which led me to finally finish a novel I’d been toying with for almost a year
  • Rewrote the “not good enough” story that had me stuck playing small in my business, which prompted me to stretch into a new industry with a new offering Im ecstatic about
  • If everything is an inside job, this program is a way to kick the door open. In this program, I got support from a truly amazing guide who helped me develop a set of healing tools and a healing practice that I can use to support myself at any time. With these, I was able to truly transform, once and for all, some of most painful obstacles that have been holding me back.

Considering the depth of the training, the level of on-going support you receive, and the growth Sydney facilitates, this program is an absolute steal. Before I signed up, I was considering this or a more traditional business coaching program. Im so beyond grateful I chose this.

Here’s what made up my mind: Ultimately, I realized I didn’t need a new way to write a business plan or someone else’s marketing funnel. I needed a way to clear out the old junk that was keeping me stuck getting the old results. I needed to heal myself. Now I can. To me, my results from this program are priceless.” ~ Nicole M., Sustainability Advocate, Visionary Educator, Intuitive Guide


“I came on this retreat because I was feeling stuck in my story around being single. I didn’t understand how this was going to change. I was very caught up in scarcity and lack of possibilities when it came to relationships and intimacy. I was in a conundrum about what i needed to do to attract the right person, and I was mad about why I needed to change. I was unhappy and making myself unhappy because of this external thing that I don’t have any control over. 

I had been feeling this way since March. I had taken a big leap from last summer through last fall and over the winter and then landed in the Spring of this year wondering what was going to happen. I was considering doing the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) program before the retreat. It’s a series of seven workshops specifically around love, intimacy, self-love and sexuality.  I’ve been in therapy for a long time. I’ve also worked with Miranda and Jana Saunders – amazing transformational coaches. I’ve done retreat and personalized 1:1 coaching with them.

From this retreat experience I’ve received the support I need to move forward. In the past I needed to experience more wallowing and processing wounds – what’s working now is really focusing on the positive and doing work to seek love, fun, connection. I am getting more support to move towards positive. 

Sydney’s ability to do the guided meditations is awesome. Her language is so beautiful and really helped me to connect deeply to my inner child. Sydney’s authenticity deeply resonates with me and helps tune me into a deeper state of connection with myself. Sydney created an amazing balance between structure and flow that I found very comfortable. I loved connecting to my various stages of age in our work and meditations. A lot of my work in this area has focused on a particular range – this retreat helped me hugely in connecting to new age ranges and experiences that tuned me into more fun, love and happiness. 

My results since attending the retreat include:

    • I feel more alive to my happiness. I feel more alive to fun.
    • I am more aware of my desire to feel connected to other people. 
    • I had such a powerful experience connecting with our retreat group. 
    • I am more of an introvert, more of an isolator and now i feel very connected to be with people and do healing with others. I found that experience so supportive and powerful – in community. 

I experienced a shift in my thinking from: doing this kind of work means there’s something wrong with me and I need to fix it in order to be accepted, to be good enough, to be loved. I never realized this until after i left the workshop – I realized that instead this is like going to the gym – it’s pleasurable for me to do this work on myself because I can feel good! I’ve had a major shift in focusing on the positive and benefits not the negative or “what’s wrong with me,” I go to the gym and yoga because I know I will feel good. Now I feel like I’ve shifted from personal development and healing work which used to be like “i need to fix something that’ wrong” to “I love to do this because its fun and I will be happy, I will feel good. There’s nothing wrong with feeling good!”

Specifically, just being in Sydney’s presence and energy is so powerful. This retreat was such a gift – exactly what I needed – amazing jumpstart into my next phase.

If you’re considering going on her next retreat: Don’t be afraid. HEALING CAN BE FUN! This is deep and enjoyable – but is FUN!”

Catherine J, International Development Specialist, Vermont-Based


Joshua Little, Personal Freedom Mentor, Actor, Singer, Visionary, California USA

“I’ve taken multiple group programs before which have been so powerful for me including NLP coaching, Strategic Intervention, Yoga teaching training, EFT, meditation, Tony Robbins and more but I never had never had the support from someone else to go deep into me and understand more about my personal journey.

Since working with Sydney over our three month program, my health feels amazing and I feel so much vitality, life and flow in my body and self. I trust myself again and love all of who I am, the shame is all gone. I’ve been on a process of shedding so many layers to get to the essence and core of who I am and feel so much more confident in sharing that side of me.

I have created an incredible coaching program and have been sharing my gifts, strengths and genius with incredible women who are rising as leaders in the world. I have created so much self love that I’m now in a relationship with the soul mate man of my dreams. I have become so free of sexual shame and have healed so much with my relationship with my parents and my whole family lineage. The eczema I’ve had all over my body since I stopped breastfeeding as a baby has completely healed.

Working with Sydney is like being in a Vortex Beyond Time and Space and transmuting all the fear to love. It is truly transcendent.


Stephanie Cunningham, Metaphysical Mentor, Reiki Energy Healer, Ohio USA 


24312769_10215072486105993_7655775678574895850_n.jpgKelly Knaub, Transformational Life Coach + Kundalini Yoga Guide, Hawaii USA

“I am highly intuitive and have a strong relationship with my Spirit Guides in the shamanic realms, so it would have been easy for me to say I had no need to try an Akashic Records reading (as I sometimes hear other healers say they get readings from no one else). But wow, I am truly so glad I decided to get one from Sydney! She has a gift for helping you see & own your unique soul work, & I left the reading feeling more empowered than ever.

The timing of the reading itself was very divine & synchronistic to begin with. I was in the midst of a huge life transition & suddenly wondered to myself one day if Sydney was still offering her readings. Within 24 hours, she offered her email list a special deal on them & I booked one right away!

I was in tears within minutes of the reading, & Sydney addressed a number of questions I had written down in advance that I hadn’t even vocalized.

She also shared very helpful insights on some sticking points I’ve had around my business & confirmed some ideas I’d been toying with but hadn’t yet put into action (which I didn’t mention to her).

So much was revealed that I needed days to integrate everything. Most importantly, I felt seen, heard, & held throughout the session in the sacred container that Sydney created. I am still in awe of the experience & highly recommend it.

Thank you, Syd, this was mind-blowing. I’m so honored to share my journey with you!”



Rebecca Volinsky, Visionary Mentor + Artist, Founder ofVisionary Living with Rebecca Volinsky, LLC

I reached out to Sydney at first because I was feeling disconnected from my purpose. I had begun so many huge personal transitions transformations and felt so cut off in my work life. I knew Sydney could help me get started and out of the place or immobility. 

Compared to other mentors, Sydney is totally unique. Really, she’s blessed with a lot of dynamic energy and she is willing to make her journey fully public, she takes big risks and shares it all. 

My biggest results while working together were launching my design business entailing my jewelry and artwork, I had an art show, I was connected with some incredible people and most of all I gained the ability to really take action in alignment with my purpose.

Since our work together I’m celebrating working with my own coaching clients who I am guiding through powerful transformations. I am expanding in all ways – I’ve recently sold a painting for more than I’ve ever sold any other piece of mine for. And I got asked to do a solo show in a beautiful space in Soho – a childhood dream I totally ruled out literally fell in my lap.



Tara Malloy, Writer, Creator @ AtlasAbandoned + World Traveler

“Sydney has truly helped me see that everything.will.be.okay. As someone who suffers from both depression and anxiety, I often struggle with feeling confident in my decisions. Knowing that I am fully supported has made me feel more confident in making decisions and forging my own path.

My life has completely changed since I’ve connected with Sydney: I’ve quit my job, broken up with my partner of five years, moved, made open-ended travel plans, furthered my career, and entered into a new and amazing relationship all in a matter of months – with Sydney’s guidance and encouragement, I have!

Most of all, Sydney’s helped me realize that I’ve had the power within me to make these changes all along. What stands out to me the most is how I’ve come to recognize and appreciate my value. Even just a few months ago, I was selling myself so completely short it was ridiculous! I felt like it was ‘too late’ to change anything. Now I know that it’s never too late to change anything and that I am actually in complete control of how I spend my time and who I spend it with.”

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