One Hundred Years in a Day

aloha darlin..beloved

what a moment. we are going through it. i wonder if you’ve felt like the last few days were 100 years in a span of 24-48 hours? thats what its felt like for me lately. and most of those i know and love..are saying similarly..

what is time anyway?

time flies when you’re having none..:-)

i got to swim with dolphins in the most majestic portal in Kona was beyond imagination. light portals/pillars filling the ocean in a way I’ve never before experienced. heaven on earth. so many codes. so much remembrance..of our true nature..and then high high frequency surround sound / feel / all senses activate…phew flying with our cosmic allies. reminding us about the play and joy in it all..just in being alive. can we let go of the rest?

why is it so hard to simply let go?

i wrote a chapter about this..”surrender: but how?” – all the sub headings and chapters in my book are seeming more and more to be like jokes..poking fun at the whole ascension process. it does feel like a cosmic joke a lot of the time..wherever you go, there you are. theres no running away or avoiding the inevitable. we must face ourselves..

especially the parts we’ve been avoiding.

shame has been coming up loudly for me. deep unconscious layers..inherited from my parents for sure..and their parents..and also metabolized through my body for a lonnnng life so far…and just now coming up because i have the capacity to meet this new depth.

it hurts. felt my head rushing as i touched in the formerly unconscious layer the other day in therapy. so grateful for support to face these energies that otherwise could feel so paralyzing to deal with alone..well i wouldn’t deal with it..i would avoid and disassociate..thats what served me well for so long, the good old survival program…

but we can’t avoid it especially now. the energy we are receiving is bringing everything up to the surface, especially all that we’ve been avoiding feeling.

it can feel like a lot even for those of us that aren’t strangers to a dark night of the soul every now and again..this too becomes comical in a way..oh here we are again, another ego death. congratulations. more of who you are can come through…there you are..hmm sweet relief for a moment..until another new lesson emerges..a familiar resonance of the other lessons of course..nothing really is new after all, is it?

we are getting better at meeting the energies from stability, calm, knowing..that we must meet it..and take responsibility. we are growing up..spiritually maturing maybe?

i am learning a lot through divine union currently. i am deeply in love..i am with a profound mirror learning about unconscious layers ive never felt such a loving, safe way. and we are both willing to show up and do the work. i understand what a great gift this is..and i am enjoying it so fully..feeling so supported, seen, met..received..cared for 🙂

more on that someday…feels fun to share a bit here..with my insider soul family. i love you, thanks for listening and connecting.

i think life is about to get a lot busier..for me..for you.for all of us lightworkers. we are being redirected in many cases. i am meeting so many who are leaving their jobs in some cases jobs they’ve been in for many decades..wanting to do their soul calling now instead..

yes it is time. absolutely. some of us have led the way with pioneering that path over the years..

we must listen to these callings..and trust our knowing..and that the shift doesn’t have to happen overnight or immediately although it might if you’re really listening and following the next right steps that are always illuminated when you’re present.

from this energy – guidance has emerged to formulate our next akashic facilitator training to support business intra-preneurs and those consciously devoted to eventually leaving their business to start their own entrepreneurial venture.

Our upcoming Akashic Facilitator Training begins 4/4 and plays till 6/6..of course the dates perfectly align in accordance with another massive integration portal we’ll all be going through, as usual 🙂

Our group calls for this round are on Saturdays to accommodate the field that’s anchoring to support business intra-preneurs and those in corporate / organizational structures that are ready to bridge dimensions of leadership, coherence, mastery, and intuitive wisdom..and those ready to transition out of the M-F 9-5 into their own new flow.

I love how our training is designed to support those called to develop the resources and skillsets within to embody stability, centeredness and calm amidst the chaos..while attuning to higher frequency energy, guidance and affirmation of one’s own soul knowings.
I love how much light heartedness and playfulness we can bring to healing some of our deepest wounds, re-patterning lifetimes of trauma and density..through simply learning and practicing to be more of our true selves.
I love the Akashic field as simply a vehicle into other modalities and energy healing capacities we are only just now seeing come online in humanity..bridging so many different dimensions of wisdom and experience into these forms, for the benefit of all..and mostly for our own deep enjoyment and fulfillment at feeling fully utilized in our genius.
Our upcoming 4/4 training will be focused heavily on empowering business leaders to incorporate more embodiment, coherence, multidimensional awareness and intuitive prowess (magic!) into their service offerings, whether that be in a corporate environment or in their new business they’re venturing into architecting.
Calling all corporate intra-preneurs…who want to activate more presence, authenticity and multidimensional wisdom within their organizational structures and in their own creative vortexes birthing..soon underway!!
What kind of world would we live in if at our corporate board meetings we had a resident akashic oracle on deck ready to tune into higher dimensional insight and healing wisdom to inform the company’s direction along its most aligned timeline?
How fun will it be..when this becomes more the norm? 🙂
Pure magic happens when we learn to trust ourselves, unlock our unbridled creativity and step into the unknown of our true capacity for innovation and visionary architecture…we are so supported.
Our new earth is inviting us to step fully into our true multidimensional artists here to create extraordinary visions that no one has ever even imagined being possible..
We are creating from being. Doing less, being more. And more is happening without us getting in the way. We are seeing more unfold before our eyes, wondering how its all happening without us doing so much.
The old paradigm of hyper productivity and over attention to action has been dissolving at light-speed. Our nervous systems are becoming calmer and accustomed to simply receiving..being the beacons of pure transmission we are designed to be.
Here to create the future and all the ways of being in it we wish existed…shall we dance?
love you more…and more..

xx Syd


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