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aloha dear one..

Processing energy these days feels like a full time job in and of itself. Requiring lots of rest lately – going to bed earlier, sleeping in later. And its all okay. Listening to the body – honoring what it needs. It knows the way..and we are asked to trust even more deeply than we ever knew possible..receiving clearer guidance now as our vessels become attuned to the higher dimensional light that we are meant to radiate.

I’ve always processed many facets of reality simultaneously – at one point maybe I would have been diagnosed as schizophrenic had I sought out help from the western medical institution instead of self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, sex and relationships to numb out and pretend to fit in as a mere human. I was diagnosed as bi-polar once as I was hitting bottom in my substance abuse cycle..but then I told the therapist how much I was drinking and staying up all night on speedy synthetics. I only told her because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to drink on the medication she’d prescribe. And we couldn’t have that way.

The gift of tracking the field at such great depth arises from a certain special trauma in childhood I know intimately as abandonment and lacking presence..even if your parents love you and did the best they could..that doesn’t mean you received love, care, attunement and accurate reflection in the way that is required to build a healthy, stable, grounded nervous system capable of self-sourcing its own sense of safety and security. So we learned to track everything and everyone around us in great assure oneself of project future see beyond the seen and read between all the supposed lines.

I’ve spent the last 10+ years rebuilding my body, cleansing from all mind altering substances, constructing a new nervous system and subsequent energy system capable of integrating the light I am here to transmit through my being – consciousness. I’ve awakened to many multidimensional capacities and perceptions and have guided hundreds of students along their own paths in this way. There have been many dark nights..sometimes they pass in moments now since there is an inherent familiarity to the inevitable flow and rebalancing of energy underway.

Nothing to fear..just more truth to receive and remember. More of ourselves. Remembering our infinite nature. Believe it, instead of just saying it and writing and teaching about it. Feeling it in our bones..our infinite capacity to create, to enjoy, to receive. The body is learning to trust this knowing more..slowly by slowly.

One of my greatest challenges still can be self-belief and affirmation of my any of this real? Are these multidimensional experiences I frequently have and all the memories therein, real? What is real anyway? Nothing and everything..hence the paradox of being energy beings in this physical theater..and it is in our awareness to meet in a new way: our own consciousness creating reflections of itself to simply better know and understand its own making..divinity.

I get the game – and still..I desire space to practice, collaborate, amplify – and invent we ways of being and creating together in Heaven on this dream theater. I desire connecting with other multidimensional beings in this human experience – who know we are here to pioneer new templates across the board, especially when it comes to creatively expressing our soul missions, sharing energy healing and rapid ascension acceleration/embodiment, facilitating transformation and awakening and being our true all relations, in all moments. Its so healing when we connect and remember together..and affirm the unique truths we are each experiencing..what is real for us matters.

Here is why we are called to anchor ENTOURAGE.

In our council we will be breaking down conditioning of hierarchy, authority, and all the systems and structures in the way of coherence and true collaboration while also experiencing and amplifying profound healing of core wounds in the way of fully expressing and embodying ones purpose and mission.

Here is where we are called to alchemize core wounds, traumas and densities in the way of being who we are here to Here is where we unlock deeper attunement to presence and coherence..and channel the power and potency we are here to share at full capacity..infinite capacity.

We are called specifically in this journey to anchor higher dimensional timelines in through our cells and into the Earth – while embodying deeper expressions of our own innate gifts, authenticity, coherence and divinity. It feels we are building the bridge even more directly between Heaven into Earth..our hearts being the portal-gateway..through which immense new forms of guidance and activation are desiring to be brought through.

We are called to work directly with higher dimensional councils of light, our multidimensional aspects and beings beyond this known galaxy and even universe who are assisting with our ascension process and would love to impart new practices and teachings upon us to translate into our own new modalities, energy healing methodologies and intuitive facilitation techniques. Entirely new ways of being are here..for us to receive..and integrate into our cells and DNA.

Together building a nervous system and body that can sustain the amount of light we are here to is our place to play, practice..and receive.

We will traverse a few lifetimes will feel maybe like a few centuries in just a few months by nature of how much we will all have transformed and expanded.

But after all, what else is an ascension accelerator other than time traveling – teleporting – tele-empath-ing and embodying more of our true selves in lightning speed?

With so much grace..and

Would be honored to share this journey with you <3

xx Syd

PS:: Our Guest mentors in Entourage so far include my girl Zoe Davenport (multidimensional channel + visionary + grid worker), Daniel Scranton (we’ll be connecting in with Daniel + various councils of light for which he is an emissary such as Arcturians, Pleidians and whomever else we are meant to play with in December), and Jeroen De Witt, a direct student of Dolores Cannon’s who will guide us in a group Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) session to explore subtle realms together and affirm soul-connections and agreements present in our field. In fact we may do a few of these depending on what guidance reveals itself <3 Plus more divine collaborators/council members to come.

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Announcements + Celebrations..

The 5D Visionary Business Training course is feeling super fresh with new updates + proud of whats on offer in this container. An ideal program offering guidance-strategy-embodiment-energy attunement for those ready to start or expand upon their online business..especially for healing practitioners, consultants, coaches and others with online business visions. This program really is a 3 month mentorship with me supporting you in building your business – for a fraction of the investment and flexibility to do at your own pace. Beautiful 🙂

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I have one space for 1:1 visionary mentorship from now till February..for someone eager to birth an entirely new body and reality while receiving my highest level of support and care over a very potent time in our collective story..let’s play.

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If you’re curious about ENTOURAGE and haven’t had a session with me before..feel free to book a Soul Sourcing reading to explore our resonance..this session can count towards your first session in Entourage if you’re called to join our council.

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Our last episode of Visionary Souls for this year will come out in a few weeks – are you caught up on our latest episodes?

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Check out the GIVING portion of my website..for::

Free Ascension + Embodiment CoursesAscension Resources + Body Support

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Getting Started with Crypto 101

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We raised $40K this week for ASCEND..welcoming more support from those called to amplify what we are so close to launching 🙂 So far thats a total of $271K we’ve raised from so far all women investors – how beautiful!

We are only a few weeks away from our private beta proud of what we’ve built. To explore investment and getting in on an amazing project early with extra benefits..hit reply and we can set up a call (ideally for investments of $10K and above for equity via convertible note/SAFE). <3

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