Xelliss – Ascension Support Allies

Sharing these beautiful allies as they have been wonderful support over the last few months of upgrades. 

Particularly when I was in an immersive retreat this summer in Dallas doing very deep sexual trauma de-armoring / re-patterning work – and my digestion was all out of wack / skin was breaking out as the cellular clearing was happening..these really helped with integration, return to balance + overall nourishment.

I know a lot of us are going thru huge detoxes now and upgrading immensely as we are called to finally feel all the energies and emotions we never gave ourselves permission to feel…its all coming up and out..so its more important than ever we tune into resonant allies that can assist so the process isn’t so arduous. 

I just finished an incredible session with a new member of Entourage..tears were shed upon remembering our times together in Atlantis and Egypt..such a deep soul reunion..and a loud message that came through from our guides was: lighten up, the process of healing doesn’t have to be so hard..you can drop the militancy and perfectionism and stop confusing righteousness with purity. 

As we anchor into more truth, ease naturally unfolds. Allow more of your truth to emanate through your cells and all that is not true to simply fall away. There is no trying here, simply allowing. Get out of the way of allowing what naturally wants to unfold to simply be. And even just maybe find yourself enjoying the process..little by little.

I am so grateful for all the support that is here. I am so grateful to be alive and in a body for this earth ride. I am grateful to be surrounded by brilliant beings committed to truth, love and beauty. I am grateful to be re-uniting with so much of my soul family team. I am grateful to be.

Learn more about all the awesome allies I mention above here:: https://xelliss.com/sydney/shop

Tune into the energy and see if it’s for you. Could really help with all we are integrating now and next few months/lifetime. It’s also an awesome opportunity to be a distributor too and be on a team thats generating a lot of abundance..with great ease <3

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