Calling All Angels

aloha my are you being?

i am writing to you from my cozy sanctuary home, landed back here in big island hawaii and i am so immensely grateful to be

traveling takes a lot out of us..i didn’t realize it like this before. i kept thinking on my trip – kinda did a circuit visiting my old stomping grounds and seeing my family in SF, SLC and briefly a friend in LA – wow this feels extra this what deeper embodiment is really like? more sensitivity to elements, to air and water quality, to the density of the city. i can’t believe i grew up in the city center for most of my life and continued to seek out the hustle-bustle intensity for so many years following.

but then again it makes sense. my nervous system was conditioned for chaos, busy-ness and noise..which felt more familiar than quiet, peace, space.

it was fun visiting my parents for the first time in 2 year after doing so much deep healing and trauma re-patterning work..somatic therapy every week for 2 years and lots of other practice and simply..feeling deep layers..on top of that. finally being at home in a stable container that can support such deep release to happen. learning to be home inside..myself.

i feel like i finally forgave my parents on a profound level. i was able to see them as pretty awesome people at that. i let go of stories and densities i was holding around being victim to their antics and dysfunction. it was all perfect. ive said that for years and logically understand it..but this time it was felt..the acceptance of it all. it had to happen to become this person that i am. and i am grateful for the perfect initiations that were coded from day one by my soul who mapped this whole adventure out.

do you know what i mean? here is liberation.

i had a blast with my younger brother Silas..hes so wise and hilarious. could be a tiktok star if he cared about social media at all. hes a real comedian. i love him so much and it was so healing to connect on a more soul level than ever before..sharing more authentically and really connecting. i was seeing on this trip so often in subtle moments too – wow i am really connecting with people in ways i never have before. i am being seen and seeing them. we are really being present together..hearts connecting. i love this feeling.

we got to visit the book store in SLC where i did an awesome book event a few years ago and where my book “the empath experience” is #6 on their all time best sellers list, still prominently displayed next to some of the most epic books of all women who run with the wolves and the four agreements. what a cool honor.

i am looking forward to seeing my home base thru new eyes..after this nourishing adventure thats helped me feel renewed gratitude and inspiration for everything as it is. theres so much i want to create here! co-working space, quantum spa, cafes..convergence portals for visionaries to get together and play! i can feel its closer than ever..simply allowing the next right steps and team to align and assemble. its already happened on some level otherwise i wouldn’t be seeing and sensing it so clearly.

The energy we are already receiving collectively is ripe with guidance and inspiration on the new visions we are here to pioneer that finally the world is leaning more into becoming available to receive.

Some of us are so ahead the curve it can feel like we truly are from the future because in most cases we are. In the dimensions we know so well beyond time we’ve already seen what’s come to pass here and what’s possible.

We remember and build the beginning pieces to what is meant to actualize sometimes over centuries to come.

Now its more important than ever that we gather and amplify support each other as the torch bearers we are.

With this vision in mind – its my honor to invite you to join us in our 2022 Visionary Council starting Sept 9th, 2022 and anchoring through March 3, 2023.

Here we reunite in a unique multidimensional incubator for birthing your true self and your soul-aligned service-business-product offering, into being with grace, ease and authenticity.

In addition to deep 1:1 + group support, pioneering practices in energy exchange, daily energy mastery protocol, guest mentors, guidance on vision-building, strategy, audience amplification, investment, fundraising and marketing + sales strategy (and so much more), our council entails advanced Akashic Records training in the realms of business strategy, creative marketing, community building and visionary leadership.
Most of all throughout our journey we deep dive into nervous system attunement and healing to support ourselves in becoming the container for the immense energy and vision that wants to flow thru in stable, consistent, discerning, brilliant, magnetic ways. We unravel and alchemize stuck energies and calibrate to our highest timelines into deeper presence, trust, faith and potency.
Now we are called to anchor the new ways of being and serving that the New Earth invites forth..the council is our clarion call to practice and evolve into the leaders we are meant to be in all aspects of life, and of course, within our soul purpose and creative livelihood.

Destiny awaits. Soul family support awaits. Now is the time.
It’s an absolute honor to co-create with you as we architect the new realities we’ve always dreamed of living into and amplifying..let’s play.

We also have a few spaces to join us in Bali this new years for Attune..quite a beautiful, expansive, nourishing portal we are co-creating here. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to return home..and share with such special souls.

Heads up for a new episode of Visionary Souls podcast coming soon – some very juicy episodes coming out over the next few weeks. Feels soooo yumm.

enjoy the show 🙂

lots of love + hugs to you…always.

❤️ Syd

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