Thru the Portal We Feel

I am home ❤️🌈
Surfing some awesome energetic upgrades and expansions as usual..welcome to the new norm, whatever that means 😂
Cosmic weather updates will always be – intense and activating AF from now on.
How’s your body? How’s your nervous system? How’s your inner child? How embodied do you feel?
How’s your attunement to your needs and how are you supporting yourself?

How would you love to feel loved, grounded, stabilized in your home frequency, clear, coherent, joyful, expansive, light, else?

I am loving how accelerated our healing – integration – embodiment experiment can be now..when we are willing to drop into presence and feel what we truly are..what the body is asking for..what the spirit is inspiring us to move into..we are all little kids really running around wondering how we ended up here.
Maybe this whole game – earth – it’s a playground and it’s supposed to be fun.
We made the whole thing up..remember?
How shall we choose to dance and play thru the movie? How shall we meet our depths along the way, every emotion and feeling and desire at a time?
Beyond time..melting into this moment where something new wants to happen ❤️🕺
I’m loving life and my cellular vessel I get to call’s so cool 👽🧬
☀️☀️☀️ Life updates👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
💎 ASCEND is growing everyday with amazing new creators..light beings converging in such a divine epic portal we made!! Im blocked from Facebook so don’t try to reach me here – get in touch on ASCEND where anyone can message me there and I’ll respond ❤️

we are raising $1.5million as soon as possible to fund app enhancements, growth marketing and ops..calling all angels and conscious VCs ready to create the future, please get in touch if I’m speaking to you.

We are close 🤙🏽 💎🧬

💎 My new book “I’m ascending, now what” will publish with @stmartinspress may 1, 2023..the 5 year anniversary of my first book: “the empath experience: what to do when you feel everything.” Both books I wish I had when I incarnated 😂❤️
🥰 I am super grateful to be a part of @rani_maree‘s transformation vortex event happening may 22 for ten days with awesome visionary light workers ((aka light twerkers)) all over the world.

Sign up to join us and tag a friend to come’s gonna be epic expansive love bubbles of upgrades and alchemy: 🥰🥰🌈🌈 ((more info below))

😇🧬 Bali New Years Retreat is percolating with my soul sistAR @premalovemusic ..Embodied Awakening – life, embodiment updates, deep receiving and attunement to expansive abundance, dance, music, inner artist awakening..galactivation magic pure joy in paradise 🌹☀️

You’ll be the first to hear about details here..coming soon probably in June after Prema integrates an epic queens initiation in Egypt..weeee 🐬❤️

all my love darling..thank you for being you..for existing..and co-creating..and anchoring your unique frequency here in this playground. there’s nowhere else i’d rather be 🙂

mahalo…i love you..

i hope you are taking great care of yourself and slowing down to feel all the feels we are being invited to fully metabolize and integrate now…

remember to laugh once in awhile too 🙂 its all a beautiful dream we get to weave.

xx Syd

if there is anyway I can support you – i am here…i am grateful to be offering support sessions via MTVO after awhile. this is a mystery school i’ve had the privilege of studying/practicing in for the last 4 years..has been life-changing. endlessly grateful for continuously not recognizing myself as i shed more layers of inauthenticity and survival personality aspects.

the sessions i am offering via MTVO are 1 hour sessions in zoom/audio-only in which i can offer all my signature support styles – intuitive guidance, energy healing, and even business strategy. i would be honored to play with you here.

for deeper support via 1:1 can apply // explore // attune to possibilities here.

soul sourcing sessions and quantum transmissions can be booked here. the sessions i offer via my website are a bit different from those i offer via MTVO in that they are more comprehensive programs in and of themselves with a longer session length and more of an orientation and integration process – like a mini-mentorship. many ways to play..feels good to co-create in this way.

*New Womb Healing Meditation*

…transmitted in our Akashic Facilitation Council Call recently..please receive + share with anyone else you feel this could support.

I believe that the world will change when we empower the light-workers, the visionary leaders, the heart-centered entrepreneurs, the wild creatives, and the healers to activate the healer within, own their self worth with and raise the world up in the frequency of emotional freedom, especially during this crazy times.
As you guys know, I love nothing more than seeing someone rise from the ashes of their life and create something that aligns with their truest heart’s desire and passion.
If you’ve been specifically desiring a breakthrough in your journey, then I invite you to join me in Rani Maree’s 10-Days of Transformation healing immersion starting May 22nd, and amazing things are already happening in the group as a warmup!
I’ll be going Live in the private Facebook group sharing about my journey, experiences and breakthroughs with inner work and healing practices..
It’s totally free and I’d love for you to join us!
We’ll be getting started on May 22nd.

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