happy new year

aloha my love..how are you being? hope you’re feeling loved + nourished in this moment..beaming you with some glorious hawaiian breeze, ocean cleansing + lemurian energies..if you’d like to receive.

was floating in the ocean yesterday and letting the water clean my dna extra…you know..like allll the way in 🙂 so grateful for the power of the ocean on days when you feel like there’s been sooo much movement thru the system/planet…time to wash it away, wash it through.

salt baths work too you know..sometimes i wish i could live in a giant mall-sized spa..you know..like the ones in LA in downtown/korea town – what a dream to play in these adult playgrounds offering tons of sauna rooms, and hot/cold pools. i feel like in my heaven on earth reality..we have way more of these to hang out in ..all around..and different types.

prioritizing relaxing, restoring, nourishing, connecting.

as a way of life.

how about now?

felt like writing this newsletter to share a lot of fun updates from the last few days..plus some sweet invitations for your consideration…

did you listen to our recent visionary souls episode with sarah renee? it’s called “You’re not crazy, You’re intuitive”…and has some definite codes for what’s been transpiring energetically these last few weeks. loved this one so much.

i recently say this invite for a sacred plant immersion that caught my eye – no, not the plant medicine you’re thinking of…this one instead focused on a deep dive into the herb nettles.it’s happening the first part of september, guided by my visionary sis kristen alexander of gaia tree wellness.

learn more about the immersion and consider joining us here..it feels like such a potent time for cleansing, simplicity, and going deep into the wisdom shared through this sweet plant friend.

i love the way kristen presents this offering too – it was such an energetic experience feeling the invitation and being called in to join..celebrating her magnetic template..a true example of soulful sharing..effortlessly..calling in the right beings, in the right moment. listening.

going into a potent weekend of nourishment, rest, some dance at the beach perhaps..saying goodbye to Maui before I head out to Big Island in just a few more days…getting everything ready to rock…so ready!!

full moon energies upon us strong..some would say it even feels like a whole new year..

i think 2020 just finally ended 🙂

and now we get to enjoy a new start. a new journey. a new everything.

how’s that feel?

what new realities are you birthing?

what visions are you templating?

what are you ready to receive?

to embody?

to integrate?

to say YES to?

to let go of..for good?

so much completion energy….feeling some ripples of past echoes / old programs arise a bit..maybe to say goodbye again..more deeply, more wholeheartedly.

sometimes when i step into a new expansion point there can be old echos of resistance arising quite quickly..almost to prevent me from fully enjoying/receiving how goooooddd everything feels. this came up in our opening ceremony for the akashic training the other day too..we are repatterning this together, surely.

sometimes that old childhood wounding/survival patterning pops up here – don’t let it get too good..you might lose it, its just temporary..don’t receive it all..it’ll be gone soon, you won’t wanna be disappointed..says the voice that learned to protect..and interject the happy moments..to not get too attached to them..to prevent the sadness that would surely soon follow..when the love was no longer there, the happiness was no longer there..so fleeting…back then.

repatterning is a full time job. so grateful to practice in depth with my soul fam, community, students..allies. we are in this together. building new nervous systems. new energy bodies.

awakening to our own divinity and true presence..together…more love is here, let’s practice receiving it..remembering it, reflecting it.

expanding our capacity..is really the game we are playing.

in all regards. sustaining capacity for allll the full spectrum of experiences..we are blessed to receive in these bodies. its a lot 🙂 and there’s even more to feel..if you can imagine.

i got some great news yesterday – I was offered a book deal with St. Martins Essentials to birth “I’m Ascending, Now What?: Embody Your True Self” – it feels like such an aligned team and vision we share..books as a ministry…to support humanity at such a potent transitional moment..its going to be so much fun!!

So thankful..have been working on this project for years..lifetimes..and now its solidifying into form..ready to share..probably next year 🙂

Deep breath… <3

Speaking of which – a lot of people ask me about the publishing process and how to get started. I made a training for this a few months ago where i shared everything including a review of the book proposal process and lots more.

Check that out here if you’re interested: “Birth Your Book into Being.” I also made all my trainings and activations available now for love-donation. Check it out here.

We are actively fundraising for ASCEND – getting close to launch, probably looking at public launch now in January 2022. We’d love your support in our Kickstarter here or as a larger scale investor ($20K+) if you’re called to help us architect the world’s new social community..built for our higher consciousness embodiments to play and thrive. Hit reply if you’re called to explore an investment partnership.

So far we’ve raised $231K to date in addition to funding much of the project independently..now we are calling in $1.5M total to get us through to launch and our first year of operations to ensure ASCEND gets the love and attention it deserves..to be the best it can be…and get to all the people who are ready to play in a new way. It’s time.

Lastly, a few beautiful souls have asked me of late if I am offering 1:1 mentorship anymore..and sometimes I feel a little laughter arise at this question..because so much is transitioning and I am being challenged to let go of planning completely…while simultaneously holding grand visions that do in fact have attached timelines.

I claimed my visions for me – and they are to write…and build this company that will change the world, that really sums up my life’s work.

And still..there is a part that also feels..I have so much to give and share..and frequently even in passing conversation I remember, how much my wisdom can support those who are especially just beginning in their visionary path, starting to share their offerings, or transitioning out of a job into doing their soul work.

This is where I’ve supported hundreds over the years in creating thriving practices and abundant, loving lives..so many celebrations..an immensity of gratitude for these experiences..wow. I love this work so much – so what I feel is in integrity (and what feels most fun) – is for anyone called to do business coaching with me going forward, I’m excited to share my 5D Visionary Business training as an amplifier or potential pre-req to our deeper dive mentorship.

Once the training is complete and all the clarity and integration has landed as a result…we can reallllyyy have fun and create incredible results together…after the ground work has been laid. This feels expansive, and challenging, and enlivening to share. This is how I am most called to co-create now.

feels good to share..whats alive..now.

loving you so much. happy full moon..double aquarius power!!

see you on the other side <3

feel free to connect in and let me know what you’re celebrating – love to see how you are playing in these new energies and what’s coming through…amplifying gratitude for the wild waves we surf…amplifying love.

biggest hugs ever…always.

xx Syd

PS: Hope to see you in the Alchemy of Ascension summit starting soon – I love the interview transmission we did yesterday so much, I can’t wait for you to receive it – sign up here to come play.

I have a few openings for 1:1 sessions this month into Sept. Book here.

Soul Sourcing sessions have been very potent as always – especially lately, supporting some incredible beings in integrating higher dimensional energies, assisting the body’s process, and awakening more recall of abilities and intuitive capacities..affirming one’s own knowing and calling..more strongly..anchoring vision into earth, discerning next rights steps and actions.

I love this work so much, truly my favorite form of co-creative connection. Such an honor to meet, soul to soul.

Check out my newly launched 5D Visionary Business Training here.

This is a pre-requisite program now for anyone called to do high-level business mentorship with me going forward. It’s a comprehensive full scale business mentorship program in itself – so proud of all the phenomenal guidance, attunement + templating included here.

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