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aloha dear one..

i hope this note finds you thriving and feeling oh so loved and supported.

i have some beautiful invitations to co-create, collaborate, expand and play.

ive been listening to guidance to bring together a group convergence around august – a potent portal centered around aug 11. and the vision is now anchored.

in fact we just had our first co-creation call today..and it feels soo good. the frequency in this field is palpable – chills with every contribution spoken and suggested – the dream team assembling – t0 template a new way of being and playing together…

my intentions for co-creating: to commune with soul family in shared practice and attunement, to be in an amplified field of manifestation and actualization, to create the foundation for the kind of group ive always desired to be a part of – that far outlives this experience..and may surely birth more to come..with ample new collaborations / connections formed from now on..infinitely::

join us for the Templ(e)ate

Converging August 11-18th, 2022

Each day at 9am-10am HST / 12-1pm PST / 3-4pm EST / 9pm Euro / 5am Aus NSW

We meet in Zoom for shared group embodiment practice and attunement.

Facilitated by diverse guides sharing unique modalities each time. With lots of space each day to tune in, share, collaborate.

Some of our ways to play together might include::

Learn how to read your own akashic records.
Learn ways to explore being an oracle – and playing with tarot as an oracle.
lots of play and micro-practices shared for healing – soul soothing – nourishment
explore attunement to deep presence in which you may meet your quantum self.

who knows what else may emerge <3

curated with ample Space for intention setting, integration + reflection in a private Telegram group + in a group on ASCEND.

Our Invitation…
What’s possible in 8 days when we commit to expanding and anchoring into more of our true selves together – arriving more home into our body temples, with love and support and tons of resource?

This experience is completely free and invites us into a loving, supportive community of fellow visionaries who share the intentions of connection, personal growth, expansion and healing.

Let’s get into an awesome rhythm together and see whats possible when we join forces to amplify our intentions, connect, collaborate and support (and inspire!) one another on our ascension journeys.

Some more details might be added to the site soon ((or maybe not – as maybe the new way of playing is about simplicity and not letting too many words get in the way or limit our experience))…please sign up here to be kept in the loop with formal invites to join our group Telegram and ASCEND group as well.

I am collaborating with some of my dearest friends and students to bring this vision into being – it will be a lovely frequency shift experience Im sure as are all the portals we weave in. Would love to have you with us. What better moment to commit to practice together that feels most nourishing, expansive and stabilizing amidst all we are receiving and remembering?

Feel free to share the invite with friends + share on social if called – the more the merrier although I’m sure as always the perfect group will be called to assemble..right on time.

Following a similar intention is our 5D Visionary Council, with the added layer of inspiration being – guidance in creating your visionary business or service offering – also co-hosted with some of my best friends and closest advisors. Would love to have you with us if journeying together in a potent field of support and attunement for 6 months – to venture forth into the most beautiful year of our entire lives?! – let’s play.

Lastly, we have 5 spots to join us in Bali this New Years. Please apply here if called as I feel our group will be full soon.

I am taking some exciting steps to scale my business dramatically especially in preparation for my book launch next year which I sense will be very momentous 🙂

Honestly something huge shifted after this last visit my family – the healing, forgiveness and acceptance Ive cultivated with my parents let a lightbulb fully go off around – what I haven’t let myself fully step into..in terms of wealth and true financial freedom.

I am now more committed than ever to becoming a (multi)millionaire by next year or sooner and putting the steps into place (that were there all along) to do this in an integrous, authentic, stable, sustainable way.

I am ready to step into investor – philanthropist – contributor to planetary change at more tangible level now. I am ready for this heightened responsibility.

Part of the updates and scaling my biz includes revising some of my offerings especially the 5D Visionary Business Training as well as all the activations, trainings and transmissions included in my online store.  I am considering putting the Akashic Facilitator Training into a self-study online format as well as an addendum to the live training which I still love to teach at least 1-2 times per year.

I would love to invite you in to the 5D Visionary Business container if you’re called to receive mentorship (in this self-guided program) in birthing or re-branding your soul service. I am increasing the price substantially soon and changing a bit of the offering to reach more people..so here will be your last chance to engage in this intimate space in the format that has benefitted many. Price increases Sept 1st.

theres no greater joy i experience than seeing the light come on in others especially when i get to witness them birth their souls creation forth into the world in beautiful ways..that help so many come into remembrance of who they truly are..coming home.

i am honored to have witnessed so many and to have built a thriving platform that invites more and more of these kinds of transmissions to frequently flow..what a gift that keeps on giving. i was in tears today in our templating call..feeling the love and gratitude present..honoring all the depth and intimacy we’ve created over the years..in sharing the work in the ways we do..in only the ways we can.

thank you.

So much to celebrate…more than words. I love you so much. I hope we get to connect and play together in The Templ(e)ate soon.

all my love + gratitude..


PS: Listen to our latest Visionary Souls Podcast episode that just came out! More info below 🙂

Our 5D Visionary Council is a 6-month embodiment incubator for designing and launching your soul-aligned life and business while co-creating entirely new ways of being and thriving in Heaven on Earth.
Our council is a convergence of New Earth architects, leaders, visionaries, healers, wayshowers and conscious creators who are deeply called to:
  • Create new ways of doing business altogether.
  • Develop new ways of exchanging value rooted in transparency + integrity.
  • Pioneer new templates for authentically sharing gifts + genius.
  • Pave the way for new expressions of embodied leadership.
  • Weave multidimensionality and intuition into the fabric of life.
  • Birth a thriving, soul-aligned offering (business, course, community, product and/or service) completely aligned with one’s values.
  • Seed solutions that support the Earth and our collective evolution into greater unity + harmony.
  • Be completely devoted to self-mastery + coherence in every way.

5 Spots open to join us in Bali this New Years <3

Just finished new book cover with the publisher – celebrating the culmination of a 4 year birthing process 🙂 Book comes out May next year – will share more updates here for when you can pre-order and more magic leading up to release <3

Thanks for being a part of the journey in this creation.


New Visionary Souls Episode Out Now

Listen to our latest episode

In 2015, a Tantric bodyworker had his finger on Olivia’s cervix. This is not her preferred way to introduce herself on the internet to the entire world. But she does it for a good cause.
What she didn’t realize was that her cervix would become the focus of the session. She also didn’t realize that this session would change the course of her life.
There, on a hot day in Bali, she discovered her cervix was numb.
As a sexologist and sex nerd, she knows the cervix to be a powerful place of pleasure so she was determined to transform it. After eight months of work, play and exploration, her cervix began to feel and her orgasmic capacity shifted tremendously. Today, she’s joined by thousands other women who are all interested in healing, learning and exploring the powerful and magical gateway of the cervix.
May our cervixes be the portals of bliss they were made to be.
In this episode of Visionary Souls, we explored…
  • How we can train our bodies to be sensitive, to be more open, to learn how to feel safe so we can actually relax
  • How we can learn how to sync with the current that is already flowing rather than making a current happen
  • A major initiation that she received from her learning process is to just give it up – to truly surrender
  • The most important part of our day to day life is who we are becoming as the result of doing the work
  • What if through the cervix, we can all go home
  • How the foundation of relationships is the connection with yourself


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