Holy Retro

aloha darlin..

how are you being?

holy retrograde!! haha thats what i heard when writing the title of this email..and it made me smile so I went with it. its been quite a ride this month so far..understatement of course.

we’ve been getting upgraded all right. nearly everyone i know has been going thru some kind of immense physical update..night sweats, sore throat, headaches, body pain..shaking out 3D residues left and right..digestion re-set.

this week has feel like deep call to completely rest, be..fast..pray..relax. truly relax. not just superficially..which always continues to be a practice for me..you too?

how are we re-committing to loving ourselves more deeply, more unconditionally, more truly..authentically?

we are called now to redefine what self love actually means for us..not what we were taught it means by someone else.

sometimes feels like thru trial and error we discover our own innate desire for what we’d love to receive..and how..under there all along..finally we can access it when we are still and quiet enough to just be.

still reconditioning the patriarchy..i guess we are in it for the long haul 🙂 came into this life on quite a mission..with our work cut out for us..indeed.

what matters most is how we move from this point..and how we take the steps we choose to walk..doesnt even matter so much where we are going..no one knows. how do we feel along the way is all that counts. loving ourselves anyway..and no matter what.

being ourselves. that is the ultimate spiritual practice.

anyone who tells you otherwise..well..im just not so sure.

i had something funny happen…also a celebration in here too::

Hard to believe how much happens in just a week these days..last weekend I had such a fun mercury retro moment setting up for our Entourage preview party..and the wifi went out 2 mins before our call was scheduled to start.

I proceeded anyway trusting the experience would transmit as needed to those asking to receive..we are the original technology after all. Then mysteriously I tried uploading the video to share a few times this week, and none of the times did the load complete…which I’ve never experienced before.
After nearly giving up, I tried one more time today per one of our council’s requests..and oilaa…finally.

Listen // receive our preview transmission here.

Definitely divine timing. Coincidentally all week I’ve also been receiving the most immense physical/energetic updates I’ve ever experienced.. preparing for immense expansion underway.

I’m looking forward to receiving this experience again..templating the energy we’ll be playing with in our Entourage starting soon, complete with..
  • Advanced Akashic Records Facilitation
  • Exploration into hands-on energy healing modalities
  • Awakening your own signature styles of intuitive healing
  • Integration of multidimensional aspects + higher guidance
  • Deep 1:1 and group support plus lots of 1:1 practice in facilitation within our group
  • Quantum healing transmissions + remote energy attunements
  • Group Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) Past Life Regression Session
Guest expert mentors each month supporting council exploration of presence, authenticity, embodiment and coherence:: Zoe Davenport, Daniel Scranton, Ahaumna AhMayah, April Pfender, Jeroen de Wit and Jason Estes <3 Some of my best friends and favorite light beings..what a blessing to get to play together here!
Would love to have you with us if you’re feeling the call to co-create over this powerful portal.
I’d be honored to travel with you in this divinely guided journey home to ourselves.

If you have any questions about the program – please check out all the details included on the main page, and then if you still have some curiosities, I invite you to fill out our intention setting/program interest app and from there we can have a call if you’d still like to explore.

This will be my last group / 1:1 offering for quite awhile as I immensely refine my focus to completing my book (due Jan 2!) and launching ASCEND..soo close to our private beta launch in just a few weeks. Called to laser-focus my energy where it matters most..where I am called to serve in the most inspiring, expansive, nourishing ways.

All my love…deep appreciation for your sweet being.

xx Syd

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