adios 2021…time to fly

aloha love…

wishing you infinite blessings – healing – expansion – actualization – playfulness as we approach this epic full moon + solstice..and soon the new year!!

i actually already feel we’re in 2022..maybe you do too? seems we’re previewing the energy..and it feels like..anything is possible.

i felt a massive wave of it landing a week ago..followed by some emotional purging and turbulence..heightened anxiety tuning into the collective energy currents in which sooo many feel disconnected from source and are attempting to feel and find themselves again.

tuning into the mass suffering highlighted some layers in my own being that i dont typically feel access to..grateful to surf these waves and to have resources and support to move through them with more grace than ever. doesn’t always mean its fun or easy or cute..thats for sure.

sometimes when the crankiness or anxiety arises its okay to rest, to watch some shows, to check out a bit..sometimes its what the body – soul is asking for. we’ve walked a long weary path after all in this life..recalibrating through so much density we forgot we’d have to work with upon incarnating..its been a ride indeed to catch back up with ourselves and finally receive the energy we came to play in.

i’m over the moon about 2022 feels like..FUN, time to party – the world i came for is here..and there is so much support to actualize our dreams, our heaven on earth visions, to step fully into our true selves..

what is the dream you came to live?
the vision you came to actualize?
the gifts you are ready to realize and share?

what a glorious adventure being excited to share more on this and my own story in my book which will be done in about a month or so. i am taking some time off in january to retreat up to the northern most part of the big island to go deep into reflection and connection with nature..many vortexes up there calling..and allowing this project ive been birthing for years now to finally settle into its completion. will feel like a massive timeline closure..i am ready.

lots to celebrate as we close out the year. we launched our ASCEND video conveying the essence of what we’ve built and we’re starting to seed new creators to help anchor our field with awesome content and contributions..i cant wait to share with you..feb 22 – 22..opening soon.

everyone in entourage is expanding and soaring into new heights and dimensions of authenticity – coherence – embodiment together..and its such a beautiful gift to play in the magical ways we love to meet..i am so grateful for these divine beings answering the call to grid in new energies into the planet, into our cells, into our collective a time like this.

i am excited to announce our first akashic facilitator training of 2022 will launch march 3-2022..the numbers are fun: 3-3-22 until perfect for our portal.

this one is a special training in which we will for the first time have a live in person immersion in hawaii on offer for those who participate as well as for former students who have graduated the course.

we have a gorgeous home for our immersion and i can’t wait to co-create a beautiful experience with some students i’ve known for years but have still not met in much happens when we get to share space in the physical. i am most grateful for sourcing an immersion with collaborators and fellow facilitators gathering together in a shared language and understanding..shared resources…so we can meet in true empowerment and expansion. this is a field i have always dreamed of playing paradise no less 🙂 cant wait to play.

apply to join us if you’re would be a journey of a lifetime to connect with you in this portal.

this is my last newsletter of 2021..i wish you the absolute best in these final weeks of the year..may you find rest, rejuvenation, clarity and soo much whatever other beautiful gifts you’re calling into to receive with effortless ease..and joy.

holding immense prayers for our collective earth family to rise to the occasion..and actualize according to our highest timelines the destinies we are here to manifest and remember..

the party we came for is starting..

heaven on earth is here when we choose to BE..

to be ourselves
to be present
to be true
to be real
to come fully out of the closet as our awesome galactic mulitdimensional alien angel selves..

and have funnnnnn!!!

why else are we here?!!!


some fun things to explore before I go..

1. I made some heaven on earth swag – realizing my lifelong dream of designing clothes!! i am partnering with a fantastic designer to up-level the vision and share more cosmic leisure wear soon (fusing energy healing – light codes – and eco conscious clothing that feels AMAZING to play in)…all in divine timing..enjoying the creation process more than anything..what i have listed so far are some beta ideas..and i cant wait to receive mine in the mail!! we are the technology we’ve been waiting for.

2. Sharing a recent energy activation / journey we anchored in entourage recently – pretty awesome experience per usual…meeting spirit guides, activating holographic reality creation and exploring your merkaba. check it out here.

3. I made some awesome spotify playlists recently for parties i’ve been hosting at my dream sanctuary for Gratitude Expansion Portal + Bathtism Spa Portal…yes we had an awesome thanksgiving gathering and recently a spa themed party which was soo fun. So pretty much not calling them parties anymore..everything we do opens portals so lets call it like it is!

4. Keep an eye out on Youtube this next week (subscribe to be kept in the loop) as I’ll have an awesome interview / transmission with The Raw and Wild Hearts show out soon as well as a recorded session with my mentor Jason Estes that brought up a lot of collective healing around belonging/sourcing value from externals..lots fo marinate on here and grateful to share..

5. Visionary Souls Podcast is gonna relaunch next year likely in late February..and we already have an amazing roster of guests and visionary bad asses to come play and co-create. If you have someone you’d love to hear on the podcast feel free to make an intro or send them my way..would love to explore new connections that are up for playing in presence and epic VIBES together.

6. Big things are coming for crypto fam..if you aren’t IN yet..I really recommend exploring and learning about how fun and easy it can be to make big ROI on your investments even starting with just a bit to play with. Check out my guide here to get started.

7. I have a few sessions open for the rest of the month and into early next year..lots of unknowns as to how my availability will be as I listen to ASCEND, student portals/retreats and the new book’s expansion plans..I still love to offer space for those souls called to explore together in the intimate spaces we create together..when its meant to be. Offering Soul Sourcing sessions (also a great way to explore resonance if you’re curious about joining our training) and also remote healing, quantum transmissions and 5D Visionary Business Coaching. Check out available spots here.
8. Explore my awesome 5D Visionary Business Training Course if you’re curious about 5D mentorship in building a soul-aligned brand that feels authentic, magnetic and flows with ease + just ooozes creativity and playfulness..I love what is on offer here and trust it will support many who are awakening to the potential of starting to build their tangible offerings and contribute their soul gifts in abundant ways to the world thats ready to receive them!!


9. I’ve gotten guidance to offer at least 2 1:1 quantum immersions here in Big Island next year. This is my highest level offering of support that includes 5D mentorship and then an in-person retreat for at least 5 days entailing intensive energy work, coaching, attunements, healing, vortex activations, embodiment practice, and so much more…I absolutely love to play in this way. A complete shift in consciousness – being – mindset – energy – embodiment is available here. Apply for a call to explore if you are resonating <3

Thats a lot – always soo much magic to share and celebrate. I love you for being here on this planet for this wild ride we signed up for…its getting soo good.. Enjoy it!!Grateful to exist. To be of service just in radiating my be more and more real everyday.

I love you so much. Thanks for co-creating Heaven on Earth, for tuning in..for sharing your divine energy.

May you have a gorgeous end of your year..and a magical start to 2022..its going to be so fun! <3

much love + gratitude..


Assembling a cosmic crew of soul fam who share lexicons of akashic facilitation, advanced energy healing + intuitive guidance to play together in Hawaii vortexes next April..

Apply to our first training of 2022 – opening March 3….

Check out our sanctuary ((across from the ocean!) home below…


ASCEND: a new dimension of social community, designed for authenticity, transparency, and shared value.

My co-founder David Richeson and I have been working on building ASCEND since last year (really our entire lives have prepared us for this moment..) and we’re so close to launching and sharing with the world!! Just a few weeks away really..public launch 2-22-22.

Learn more about our story, vision + what we’re architecting here.

Please share with friends, family + allies if you’re called to support and share the love.


Akashic Facilitator Training

In our journey into the Akashic Records we receive…
  • Guidance on our purpose, path and divine assignment
  • Clarity on any looming questions or concerns present in living the life we truly desire
  • Affirmation of truth we already sense within
  • Soul strategy for our current path, business, vision, relationships, karmic patterns, past lives, ancestors, etc.
  • Strengthened connection and affirmation of intuitive abilities and spirit guide awareness
  • High frequency energy transmissions to clear our fields, heal core wounds, amplify magnetism, enhance our gifts, and more

You are invited to commit to a daily energetic practice, energetic mastery protocols, meditation, sacred study and rituals to support your refined discernment, clarity and leadership.

Our next round commences on March 3, 2022 until May 5, 2022

Apply for 3-3-22 Akashic Facilitator Training

“Initially I joined the training because I was spending a lot of money on intuitive readings and I knew that I had the ability to access this information myself, and I wanted to explore that skill more.
Prior to the course I would take the first bit of information that came through me as true. During the training, I came to find that our intuition is often clouded by our memories, fears, and traumas. Now, I have developed the discipline of altering my vibrational state prior to asking for guidance. The difference in the quality, simplicity, and resonance of the message I receive is undeniable.
I know now that I cannot fake my vibration, and I cannot hide my vibration from the universe. Healing is not a mental journey, it’s a process of moving spiritual “knowledge” down into the body, allowing the cells to relax and the heart to open.
I can describe my experience in the container as the feeling of laying wide open on a spiritual surgery table for months on end. I consistently felt raw, sensitive, emotional, and vulnerable in a way I never had before. I spent a lot of the training in emotional turbulence, but in hindsight, I see the necessity of it. And I’m so grateful to have had such a profoundly loving group of souls to go through such a sacred transformation with.
Sydney’s energy was a crucial component in how I moved through the discomfort of seeing the not-so-pretty pieces of myself. She didn’t have to really do or say anything, it was all in the frequency she held. It was a flashlight in the dark for me, and it allowed me to see the reflection of her beauty and grace in myself. I was most surprised to realize how much I still don’t truly love myself. I had conjured up some pretty thick beliefs about my own self love, and that all evaporated in the presence of the beautiful human mirrors I shared the container with. It was a far fall for my ego, but I’m happy it happened. It allowed me to rebuild my self esteem from a place of compassion and true acceptance for all that I am.
The most challenging thing was being in a container with people who would truly love me no matter what. I had never experienced that in my life, and I had a hard time believing I was worthy of that love. I came up against a lot of programs around shame, worthiness, separation, vanity, and pride – and the beautiful souls in this container gracefully held the space for me to process through all of that pain, and they allowed me to step into the belief that I am unconditionally loved. I had the most fun experiencing the guidance coming through others. It reminded me how the closer we get to unity, the more we step into our true individuality and creative capabilities. It was like a never-ending magic show being part of this field in Sydney’s course.
My biggest celebration was leading a guided meditation and vocal toning exercise for the group. I never had the courage to lead others in that way before, and the thought of doing it always made my throat swell up and my face turn red. But this container provided the feeling of safety and support that my inner child needed to blow past that fear of using my voice in such a vulnerable way.
I would describe the training as the only thing you need to take complete authority and responsibility over your vibration, perception, and direction in life. It’s a safe place to come face to face with some of the more uncomfortable aspects of your unconscious mind, but the unconditional love and light that’s upheld by Sydney makes the shadow work really juicy and rewarding.
If you have been doing “shadow work” for a long time, but you continue to find yourself in the same emotional loops, playing out the same karmic stories, this is the course for you. You will learn how to shift into completely new realities and open your heart as far as it can possibly open..” ~ Rachel G., Visionary Entrepreneur, Akashic Facilitator Grad

Meeting your Guides, Hologographic Reality Creation + Merkaba Exploration

This is a guided energy activation shared with the Entourage council on Thurs Dec 9 2021. In this guided practice we work with many different multidimensional protocols while receiving guidance and attunement from our vast expanse of masters, teachers, loved ones, other dimensional aspects and councils of light.

Congrats to my dear friend Aaron for releasing his new important transmission for men!!

In this book you will discover how to:
-Become an embodied king so you can experience true power
-Connect to the secret of true vulnerability so you can feel free and alive.
-Transform your old patterns and be an inspired soul leader.
-Master your sexuality and be an incredible multi-orgasmic lover.
-Be an awakened man who exudes confidence from the bedroom to the boardroom.
Explore some of my fave collabs with Aaron over the years…

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