My Favorite Sex Magic, Energy Mastery + Alchemy Resources

Here are some of my favorite resources on sex magic, energy mastery and alchemy..which are all foundational aspects of creating a thriving, abundant life and business you love..

Egyptian Codes – Sex Magic exploration with Kara Sophia (podcast):

Sex Magic Masterclass – An earlier course offering on the intersection of business, money and sex magic

Releasing Shame – Mind Love Podcast:

Divinity Codes Divine Union trainings:

Divine Masculine:

Abundance Activation:

Divine Union:

Infinite Abundance:

More about all my self-mastery courses here.

My course Mastering Magnetism is a good one to go thru focused on activating lower energy centers + we talk about right relationship with sexual energy  – check it out

Other Recommended Resources:

My all time favorite book on sex-magic and alchemical practice for activating and awakening our light bodies

The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida – about working with life force energy consciously

Retention Practice – any of his books/talks are great..he is a foremost teacher of the practice: Mantak Chia

Retention Playlist by Layla Martin, one of my fave teachers

Two trusted masculine leaders – friends of mine that teach this work as well: destin gerek + aaron kleinerman if you care to receive deeper support here.

Check out all my podcasts I’ve been a guest on – usually speaking to transmuting shame and sexual liberation on pathway to authenticity – here.

Curious to explore 1:1 mentorship in energy mastery, embodiment and visionary leadership – please schedule a consult with me to explore


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