5D Strategy Intensive

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Birthing a big vision requires masterful support, clear reflection and expert multi-dimensional strategy especially as 2020 calls us forth into embodying potent purpose, aligned action and the utmost integrity.


Are you an early or late stage entrepreneur/business owner?

Are you feeling stuck in scaling your business and desire clarity in your mission and message?

Do you want to create new programs and offers that feel authentically aligned with your essence?

Do you sense there’s underlying energetics stagnating your capacity to receive, play and serve with ease?

Do you crave clear structure and foundational design for your business’ organization so you can focus on sharing your genius while delegating and alleviating all distractions?

Do you feel called to birth a whole new brand identity that feels more authentic to who you are?

We are called forth at this time to pioneer new ways of leading and sharing our divine gifts. This immersion is a space of co-creation in which we explore precisely this: how can your business be a direct reflection of your authentic genius and flow with grace, abundance and play?

This accelerator is journeyed through over two months and entails four activating sessions all hosted within an amplified container to launch you into your next-level vision-embodiment-alignment. 

Feel into the nourishment-beauty-expansion of receiving multi-dimensional expert strategic support, including:

  • A comprehensive visionary intake process inviting you to become ultra clear on your vision and goals (this is completed before our first call)

  • Soul Sourcing Session – Akashic Records Reading + Energy Activation (60 mins)

  • Deep Dive Strategy Session – 5D Biz Strategy + Energy Optimization (60 mins)

  • Two 45 minute strategy sessions scheduled within 2 weeks of Deep Dive

  • Comprehensive Brand Strategy + Implementation Action Plan

  • Curated resources, trainings + energetic protocol to actualize your vision

  • WhatsApp text + voice-note support in between sessions for 45 day container


What the visionaries are saying…

Margie Pargie, CEO+ Founder, Aerial Yoga Goddess, Transformational Coach, Margie Pargie

The greatest benefit I received from my experience working with Sydney is that I now speak my truth no matter what. My boundaries are clear and my energy has never felt more focused. I trust myself and own my value. I share more authentically than ever, especially on social media, and I just FEEL GOOD. I am completely me. I am no longer seeking validation from how much money I make, people in my life or material things. I am free.

I appreciate Sydney because she is so loving and mirrors back the parts of me that I couldn’t see before. The way she pushed me to have uncomfortable conversations, create healthy boundaries, and embody RADICAL ORGASMIC LOVE for myself was a push I was DEEPLY DESIRING. Her tools of tantra and orgasmic manifestation are now pillars of my coaching practice.”

Alyssa Kim, Spiritual & Wellness Coach, Founder of Thrive School, Thrive With Alyssa, Los Angeles, USA

It has been about 8 months since I began working with Sydney and in that time I have been able to lovingly leave a relationship of 12 years, have the courage to quit my career of 10 years and begin my own coaching business, uproot and clear limiting beliefs that had been holding me back from going after what I truly desire, skyrocket my feelings of self love and worthiness, and get into alignment with my truth.

Sydney created a safe container for me to learn and grow and heal. She encouraged me and gave me the tools and courage to pursue things I never would have done on my own. She shined light on the parts of me I wanted to hide but were essential to uncover for my growth. She was both gentle and strong with her guidance.

My favorite part about working with Sydney was the vibration that she holds is so high that you are automatically upleveled just by working with her and being in her presence. She holds space so beautifully for you to expand and grow just by being herself.

Hiring Sydney was the catalyst for my life completely shifting. And quickly! If you are ready to expand and have someone there who will guide you and help you feel inspired, safe, vulnerable, and powerful all at the same time, Sydney is your girl!”

13939291_3099506453233_5899474003112888221_n.jpg   Jenna HillierVisionary Health Coach, Founder @ The Measure of a Woman, CPA, NYC USA

“When I started working with Sydney my biggest pain-points were mindset and money. I felt like Sydney could specifically help me with mindset because she had been through what I was going through – leaving my full-time job, starting my new company, making myself visible as a coach for the first time and offering my services.

My biggest results from working with Sydney were the confidence to quit my job and believe that everything would be ok. I also took a lot of action with Sydney that I didn’t have the confidence to take alone. She introduced me to what my life could (and would) look like.

To this day Sydney has been one of the more comprehensive mentors of mine.