Affirm Your Truth

aloha beloved one…how are you being?

sending lots of love..body updates processing quite strongly all week since last weekend, so many going thru sickness and purging deep residues of trauma, core wounds..all that can’t come with us on the path we’re now guided to travel..

another new timeline is inviting us home..more so.

home within and without.

whats in the way of being all in, now?

letting go of unworthiness, guilt, shame..around receiving this much love, beauty, ease..potency.

our own presence.

fully embodying..

more deeply than before.

the frequencies now elevating earth are more like home..

so more of who we can come into form.

we’ve been waiting..

and its now our time.

how shall we take care of our sweet body temples amidst the expansion and integration?

rest, rejuvenate, restore..receive.

how would it feel most beautiful to receive support?

are you resourced?

feels like we are being guided to tap into even deeper inner resources.

new abilities are healing potentials.

well..they are ancient ones..but we are remembering them.

so grateful for the beautiful beings coming into my field..12-15D resonance..angelic light family..light bearers..

finding eachother again.

instant recognition.

here to reassemble our divine celestial forms.

and share the gifts/genius/contributions/energies we are meant to channel..

it feels so good to is the same as receiving.

let the body fully unlock. all channels open.

feeling our full power flow and radiate through.

we have the capacity now to allow it all.

here to amplify with you if you’re called.

incredible momentum is supporting us along the way..miracles are the norm when we meet to play.

how else would we anyway? 🙂

Here’s a sweet gift…loved this convo so much..lots of ascension guidance and energetic healing codes..would love to know how it lands for you…

Loved this podcast we recently did on The Raw and Wild Hearts all about quantum healing, psychic development + embodying your light in the face of massive transformation <3
We also explored..
Cacao sourcing and sustainability of systems overall
The importance of ceremony as spiritual beings
The greater persecution of our energy and potential
Sydney is here to attune the body to feel safe in expansion
Opening up to the possibilities of the unknown
Awakening up to our multi-dimensional abilities
The Butterfly Effect exchange through attuning
Trauma is unnatural, they have been normalized
Practicing your sensory language and embodiment language
Akashic Records is for everyone
Commodifying or co-opting spirituality
Embodied ascension
The body is a portal of heaven into earth
Breaking conditioning and coming into timelessness
You are worthy of it all
What are the Akashic Records
Asking qualitative questions from a place of expansion
The knowledge is within our cells
Healing can be light work
Finding a container for emotional expression as a child
You are a product of your practice
Life is the ceremony, our being is the ritual
The ultimate feedback loop
We don’t have time not to share this light
Allow over conquer
Shifting the energy online to support our frequency
Name and affirm your body consciousness
5D visionary business
Akashic Ascension Portal – Hawaii 2022 Immersion
April 16 – April 24

Open to former students of our Akashic Facilitator Training (one of only two rounds of 2022 starts 3-3 if you’re called to join us).

And now also open to other advanced practitioners of energy healing, intuitive facilitation, sound healing, embodiment practice..we’d schedule a call to ascertain resonance for this unique group // portal of co-creation.

Just hit reply to set up..we have 4 spaces left and I’d love to have you with us if you are called to be here for our divine assignment and celebration of being…here in paradise.

Feel into our potential co-creation..
  • timing:: april 16-24, 9 days, 8 nights together in paradise bali-style villa 2 min walk from my fave blacksand beach – Kehena 🙂 One of the newer beaches formed by lava flow..very activating
  • gourmet chef providing our meals so we can focus on receiving + deep nourishment/self-care
  • daily practice shared together – with each of us taking turns in offering gifts/guidance as we are inspired
  • advanced practice in akashic records + multidimensional healing modalities..including hands-on healing, group telepathy, remote viewing and more (somewhat of a curriculum is landing for this)
  • gridwork + vortex activations + initiations in some of Lemuria’s most sacred sites
  • visiting Pele – the active volcano – in person for fire ceremony + gridwork
  • ocean hot springs visit(s) – some of the most healing waters on earth
  • daily movement practice + embodiment play/somatic attunment
  • ecstatic dance multiple nights with awesome community (as you feel called to join)
  • sound healing + bodywork with favorite practitioners (some of whom are my dear friends)
  • lots of relaxing down time, beach time, space to simply BE and rest into all that you’re anchoring for 2022 and beyond..

Send me a note // reply to explore. This will be my last retreat for the foreseeable future as I prepare for ASCEND full-time focus and doing an international book tour 2022-2023 🙂

Big dreams coming true. Would love to celebrate with you IRL..if its meant to shall it be.

Heads up for new Visionary Souls Podcast season coming soon…

xx Syd

PS: Want to work together 1:1? Explore mentorship or a 1:1 session here. I’d love to meet you if you feel a soul calling to much magic is possible when we commit to showing up with clear our true to receiving infinite support..playing in the realms of miracles.

+ + + + + +


“Initially I joined the training because I was spending a lot of money on intuitive readings and I knew that I had the ability to access this information myself, and I wanted to explore that skill more.
Prior to the course I would take the first bit of information that came through me as true. During the training, I came to find that our intuition is often clouded by our memories, fears, and traumas. Now, I have developed the discipline of altering my vibrational state prior to asking for guidance. The difference in the quality, simplicity, and resonance of the message I receive is undeniable.
I know now that I cannot fake my vibration, and I cannot hide my vibration from the universe. Healing is not a mental journey, it’s a process of moving spiritual “knowledge” down into the body, allowing the cells to relax and the heart to open.
I can describe my experience in the container as the feeling of laying wide open on a spiritual surgery table for months on end. I consistently felt raw, sensitive, emotional, and vulnerable in a way I never had before. I spent a lot of the training in emotional turbulence, but in hindsight, I see the necessity of it. And I’m so grateful to have had such a profoundly loving group of souls to go through such a sacred transformation with.
Sydney’s energy was a crucial component in how I moved through the discomfort of seeing the not-so-pretty pieces of myself. She didn’t have to really do or say anything, it was all in the frequency she held. It was a flashlight in the dark for me, and it allowed me to see the reflection of her beauty and grace in myself. I was most surprised to realize how much I still don’t truly love myself. I had conjured up some pretty thick beliefs about my own self love, and that all evaporated in the presence of the beautiful human mirrors I shared the container with. It was a far fall for my ego, but I’m happy it happened. It allowed me to rebuild my self esteem from a place of compassion and true acceptance for all that I am.
The most challenging thing was being in a container with people who would truly love me no matter what. I had never experienced that in my life, and I had a hard time believing I was worthy of that love. I came up against a lot of programs around shame, worthiness, separation, vanity, and pride – and the beautiful souls in this container gracefully held the space for me to process through all of that pain, and they allowed me to step into the belief that I am unconditionally loved. I had the most fun experiencing the guidance coming through others. It reminded me how the closer we get to unity, the more we step into our true individuality and creative capabilities. It was like a never-ending magic show being part of this field in Sydney’s course.
My biggest celebration was leading a guided meditation and vocal toning exercise for the group. I never had the courage to lead others in that way before, and the thought of doing it always made my throat swell up and my face turn red. But this container provided the feeling of safety and support that my inner child needed to blow past that fear of using my voice in such a vulnerable way.
I would describe the training as the only thing you need to take complete authority and responsibility over your vibration, perception, and direction in life. It’s a safe place to come face to face with some of the more uncomfortable aspects of your unconscious mind, but the unconditional love and light that’s upheld by Sydney makes the shadow work really juicy and rewarding.

If you have been doing “shadow work” for a long time, but you continue to find yourself in the same emotional loops, playing out the same karmic stories, this is the course for you. You will learn how to shift into completely new realities and open your heart as far as it can possibly open..”

~ Rachel G., Visionary Entrepreneur, Akashic Facilitator Grad

Apply to join our March 3, 2022 – May 5, 2022 Training.

And for the first time ever, join our cosmic crew of facilitator grads in Hawaii for a magical advanced practitioner immersion in paradise this April.

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