Life Path Review? Right on Time. #fullmoonmusings

aloha darlin..sending you lots of love amidst this full moon portal and all the portals of immense energy therein.

It’s all been quite a work IN, that’s for sure.

I wanted to check in and share something that has been percolating strongly in my heart the last 48 hours..perhaps as a helpful example of how i am meeting the current energies and all they’re bringing up for us to process. i’ve been streaming a lot of writing and creative energy..still awaiting my final book notes from publisher to work on and complete…so much flowing in between time.

I hope you find this nourishing and helpful to consider. i’m also open to receiving how you resonate and what is coming up for you in this sometimes turbulent cycle we are traversing..we have so much more in common than we think. almost always. i love sharing in ways that help us feel more affirmed and allowed to be as we and ourselves and one another.

…..quick note: down below you’ll see some invites for ways to play and a chance to co-create in a special live online experience for the upcoming equinox. would love to connect with you in any of these ways if it’s meant to be….

Sometimes I feel like deleting everything I’ve ever posted publicly because it doesn’t accurately reflect how and who I am now. We are changing light years in a day now and it’s bizarre to have time capsules not to mention videos of ourselves out there for people to be meeting – sometimes unknowingly different versions of ourselves that have long come to pass.

This full moon portal has me questioning my entire path and everything I’ve ever created. I welcome this energy as I am used to playing in similar currents normally anyway – if we aren’t questioning our path and intentions regularly than usually we are stagnant and playing it safe instead of expanding and evolving at our destined pace.
I’ve been processing self abandonment wounds around how I haven’t allowed myself to truly live for me – I’ve been a a great performer most of my life, doing what I think you want me to do and being how you want me to be to get Your love and validation. All of which stems from very early on in this beings birth cycle where love and attunement was non existent in the ways I required to develop a healthy nervous system with the capacity to contain the immense energy I am meant to embody.
I have done so much self work and repatterning and don’t recognize myself even from one year ago. Even when I was hitting rock bottom in my drug and alcohol addictions – nearly dying many times trying to escape this body and planet I didn’t feel I belonged – I was drawn to sexual healing although with great shame as I explored stripping and escorting by night while working at an office job by day.

Years later in my awakening I realized: I was just seeking like many others to re-create the temple. We used to have temples on this planet for sacred sexual healing, connection and community – we were able to live in great harmony due to the support offered by these spaces and beings stewarding them. There was no shame in utilizing our authentic sexuality to transmute density in this earth – to allow our pleasure to completely guide us, to be radically expressed in our full hearts desires, to live completely for ourselves – that was our higher purpose, embodying our essence.

Sexuality has always been a theme I’ve shared about and explored whether it be on countless podcasts or posts or lightly in my book – more so in my upcoming book..but always it seems thru the more safe guise of business or energy mastery or other understandable more seemingly acceptable concepts that won’t freak people out or distance my supposed audiences from staying connected with me in the ways they’re more accustomed to.
What if I came out and shared what I really want to? How I had two dates on New Years and love to explore shibari bondage as a key to nervous system healing and embodiment practice, how exploring kink and BDSM practices has proven for me to be the root of healing core wounds around repressed authenticity and power, how years ago I applied to work at a dungeon as a dominatrix in New York and occasionally still consider the possibility of returning to actively practicing within that style of healing.

I also want to teach men – especially younger ones – about energy mastery, semen retention, how to make love for hours and how we can all activate more orgasmic energy and channel it so beautifully into our creative visions and ventures. My path has trained me perfectly to share immensity in these realms and it comes through in pieces but hasn’t had permission to crystallize as clearly as I’m now feeling is required.

I am here to be an example of transmuting shame into complete liberation. I am here to be completely and fully embodied in my truth. I am here to be playing at my full size, full light capacity – which I am still getting used to containing in this body, on this planet, in this particular dimension. I want so badly to connect with others in this depth and intimacy and I’m afraid I’ve still been pretending or hiding out in the multidimensional realms as a biz coach, intuitive guide, author or entrepreneur instead of being completely open as to what I’m here to share and help others actualize.
I’ve also always wanted to DJ for as long as I can remember. Im terrified of what having the equipment set up ready to practice on might mean so I’ve avoided it for years. I even had a controller once and could barely practice on it – if I allowed myself to do what I truly love then I definitely would see how I’m pretending in all these other ways to serve others and sacrifice my happiness to live in ways others will understand and validate.
I am not here to be understood or validated by anyone and yet I am still learning how to give these gifts to myself and truly receive them. The path of the visionary is to consciously activate others to question their own realities and patterns so that we together can interrupt the norm and change our experience and realities. We become comfortable with triggering others out of their density so together we can activate more light and potential.

We become familiar with agitating peoples brains with concepts and possibilities they never thought existed – this is how we imagine new choices that we didn’t see before. This is how we grow and architect the world we’ve always dreamed of playing in – heaven on earth. It is first a place we realize in our own being, then from this embodiment of our own understanding we create our unique contribution in this planetary experience and somehow as we all share our unique piece, the puzzle completes itself as we feel more and more at home.

I am sitting in this stirring and watching so much unearth and illuminate. I am practicing patience with it all. And gratitude for the willingness to see and honor the feelings and expressions wanting to flow through, fully. I am listening and allowing more detail and guidance to emerge.

I am choosing to trust that the path of least resistance will eventually reveal itself as I create more space for it to land. I am accepting myself as I am right now and appreciating all that’s transpired to bring me deeper into this precise present moment.

There’s nowhere else to be ❤️

How is the full moon showing up for you?

How is your destiny calling you into greater truth, clarity and alignment?

What is ready to be let go of to allow for more space – room – for you to be all that you are? For more of your path to clearly reveal?

How are you taking care of yourself to integrate the energies we are receiving?

I love you.

Thanks for being you. That is all that’s required.

xx Syd

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More and more these containers are showing up perfectly to offer the somatic recalibration, frequency shifts and tangible visionary guidance and strategy required for us to align with our destined paths.

I am so grateful that the visions for these experiences chose me to birth them long before I could fully realize how absolutely perfectly on time they’d be with all they seek to offer and remind us of.

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