I’m Ascending, Now What?

aloha loves and happy new year…

how are you being?

i am expanding into such a new reality..timeline..dimension. you too maybe?

i moved into my dream home.

im falling in love with my twin soul mate..

i am feeling better in my body after some massive fever/chills/aches updating the last week.

i am finishing some dream projects..book + ascend..

my students + clients are thriving..

relationships have never been better.

my energy feels so clear and my discernment razor sharp.

core wounds with worthiness and money in general seem to have taken a completely new shape..so much neutrality is here..more openness to receive..ease..effortlessness.

embodying more of what i’ve been saying for years.

getting my own words..their deeper meaning. at last.

i hope you are thriving and feeling loved and so supported.

we are in such a potent time..beyond words..a threshold..into the new earth..a new timeline for all..what is the gateway you are presently stepping through?

how are you supporting yourself or receiving support to walk the path..

what would feel good to receive?

what is your inner guidance sharing to support you with?

are you listening?

are there new abilities coming online to tend to?

are you giving yourself ample space to just be..and receive..and listen?

i hope so <3

here to help in any way if I can..i have a space for 1:1 visionary mentorship, a few openings for 1:1 sessions and of course our acclaimed akashic facilitator training and ascension portal retreat here in big island are all coming up soon!

would love to have you with us if you’re called to deepen in your energy mastery, intuitive facilitation, embodiment..our training especially is life changing and it’ll be so fun to finally gather in person here in paradise with all our facilitator family this April!

this came through earlier..ready for some waxing nostalgia co-creation?

Its hard to imagine being on social media for most of my life..it started with making websites in 7th or 8th grade..expages and geocities I believe it was? All the meanwhile chatting with friends on AIM..dial up internet, remember the sounds?

Then Myspace, friendster..who knows which was first..then Facebook. It really started to become a thing more so in college if Im honest – for sharing pictures of parties and events. So grateful a lot of those memories are deleted..or are they? We don’t really know, do we?
Somewhere along the line I started work in advertising, around 2011 and was actually working as a Facebook ads strategist for a leading digital agency in NYC, working with fortune 100 clients. I remember being terrified to witness firsthand the level of specific data we had access to when it came to targeting consumers based on their behaviors and psychographic data – all to sell..candy bars, health products, funeral services, everything and anything.
Entire companies were born just to harvest the data and then sell it to advertisers ready to promise the next big campaign sure to deliver on its laser focused goal of reaching the perfect customer. I think there was some good intention in here..to genuinely help people find what they need to improve their lives..but over the years its all just come to feel overwhelmingly spammy and ripe with manipulaton, so much so I don’t even like being on these platforms much anymore at all.
Kinda challenging when Ive built a huge array of my consulting and coaching businesses around marketing strategy (including social) and transformational guidance/intuitive healing..connecting with such awesome people all across the world through social. Double edged sword..is that what we call it?
But why does it have to be? Aren’t we ready for something else? Sure I’ve seen other attempts to create a new social platform over the years but they’ve all felt cheesy or more or less like they recreate the same problems..inherently wanting to make money and continue the consumer/spectator manipulation game. Hard to breakaway from the template..but do we remember…
Facebook started as a hot or not website.
Instagram as a bourbon review site.
Twitter as a bite sized news site..asking us to dilute/minimize actual thoughts (and complete sentences) into 140 characters or less.
Youtube blew up upon Janet Jacksons nip slip video at the super bowl going viral.
All these companies were founded by tech bros more or less..some super young without much embodied understanding of the nervous system, attunement, well being, emotional maturity..life experience that might be helpful to inform the creation of new global systems that humanity depends upon for connection and collaboration.
We’ve sensed the need for a new way to play…and we stopped waiting around for someone else to make it.
And we’re so close to sharing it publicly oh so soon..
Here we have a potent opportunity to template our world’s newest social community – a space unlike anything we’ve ever seen: free of manipulation, hidden agendas and interference in which we can all share our unique passions and expertise with easy, fun ways to share and receive abundance.
I think we’ll stand out from the rest by nature of the team architecting the vision from the start..we are both committed to spiritual evolution and transformation as the foundation of our lives, with business and all our other awesome strategy/tech acumen following suit next.
We are willing to do the work to be real, authentic, true versions of ourselves..to lead from the heart..to create a world thats actually win-win, not just one that says and looks like it is but isn’t really built for it.
We see the vision of the more beautiful world we want to play in..and we sense some core pieces required to usher us into the new behaviors and consciousness necessary to make it real…all of which we built into ASCEND: a virtual playground to practice the ethics and energies required for a thriving planet that works for all.
How does that sound? Are you ready to come join us? What are the kinds of things you’re most looking forward to learning and sharing about on ASCEND?
We’ve created a clear field to do so..free of censorship and distracting manipulation..its a whole new energy to experience one another in, one that challenges us also to strip our conditioning of how we’ve been taught to create with agenda.
What is it your heart truly wants to share – and even to teach? How will you contribute your unique genius? How would it feel to be able to receive abundance easily for sharing the unique gifts you are designed to offer?
You’ve never experienced a community like this before.
Feels like what we’ve been waiting for..
Can’t wait to play with you here soon! <3
Please share if you’re called to celebrate and amplify ASCEND’s mission and invitation.
PS: We are actively fundraising an immediate infusion of $50K to fund our final development milestone although our app product is complete and beautiful at that.

Overall we are fundraising $500K to cover that and our first year of operations..until we are profitable and self-supporting, which we see happening relatively soon.

Welcoming in aligned investor partners who would love to support what we’ve architected so far and where we are headed. Please hit reply if you’d like to explore collaborating.

Every step of our journey has been a unique path..not the traditional VC unicorn start up path all wrapped up in profit..we are doing this for ourselves and humanity – creating the world and all the new ways of being in it we wish existed <3

love you family…sending you the biggest hug across time and space..thank you for existing in this potent moment in our human history..

i love you. thank you for radiating your unique frequency.

it is enough..just being you.

yesterday in Entourage we had a powerful meeting with my friend Daniel Scranton and the Pleidian and Arcturian councils..who have been close allies of our entourage since before its inception. the messages that came thru for us were beyond powerful..and i can synthesize them into the following..

you are here to beam your unique energy
to hold a special frequency
that has never touched earth before
and only you can bring this energy through
and radiate it through the planet to assist all
in their ascension unfolding
and this is your only task at hand
your true soul purpose
the rest is simply to live
and experience
and learn
and grow
and forgive
and heal
and have fun…
because we chose to simply experience
and feel
and remember
all that is only possible through a body
to recall out infinite energetic nature
and actualize its beauty into physical form
simply for the joy of it..
there is no greater love.

thank you for your co-creation..
in heaven on earth.

we are doing it..by being it <3

xx Sydney

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