Crunchy Crabby Pants + Overflow

aloha my love..

happy post-new moon..or maybe you’re still integrating what i like to call some crunchy vibes.

i was a crabby crunchy baby yesterday 🙂 felt like my inner child was tantrum-ing a lot..wanting more love, support, care..and to feel..cry.

yet honestly felt a bit energetically constipated and found it hard to process some of what was moving through..

dance certainly helped a lot as did soaking in the hot ocean ponds we have here.

my sense is that this new moon – diwali – scorpio – energies…are bringing up (as per their design) some shadowy-sticky-stuck put it lightly..for us to feel and be with and..maybe even integrate.

i slept about 11 hours last night which was also helpful in allowing what was moving through to pass…

sharing in case it helps affirm some of what you might have been experiencing too.

we really are being invited now into spiritual maturity and emotional mastery in a way we havent been absolutely required to practice before..or so it seems..or maybe now we’re just finally ready to really step up to the plate.

for the remainder of 2021..i am hearing the messages: go slow, rest more, go inside, clear out your cells..preparing for more receive more light. more of our purpose and divine assignments.

some of us may be guided to take full on sabbaticals..maybe even for a few months. listen to that. others are stepping in to take your place for now and you may be re-assigned to a new path. if you are available for it.

sharing some potent activations – images that to me represent the energy we are anchoring in our Entourage accelerator starting on the 11-11 portal..enjoy:::


Overflowing with gratitude for the divine earth-angels assembling for our Entourage opening 11-11-21, journeying together over a potent ascension – embodiment portal till 2-22-22 and beyond.
There is no greater joy for me than co-creating fields of miraculous healing, expansion and affirmation of our divine missions and gifts with resonant soul family.
I suppose part of creating the world I wish existed has always meant architecting group experiences that transmit the strong energy of family, permission, presence and stability – the medicine I have always most wanted to receive + share in this lifetime.
Thank you to our extraordinary guest facilitators joining us for the ride ahead – Zoe Davenport, Daniel Scranton, Ahaumna AhMayah, April Pfender, Jeroen de Wit + Jason Estes, and to all our multidimensional councils of light and our various dimensional aspects co-creating along the way.
Welcoming our rebirthing, remembering, listening to our bodies’ wisdom, attuned wholeness, refinement of our genius and gifts, deepening in our unique capacities and abilities, clear seeing and knowing, and recalibrated trust, faith and stability in the present moment unfolding.
Here to be comfortable, peaceful eyes ((and hearts)) within the storm – anchoring presence, authenticity, embodiment + coherence here in Heaven on Earth.
What an honor to reunite especially at a profound moment like we are..full permission to turn our light all the way on and up. Integrating more of our multidimensional – omni-dimensional wisdom and capacities..remembering our infinite being-ness.
So grateful to be alive + thriving..attuning to receive, reflect + radiate even more love <3
xx Sydney
PS // For the rest of the year I am focused on facilitating a life-changing container here in Entourage, supporting my students 1:1, completing my manuscript for “I’m Ascending, Now What?” and of course..launching our world-changing social community (
I am not checking/responding to FB/IG messages and keeping this email to a minimum.

To apply to co-create via 5D Visionary mentorship or to book a Soul Sourcing session, you can schedule via my website (limited availability).

Feel free to explore 5D Visionary Business Training for much of the support that I offer in 1:1 mentorship re: intuitive business building, energy work, attunement + strategy.

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Other fun ways to play…

Check out all my trainings + transmissions in our library here.

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I wish you a beautiful end to 2021 and an abundant, expansive beginning to 2022..the world we came to play in is here, welcoming us home, as our true selves.
Dreaming awake Heaven on Earth in every breath, through every every choice that’s aligned with our hearts calling <3

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