Falling In Love

aloha love..happy 2022 – what a beautiful wave we’re riding..loving you soooo big.

how are you being?

what are you celebrating?

what are you anchoring into being?

so much has transpired in the last few days..quite a portal. ive been receiving so much guidance on relationship alchemy..shifting paradigms of love, presence, authenticity..expression.
whats it like to orient in relationships beyond how are are conditioned to show up?
free of the confines of gender, age, race, sex, preferences, style..all of it.
dissolving all the boxes.
expanding beyond what is known or accepted.

i had two dates for new years!! thats right..two beautiful men..celebrating, playing, exploring..dancing. such a lovely..dreamy..dynamic to play in.

i am feeling so expressed in my sexuality and creativity..more than ever…which really means..i am comfortable in my skin, and with my desires..its so liberating and soo much creativity has been unlocked as a result of the shedding..of limitations, judgements..old belief structures that were never mine in the first place.

so i want to share permission..

because it feels sooo good to give ourselves and eachother full permission.

to be as we are. to show up as our true selves. to authentically own our desires. to actualize our dreams..which are inherently anchored in our sexual energy..our life force creativity.

i’ve explored this topic a ton over the years- there are so many visionary souls episodes about divine union, sex magic, tantra..but i am getting it now on a deeper level..an embodied understanding. maybe no words can really describe it..this feeling of freedom.

Pre-waving January + 2022 at once..feels like..deepening into new expressions and co-creations of loving reflection, authentic presence, divinity embodied, divine play…
more wholeness anchoring into form…infinite cosmic soul reunions..activations beyond anything we’ve ever perceived..dropping more full on into the heart.
we are here to be lovers. to be divine children. to return into wholly innocence. to honor our hearts true desires.
to liberate ourselves and one another into the truth, beauty, wisdom and purest love we’ve ever explored in this dimension…
falling in love with this perfect moment, perfect cells.
our divine playground planet.
the greatest party in all the multiverse. just for us.
rigged to always win..no matter what, we can’t mess it up.
let’s surprise ourselves with how much more capacity we hold to receive even more goodness, more love..more potency..more joy.
more than we’ve ever known, felt or emanated.
overflowing. expansion. radiance. home <3
So much to celebrate!! ::

ASCEND (www.weascendnow.com) launch is underway, will be public 2-22-22.

“I’m Ascending, Now What?” is almost done – feeling it will publish Summer 2022.

Our April Akashic Ascension Immersion here in Big Island is almost full.

Welcoming visionary soul fam into 1:1 mentorship + our Akashic Facilitator Training in March.

Have a few spots for sessions too.

Did you see my cosmic chiropractor offering inspired over solstice? Has been such a wonderful experience to share this unique container with those called to play…would love to share with you if you’re in.

What a potent energy we get to weave in..anything is possible..

who are you becoming?

what do you stand for?

what dreams shall we ignite together?
Let’s play!

Loving you beyond words..beyond measure. thanks for being alive at this awesome moment of human evolution..laying the groundwork for the next few thousand years..no big deal..we’ve done this all before <3

xx Syd

PS: beaming magic blessings from the incredible vortexes – star gates – launch pads of north Hawaii..Hawi..Polulu..the valley of the kings..ancient, sacred, galactic..portals into new portals..remembering home..even more deeply. Thank you thank you thank you. Here is Heaven on Earth.

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