Dying to Rebirth Anew

aloha love..

interesting energies today 🙂

Have felt strong call to get off what’sapp and delete my accounts there soon. You might have heard about today’s outages..

I’ve opened new channel on Telegram – I’ll be sharing primarily here from now on (till we have ASCEND) if you’d like to join::

Visionary Souls Telegram:: https://t.me/joinchat/t9I2rJ_u1QxjMDEx

New Visionary Souls episode coming out this week on the New Moon 10/6. Our last one of this year I believe..feels good to share and book-end.Lastly, the Quantum Energy Wellness beds were just released recently and I am proud to be an affiliate for this world-changing technology.

I wrote a post about these on FB and IG that got a lot of attention..these are life changing. I’ve worked with this tech in person a few times over the last few years and I’m so grateful to announce that these are now available for mass exploration and use.

The inventor had to be in hiding the last few years because his life was in danger by the powers that be since this tech can support the body in healing pretty much anything.

Lots of testing is underway to prove some pretty miraculous claims..but I can tell you from my own experience these beds are the ultimate support allies we can work with to optimize our own infinite capacity to heal (anything).

I look forward to having a bed here in Big Island soon and offering sessions to those called to work with this incredible resource.

If you’d like to receive a bed for a discounted price via my affiliate deal – please reply here and let me know. We will have payment plans available soon to make it even easier for these to get into the places and spaces where they belong.

Imagining a whole new medical system model incorporating these..empowering our bodies to activate at full energetic – vitality – radiance capacity 🙂 And beyond..

Lots to celebrate. The old systems are crumbling and its cool to see it actually happening before our eyes as we energetically sensed it for a long while..

And here we are.

Look forward to connecting with you in Telegram + in our upcoming Entourage Pre-Party experience 10/9.

If you’re in Hawaii, would love to see you at my first IRL workshop in awhile on 10/16.

Then Entourage starts 11/11..such extraordinary beings gathering for this transformative journey..guest mentors joining too are some of my fave peeps: Jason Estes, Zoe Davenport, Ahaumna Amaya, Daniel Scranton, Jeroen De Witt (for group past life regression/quantum healing hypnosis session) and my girl April Pfender..

Quite the activation. Would love to have you with us. Peeps applying are celebrating how the application itself is an initiation..which I love to hear..time to upgrade to a whole new frequency. Lets rock it…together.

A lot of what we explored re: trauma healing + integration + embodiment into more authenticity in our latest live-stream..is the premise of what we’ll be working through in Entourage.

Naturally we’ll be alchemizing core wounds into more of our gift frequencies and raising our consciousness into new dimensions of presence, authenticity, coherence and personal power..

Time to unearth our unique gifts and essence..to share what we are truly here to radiate..and contribute to this new earth we are all templating.

Do you feel a calling to…

Clarify, fully align with and authentically embody ones soul purpose and highest callings in this lifetime..

Step into and template a new paradigm of authentic, embodied leadership that normalizes intuition and multidimensionality as a fabric of life…

Dive deep into somatic healing and energy field + nervous system recalibration to completely shift one’s frequency to align with highest available timelines…

Alchemize core wounds, traumas and densities stagnating or obstructing embodiment, authenticity, coherence and personal power..

Become highly attuned and cultivate mastery in intuitive facilitation and multidimensional healing modalities like the Akashic Records..

Seed solutions and new potentials that support Earth and collective evolution into greater unity + harmony..

Then you’re meant to come play.

Especially if you were resonating with the invitations to co-create within our Akashic Facilitator Training and 5D Visionary Council.

Alright beloveds..enjoy the ride this week.. i am going into a week of deep writing..reflection..and DANCE!!

gratitude overflowing <3

hope you’re taking good care of yourself. you deserve it.

loving you lots.

xx Syd


5D Visionary Business Training

To celebrate being fully alive and thriving, I’d love to share this overflow..the feeling of living your purpose, sharing your gifts in meaningful ways and deriving an abundant income from serving your soul + soul fam with your creative vision.

So for this week only – till the day after my birthday on Oct 12 – I am offering 50% (in honor of my solar return!) off my 5D Visionary Business Training.

This is a comprehensive program that supports you in building and launching your soul-aligned business while doing a mentorship with me including personalized guidance, strategy + energy work (plus awesome curated templates to play with + numerous visualizations and energy updates to receive).

Looking so forward to sharing this beautiful journey with you. There’s never been a better moment to get started in sharing your gifts with the world in ways that feel good..especially as our old systems fall apart..what are new ones we are birthing into being?

Let’s play x

+ + +If you haven’t gotten into crypto yet – now is there time. Check my guide on how to get in.

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Ascension + Support Resources for nervous system recalibration + restoration

+ + +

Booking for 1:1 Sessions + Mentorship Exploration

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