Thank Goddess for Eclipse Season

aloha loves..welcome home.

this is what december is feeling grateful to be here.

and i live up the street from the above picture..pretty cool 🙂

Such an awesome whirlwind of energy the last 72 hours as we shift into end of year-new timeline. Major excavation leading into more spaciousness, clarity and attunement to divine purpose – essence.

Incoming influxes are asking us to: do what you came here to do.. be who you were born to be.
The dream you’ve had for years – time to imagine and anchor those potentials and see how the new you wants to receive these realities.
Immense light body activation and amplification of our sensitivity and abilities. We are just scratching the surface of our psychic – telepathic – empathic gifts. We are awakening to our true multidimensional nature – our essence – our divinity. Transcendent of time and space – into pure presence and authenticity.
Completely out of the closet as who we came here to be. Complete permission to relax deeper into our true rhythm and expression. Usually much slower than how we were conditioned.
Letting the energy field, and all layers of our bodies rest and settle. What does grounded presence and implicitly clarity feel like? As a natural default state of being. Home.
Celebrating what we are capable of receiving and integrating when we join forces and set intentions for our gifts to come online and new aspects to become embodied. It’s so much fun cutting to the chase – playing in the quantum realms we feel so supported in.
Grateful to be anchoring the new earth with beautiful light beings here to embody the ways of being and creating required in a harmonious, thriving world..that welcomes us as we are..that works for all ❤️
Completely new operating systems integrating.

Are you cultivating our baseline skills for thriving?:: emotional / energetic mastery, intuitive intelligence, discernment, somatic attunement and refinement of psychic gifts and abilities?

Most important of all – nervous system healing and attunement to allow deeper rest, receptivity and regeneration.
Return into Ease and your natural rhythm❤️
Here to co-create with those who see the future we came to enjoy and know we are the ones who are here to build it; simply by being who we truly are and anchoring the frequencies required for new ways to be born. 🙏🏼

Welcoming so many beautiful beings into new mentorship containers – focused on 5D biz building and also energy/emotional mastery + intuitive much fun. Already filling up for next years  Akashic Facilitator Trainings (there will be only two)..and anchoring a special immersion only for course graduates here in Hawaii this April..such a special portal opening indeed!! Overflow.

So grateful to be alive, and living in my purpose..playing in paradise.

Grateful to exist in this palpable transitional moment.

Enjoying the ride.

Connecting with all the other Earth Angels here to co-create the beautiful worlds we know are possible..

Keep a heads up for some new magic coming thru..spirit is having me design energy healing clothing / shirts! And also sound healing/light language sharing the angelic energy I access in healing sessions with more of an open format so more may receive.

Seriously sitting with potential of being a musician/singer/songwriter..the rhymes have been coming to me while I sleep..unstoppable really. Such a trip watching it happen. Why Not? Time to be who you are and live into why you came holding they say 🙂

Beaming you tons of love.

Hope you can come play + co-create a ginormous field of infinite healing potential together on the 12-12-21 portal with us..INFINITY DIVINITY: essence attunment..shall be lots of fun and my last group offering of 2021. Anchoring potent intentions, healing + actualizations together..more below + how to register.

i’ll also be sharing a student session on youtube soon (subscribe to stay updated on new videos) akashic soul sourcing session we did recently..that came with some potent collective guidance/healing per usual. grateful to share this openly so more can receive the energy. i intend to do this more often as spirit is guiding me to repurpose the sessions as so much can be received when more have access.

creative energy flowing like wild fiyyaaaahhh!! wee enjoying..grounding..amplifying..receiving.

much love + gratitude..


PS:: if you haven’t explored CRYPTOCURRENCY yet..please do yourself a favor if you’ve been feeling the call..and get in here. its a fun party 🙂 here’s a guide i created to support you in getting started.

PSS:: Here is a helpful mantra that came thru in potent energy healing with a student recently..remote transmissions are one of my favorite ways to play and we’re delving in DEEP in entourage in such beautiful ways…

I am safe to be as I am
I am safe as a soul I am
I am soul I am
I am source I am
I am source as soul I am

Explore remote energy healing, quantum transmissions, 5D visionary business mentorship + more here.

Book a consult call to explore soul sourcing energy work (psychic/intuitive development) mentorship or business-energetics focused mentorship for visionaries ready to architect their soul service offerings, programs, courses etc.

Infinity Divinity { { { A t t u n i n g   E s s e n c e } } }
Attuning into original essence and that which is immortal beyond all space-time limitations and perceived illusions.
+. . + . . +. . + . . +. . +
Here we gather together on 12-12 – harnessing the potent eclipse energies and amplification of the 12-12-21 gateway – for an immersive activation experience offering:
* Akashic Records visionary journey + guidance
* global coherence meditation + gridwork
* multidimensional energy activation
* somatic attunement + energy healing
* guided practices + energy protocols
* community connection + 1:1 support
+. . + . . +. . + . . +. . +
You’ll leave this experience feeling:
* refreshed + recalibrated to your home frequency
* connected to your vision + purpose
* deeply anchored in your intuitive knowing
* connected to your guides + support teams
* awakened to new possibilities on your path
* integrated, grounded + centered on cellular level
* inspired, abundant, magnetic + open to receive
+. . + . . +. . + . . +. . +
Looking forward to amplifying our hearts intentions + integrations  for a beautiful journey deeper into here and now <3

Register for 12-12-21 Infinity Divinity

Time to re-up on my favorite heart medicine..
I first learned about cacao (in this lifetime) upon arriving to Bali for the first time back in 2016 and since then it’s been a key to supporting vocal activation, heart expansion, visioning and lucid dreaming/ it’s my favorite dance-prep energizer.

Here we have such a beautiful support agent for connecting to the earth, each other + within (especially potent for inner child healing)..sharing my fave kind if it feels fun to explore:: Ora Cacao (sugar-free, GMO-free, vegan):

Explore Ora Cacao here.

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