Happy May Day

aloha love, how are you being? welcome to may..a powerful month ahead..as usual. up up up we go..and more in, in, in to our depths it seems.

i am ready for some awesome expansions..anchoring this month. but definitely the lesson continues to amplify – as we allow more light in, more of our shadowy dark murky depths are revealed and illuminated. are we building capacity within to hold space for ancient ancestral patterns to dismantle and disintegrate..it can feel like a full time job just being present to feel it all.

can we allow for more rest..even more than we think is enough.
we are reparenting our bodies anew.
returning to the original blueprint nervous system we were born with.
before learning fear, separation, scarcity or control.
we are born to flow and feel fully free..as ourselves.
we are remembering..and the incoming energies are designed to support precisely this process. completion.

i am integrating a beautiful new stability in my own authenticity after our immersion last week here in hawaii. it was a profound awakening experience..the best immersion ive ever been a part of let alone hosted/facilitated. i am so grateful..beyond words.

soul family. coming home to ourselves. here we are.

something that anchored in..which i am still sitting with – but it feels so good to imagine — is the invitation to bring a group to Bali for New Years. My last immersion was in 2018-2019 New Year and mama Bali feels to be calling..strongly..for a return home to her sacred waters-lands-portals.

Living there especially 2016-2017 was a key part of my awakening process..so much was able to download and integrate just being there for an extended period and continuing to touch in over the years. The island is a temple of purification for the planet..what a blessing to feel the invitation arising to visit again.

I would love to co-host this immersion with my dear soul sister and sacred musician Prema Love..for a container designed for Embodied Awakening..awakening your inner artist, your authentic divine expression, speaking your truth fully, cellularly anchoring your soul’s knowing of your divine life path and purpose, exploring and playing in new frequencies that want to express dance-music-healing-connection-love through you in gorgeous delicious ways.

Lots and lots of spa time..body work..healing sessions..dance..yummiest high vibe food and accommodations..luxury..receiving..deep attunement to abundance codes and expansive flow of all the support imaginable..visits to sacred sites and water temples..special guests and local friends to honor us with their beautiful gifts..deep group practice and attunement for nervous system healing and restoration..lots of deep rest and play.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Seems to be anchoring more into form each day. Allowing the details to land..before announcing anything..but feels fun to share here and get a sense for who might be called to join. Likely December 27 – Jan 8th or so..a longer immersion with space to dive really deep into our group energy attunement and practices for embodying our true selves..and learning tangible ways to bring more of our divinity into form in our everyday life and creation. Quite the activation 🙂

Wanna come play? Hit reply if you feel a resounding yes and I can add you to our short list as we start to allow more guidance for details..to emerge.

I’d love to share the resources that emerged on our call today with our Akashic Facilitator training group. With almost everyone I work with in whatever capacity we are sharing in – intuitive healing, business building, training, mentorship – sexual energy is a factor that almost always comes up.

Healing our trauma and notably our sexual trauma is a core part of our embodied ascension journey. How else are we to descend into our cells, into our body fully if we don’t touch into the deep dark murky spots that hold the densities in the way of beaming our fullest power – potency – light – aliveness?

I have travelled quite a journey in this path myself over the years..healing immense dis-association and sexual trauma/violations of many kinds..and I am happy to share all I’ve learned along the way.

Here are just a few resources to tune into if you are called to deepen in your exploration of this path…

  1. Tachyon Yoni Eggs
  2. Latest visionary souls that covers sexual trauma and using BDSM for healing
  3. De-Armoring Practice // + great episode we did together that also explores this (and yoni eggs)
  4. Sexual Healing – Tantra: all my fave resources I’ve created/collected over the years
  5. Womb Healing Meditation – with Mary Magdalene
And perfect timing of course – our latest episode of Visionary Souls Podcast just came out diving deep into sexuality, trauma healing, dominatrix vibes and all the magic we love exploring as divine playful flow channels thru us. Definitely check this out to receive some awesome support and inspiration in your healing – embodiment – integration journey.
💎 Juliette Karaman is a coach, teacher, mentor, and writer on relationships, trauma, healing, sex, and intimacy. She herself is a trauma survivor so is deeply attuned to what her clients go through and has them understand the connection between the psyche and their bodies. Merging her decade of conscious sexuality with the ability to hold deep space has her clients regain confidence in their bodies, psyche, and relationship to themselves. She also is a mother of 4, which adds a whole extra layer to her wisdom. 🔑
Listen in + come play.

Enjoy the May energies + updates..they are massive.

Be gentle..rest easy..enjoy when you’re able to simply observe..the show 🙂

xx all my love..


Updates + Expansions…

I gave my website a little update..feels so good to change it up. Funny how fast we outgrow our digital channels. Reminded of how many awesome resources there are there..to receive.

I am blocked off of Facebook..focusing energy on ASCEND even more so..would love to connect with you there if you’re called to come play and explore.

Love what we’ve created. Going into a new funding round…could be multi-million dollar raise 🙂

I have awesome energy healing transmissions available in my Transmission Library here..can assist with integration underway.

Check out my free challenges + meditations on Youtube and Insight Timer.

Apply for 1:1 Visionary Mentorship here.

Limited availability for 1:1 sessions and quantum transmissions.

Our beautiful immersion ohana post-experience glow. So grateful to co-create and remember with these beautiful beings <3

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