Rebooting Earth + Ourselves

aloha love…

sending you so much love. happy november. welcome to the big reboot. time to look within…and remember..what is my heart guiding me into now? all about presence, sinking deeper into see the world clearly. and make clear choices..every next our destiny.

S h i f t i n g into higher frequencies, accentuating higher self embodiment and soul aligned timelines. Love this image ((above)) for how it captures the very real ways in which we are constantly surrounded by etheric stadiums filled with our spiritual support squad.

They’re always waiting for us to ask for assistance for they can’t intervene without our conscious request. They love us so much they’d love to let us grow and make our own choices so we truly learn the lessons we sought to come into embodiment to experience.

Two more months of 2021..dream timelines anchoring of our greatest visions. We’ve never been more supported in actualizing our hearts desires, it feels so palpable..the amplifying energy we are receiving to play with and transmit. Working with these frequencies consciously invites us into a new paradigm of nervous system stability and coherence.

Presence is the greatest currency at this time – the ability to sit in relaxed observance of what is without attachment or judgment or any inner dialogue at all perhaps. Here is where freedom lives.

Today I am celebrating 10 years since my last drink of alcohol or drug that was taken to escape this reality or disassociate from my body/trauma. I used to go to AA meetings for years when I first got sober in NYC and I’d wonder how people could make it that long – knowing someday I would but I was curious what life would be like all those years ahead. Beyond my imagination of course.
Creating the world I wish existed. Becoming the being I am destined to be. Getting out of the way of being myself.
I am unrecognizable. And yet deeply familiar and remembered. In the best ways possible ❤️😍
I wish all on the journey of sobriety and clarity the utmost blessings on our paths unfolding. It is where we are inevitably heading I believe – clear fields meeting in complete coherence without attachment to external entities or dependencies on anything outside to cultivate peace, presence, acceptance and love.
We are infinite beings capable of absolute magic..when we start to use and trust the technology embedded within our bodies without interference or obstruction.
Grateful to be alive and thriving ❤️
Wanted to share a beautiful
Healing field I was honored to co-create this morning.
I love this as an example of higher dimensional
Healing – some of what we’ll explore in our journey..what other ways can we share remote transmissions and amplify intentions?

My favorite part in this towards end is when master sha says “relax and receive!!”

We have just one more spot to join us in our Entourage starting 11-11..its already feeling like such a beautiful healing vortex + amplifier of all our hearts visions and callings..I am so thankful for those called to anchor together during this extraordinary moment in our evolution. Diving all the way in.

Here’s a sweet co-creation with my friend Daniel Scranton, channel for many beings of light..sharing The the energy here. Excited to collaborate with Daniel in Entourage..among other fave visionaries + friends coming to join us.

Much love family..set your intentions powerfully for the new moon in scorpio this thursday..its going to be a beautiful healing portal. ive been having extra vivid dreams and activations during the night lately in preparation for what feels like another layer of release..and attunement to deeper peace, clarity, presence.

ascend is in beta test starting this week!! can’t wait to share with you. its fantastic..and feels sooo good to play and create on.

time to live our greatest dreams..and come home fully to ourselves..building the bodies and nervous systems that can withstand the incredible energy we are here to emit.

this is the essence of my mission..embodying THIS as an example..and helping others simply by Being to become more of themselves too.

welcome home. there are so many ancient beings joining us on earth now. we feel their frequencies emerging as the collective consciousness expands and rises even higher..they feel like so many old friends returning.

i sometimes feel a grief arise..that i miss people i haven’t even ever met..but i remember their souls from thousands of lifetimes elsewhere..and finally..we are on the same planet, here to co-create and share and connect..and play.

the kind of gratitude that you cry so deeply you feel it through your whole body..melting away layers of protection and anything in the way of receiving all the love we the feeling.

off to write the next few grateful for whats emerging in my book..its gonna be so fun to share when its time. always in perfect timing. i am so beyond blessed to be so supported in doing what i am here to do. thank you.

i wish all the same for you and more.

we spoke about abundance in our video today..and received a gorgeously potent healing together afterwards to anchor it all in. hope you can share in this magic.

PS: Curious about launching or rebranding your online business..stepping into serving your soul purpose and spiritual gifts? I created a beautiful training guiding you through the step by step process from an embodied attuned perspective in my 5D Visionary Business Training. People are having awesome experiences creating in this it is an energetic activation as much as it is strategic guidance. Would love to share this experience with you if you’re called to receive.

Blessed we are to dance on this ground ❤️👑😍
heaven on earth is here.
Awakening the divine child within – how we enter the kingdom of heaven.
Everything you want is already here.
I am hearing more messages and divine guidance arise now as music and songs more than ever. Its delightful..spirit is DJing the soundtrack to this adventure called life.
Danced so hard these last few weeks landing on Big I my feet are growing a new layer of skin 😂
Being challenged by pele to let go of all future attachments – all attachments be fully here and meow 😂👽
Cultivating immense security, stability, faith and trust from within..deeper than ever before.
A new being has arrived in these cells. She is quieter, slower, lighter and feels a bit taller. Her presence and silence speak volumes, far more precisely than words could ever convey.
Her gaze penetrates straight through into heart and soul, cutting through all interference or masks of distraction. She welcomes love as love itself radiating its own essence mirroring back infinitely.
She lets go easily and no longer carries any weight of the past, without judgement, criticism, obligation to upholding identity constructs..more free to be as she was always intended to be..dancing, playing, being 👑🧬
Belly laughing at the cosmic joke and absolute perfection of it all.
The divine plan indeed..the game we came to play.
Relax, its all just a dream 🤟🏼🔑

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