Celebration – We Made It!

aloha my love…

we made it through the 2-22-22 portal…though we are perhaps still integrating some big downloads..you too?

how are you being?
is there anyway you would love to feel supported?
how can you give yourself that gift now?
don’t wait.

i am learning a deep lesson about space and integration time as we are receiving the strongest energies we’ve ever experienced before in a human body.

more rest. more stillness. more quiet. more silence. more being.

practicing all of the above..intentionally setting containers to simply be without distraction.

feels to be precisely what the present energy we receive is asking for.

celebrating being alive, for sure. celebrating witnessing our capacity to transcend trauma and show up in deeper authenticity..especially in triggering moments.

celebrating being able to PLAY FULLY ON ASCEND!!

its been a wild 2 year journey..with so many initiations and lessons..and growth..beyond anything imaginable..and now we’re here.

we built it..now will they come?

yes please!! here’s our invitation:::

we are live on the app store and play stores..check us out.

thank you for your support in making ASCEND great..we can’t wait to see how everyone plays together in our new community.
since yesterday was our public launch – we welcome you to share the ASCEND invitation with your friends and collaborators.
please feel free to make a celebratory announcement in any way(s) that feel(s) most inspiring…including:
1. Share our graphic – shown below and above – we think they’ll make ya smile 🙂
2. Include a link to download the app by tagging our homepage: weascendnow.com
3. Share our vision video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P872GT4W1io
4. Learn about why ASCEND is different + designed to help via our app demo here: https://youtu.be/NK-33V2hB_Y
Note: if you already have the app installed, please process the update from the App Store or Play Store OR delete and reinstall the app. If you experience any bugs or slowness, please reinstall the app over the next few days as we continue to make optimizations. Then make sure you allow microphone and camera permissions so your posts are enabled.
Sample Social Copy – feel free to adjust as your own…
The world is ready for a new social community designed for personal growth, authenticity and genuine value, don’t ya think?
Let’s create and discover meaningful content curated to help us grow and expand. Where content is scored by helpfulness and moderated by the community, all built on authenticity and transparency. Plus, you’ll love all the new ways we can share and amplify abundance.
I’m going to ASCEND. Will you join me?
We hope you have a blast exploring, creating and sharing on ASCEND. Thank you again for your support + enthusiasm, we are so looking forward to seeing what you’re inspired to create.

Let’s play.

Check out more fun announcements, invitations + celebrations below.

I’m recording the first episode of Visionary Souls 2022 today..with a dear friend..who I did one of my first podcasts ever with YEARS ago back in the Bali days.

The podcast this year will be focused on trauma healing + integration, embodied sexuality and multidimensional healing..as these are the key themes I am called to explore. Will be lots of fun to share..keep an eye out!

Also join our Visionary Souls Creating Heaven on Earth group on ASCEND to stay in touch, comment on and share more with others about the podcast. It’ll be fun to see what we co-create here.

Curious about our Akashic Facilitator Training..we have a few spots left if you’d love to join us. This group will have a business focus – how we can use the akashic records and multidimensional attunement to launch our dream visions in the world with ease, magnetism and extra-dimensional visionary creativity. Apply here.

Want to join me ((and a glorious group of soul fam)) in Hawaii for what will likely be my last retreat for a long while? Would love to have you with us. More info below and here.

Love always..more and more…


PS: Join me and our Entourage co-facilitators in our ENTOURAGE group on ASCEND!!

1. Download the ASCEND app
2. Go to your profile page
3. Go to the top right hand corner menu – then GROUPS
4. Go to the search magnifying glass and type in: Entourage
5. Request to be a member
6. Add your payment details to share energy balance of $11/month
7. Wait for your official welcome/approval to join soon

Here we can tune in regularly to receive and share ascension – embodiment – purpose alignment – multidimensional healing resources and support – plus make new friends with visionary community from around the world.

We’ll meet at least once a month on zoom for closer connection, practice + healing..and much more. Each one of our Entourage program facilitators will lead one of the calls if not more than one of us together..

Looking so forward to playing with you here. Feel free to share this invite with anyone you love who you’re inspired to learn + grow + expand with.

Learn more about our Entourage training program here..which informs the ASCEND Entourage Experience.

Celebrations from Entourage…which completed 2-22-22::
“I celebrate 🎊:
1. Stepping more confidently into my role and embodiment as a spiritual leader. I’ve shed sooooo many layers of shame and self doubt around this over the past few months. A COMPLETE throat chakra clearing!!! I feel sooo at home as this ‘character’ now. I’ve finally begun to give myself the full permission to PLAY as I’ve always wanted to play!!!!
Today, a new archetype that I want to begin more consciously embodying became clear – ‘The Wealthy Mystic’ 👑
2. I was led through the most difficult financial initiation of my life in this container! Bringing me to a place where I had to confront the fact that I had been so unhealthily attaching my self worth to money.
Coming down to a place where I felt completely stripped of personal wealth has made me feel a lot less fearful of this scenario. This experience showed me how safe and supported I truly am in this life – regardless of what my bank account number reflects! I feel less afraid of making mistakes. I used to feel so paralyzed by the idea of making a ‘bad’ financial decision. I’ve now learned that all decisions can be viewed as good or bad – depending on the lens you’ve wearing.
That AND the experience showed me that I DO really want to continue doing the type of work that I have been doing up until now.
I always had a deep suspicion that I was just creating content for the attention and potential fame and money opportunities. I’ve now realized that actually that will always be a draw (and I’m not ashamed of that) but honestly – I truly do gain soooo much by processing my inner world through writing and videos.
No longer having the external validation to fuel my content creation proved that to me. I’ve actually created MORE when I lost the external validation! Feeling so much freer with it all.
3. I’ve been able to shed the version of me that was tightly gripping onto old trauma stories because she believed that that was the only valuable thing about her… the fact that these really difficult things happened to her and that she was able to get out of it.
I didn’t know how to extract my strengths from the experience and move on. I just kept looping myself in the memories of the experience itself and giving more power to the experience than it deserved.”

We have 5 spots remaining in our upcoming 4/4 Akashic Facilitator Training

…and one spot to join us in our first ever in person immersion in Hawaii for advanced practitioners of energy healing + embodiment..April 16-24, 2022 here on Big Island.

We are assembling a cosmic crew of soul fam who share lexicons of akashic facilitation, advanced energy healing, multidimensional embodiment + intuitive guidance to play together in Hawaii vortexes this April.
The Hawaii Immersion is open to graduates of the Akashic Facilitator Training program and other advanced practitioners of energy healing, intuitive facilitation, sound healing, and embodiment practice.
+ + +
The intention for gathering has effortlessly landed as::

A co-creative portal amplifying nourishment, potency, expansion and ease for healing facilitators creating Heaven on Earth while attuning to highest timelines, true self embodiment, multidimensional mastery and home-state in body, mind and soul.

Feel into our potential co-creation..
  • timing:: april 16-24, 9 days, 8 nights together in paradise bali-style villa 2 min walk from my fave black-sand beach – Kehena 🙂 One of the newer beaches formed by lava flow..very activating
  • gourmet chef providing our meals so we can focus on receiving + deep nourishment/self-care
  • daily practice shared together – with each of us taking turns in offering gifts/guidance as we are inspired
  • advanced practice in akashic records + multidimensional healing modalities..including hands-on healing, group telepathy, remote viewing and more
  • space to beta test your program offerings + teachings plus other visions and contributions with a high vibe embodied group of fellow facilitators who can provide excellent feedback and support in crafting your vision
  • manifestation – magic – alchemy practice to deepen into our highest timelines and visions or 2022 and beyond
  • gridwork + vortex activations + initiations in some of Lemuria’s most sacred sites
  • visiting Pele – the active volcano – in person for fire ceremony + gridwork
  • ocean hot springs visit(s) – some of the most healing waters on earth
  • daily movement practice + embodiment play/somatic attunment
  • ecstatic dance multiple nights with awesome community (as you feel called to join)
  • sound healing + bodywork with favorite practitioners (some of whom are my dear friends)
  • lots of relaxing down time, beach time, space to simply BE and rest into all that you’re anchoring and expanding capacity to RECEIVE..
The message I get about this journey is – co-create a sanctuary space for the soul to truly rest and come home even more deeply into itself.

We will co-create the experience and be open to what flows each day..less is more..and we may be surprised as to what we’re guided into once we are gathered together here and the portal opens.

Schedule a call to ascertain resonance for this unique group // portal of co-creation.

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