This feels vulnerable to share

aloha are you being?

i hope these words find you cozy and warm, and feeling supported in this moment..maybe if even just by these words..a reminder to check in with your own heart: how are you feeling, is there anything you need right now to feel supported?

it was brought to my attention early the redundancy of energy updates..

have we all been saying the same thing, over and over, for all these years..lifetimes?

i sometimes am guided to post context/energy updates that assist with understanding of what currents are underway and how we can support ourselves through the waves. I posted something today to the effect of: energy now is immense, piecing like bullets cutting through hidden density. receive and allow. this is the work IN.

It mostly helps me to synthesize what I am receiving for myself by sharing it – somehow my circuitry works like this..I share because in sharing I understand more fully what I am receiving..and it feels good. I shared more into a process I was undergoing the last few days here..but already that feels like lifetimes ago.

We are moving in light years now..literally. Everything is speeding up..

So it feels funny to me to post energy updates when even an hour later they’re no longer relevant with what I am experiencing in the next moment. What do you think? This thought made me laugh out loud a bit when it landed.

Humans trying to make sense with the mind – and limited language – still of concepts we can’t truly grasp with our 4D toolset..

Instead we are invited into feeling..being..presencing..what is here, and now.

Which is a whole other practice..thats been really challenging for too?

As much as I’ve re-wired my brain and nervous system, at a core level I have a program running even still sometimes – and sometimes loudly – that wants me to always be doing, creating, a way to prove my worth..and attract..what I receive love, to feel safe, to feel secure.

The wounds of abandonment run really deep especially when it comes to how we learn to create and produce..and lead. And there are many layers..maybe infinite unravel. I wrote a chapter in my new book about shame and the different shades we seem to universally share..and it was supposed to be 5K words but instead is now landing at around 20K..maybe a book unto itself. You know what I mean.

We delved deep into this repatterning in our visionary council, and this is certainly a thread I love to work on with other co-creators in session and ourselves for authenticity – how do we love to feel when creating, leading, relating, is our energy naturally wanting to flow…when we are not draining so many resources into survival and protection and reactionary strategies we’ve been carrying since childhood?

Who are we underneath the masks of trying, prove..who we are and what we are get attention, to feel like we are enough, to feel secure..etc.

Pretty much the equation breaks down to…” I have to order to get Y..”

When our core being / divine blueprint is more familiar with..”I am Y.”

There is no where to get to. It’s all already here. Sometimes we have to lose it all first to really understand that..we are IT. This learning comes in layers..I’ve surfed through some deep ones already..and this last week definitely served up some more intense ones to play in..and feel. Its not always easy to sit with it and actually be present…when the feeling feels overwhelming..feeling it means letting that old aspect die..a real entire identity lost. So much energy freed up.

Its so confronting to feel our power come back online. As we start feeling..and opening…into more space. It can be terrifying. This part of the human experience has always fascinated me. I guess my soul chose to come back in this life to experience all the dimensions of THIS particular lesson…for the fun of it 🙂 #earthschool

And yet we are so resilient. And we are now more than ever being called to ask for support..especially those of us that are always supporting others. Time to receive. Time to rest. Time to nourish.

Time to actually practice taking a real break..truly hard as it can be. The hyper vigilant nervous system is immensely challenged with actually resting..being still..not tracking the entire field in case something happens or is approaching..deep breathe. I loved this video from Kyle Cease the other day about REST.

Can you tell I am in writing mode..getting carried away with how much there is to share and say about these depths we travel of late.

One last thing..feels vulnerable to share..

Excited to host my first in-depth intensive outside of our 9-week Akashic Facilitator Training program in a few weeks <3

Feels vulnerable (and expansive!) to share under a name that I received awhile ago to denote (with the limited words we have in our language in this dimension) the approach I work with in sessions..there is so much power in claiming our magic with our own words.

Soul Sourcing Embodied Energy Work:: A co-creative portal into cellular regeneration, frequency attunement, integration and recalibration, soul-sourced wisdom and embodied awareness in which all is remembered and all is possible.

I started remembering my gifts shortly after getting sober from drugs and alcohol almost 10 years ago now – was naturally drawn to energy healing and intuitive work as my body / spirit started to come back online. I started with Reiki and then soon after the Akashic Records, giving readings and in-person bodywork sessions on the weekends while working full-time during the week.

The call to launch into my own practice (fusing strategic consulting + conscious business with intuitive healing + energy work) eventually became so loud I couldn’t ignore it. So I leapt into the unknown and started what’s now a thriving, global practice built on collaborations with thousands of visionaries co-creating Heaven on Earth. That was 6 years ago and the rest is history.

After hundreds of 1:1 sessions (and 5 rounds of our Facilitator Training) these last few years, I’m honored to share this modality with you in its current iteration.

All who are called to our intensive are encouraged to use this approach as a launch pad in exploring your own unique modalities and signature styles of energy work..we each have our own authentic protocols eager for us to remember and fact, this is one of my favorite parts of our practice.

Would love to have you with us if you’re called to come play

Register here to join us.

xx Syd

PS + Announcements…

Monday we start the Alchemy of Ascension Summit – this is such a portal we are opening – I am honored to be a part of it. Register here to receive this FREE activation of incredible support + expansive guidance over the next few weeks.


I have three spaces open for 1:1 mentorship and am also booking 1:1 soul sourcing sessions into September. I added remote energy healing sessions back into my offerings of my favorite ways to play.

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Sweet celebration – consolidated all our retreat photos + videos here on the retreats page on my website. Was tearing up watching our recap videos from Bali and Sedona trips..such wild journeys..grateful for these time capsules.


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PSS:: I had a few people ask me about this offer I felt called to share the other day..included with a message to one sweet soul who reached out..experiencing some intensity + challenges with what current energy is bringing up:

You are right where you’re supposed to be. Awakening is messy and yes depressing at times. We are surfing some huge depths now collectively and receiving more light influxes than ever before – illuminating our shadows and traumas feel, to meet, to see ourselves anew. It’s a lot..I’ve been exhausted often lately as well.

I would love to gift you some support and practices to work with building your energy field – here is our recent lions gate activation you’re open welcome to receive as a gift, just use code “awaken.”

I hope it supports you. Try the practices included – will help support the body in integrating all its receiving that’s catalyzing overwhelm/ emotional intensity as much is being released.

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