Permission Granted

aloha my love..

how are you being? feeling some major energy detoxing the last day or so on my end – especially this morning, cellular memory purging what feels to be deep wells of fear.

letting it go..letting it release..attuning to more stillness and being. emptying out. more.

i will be sharing a more robust update later this week when some pieces land together..with some beautiful gifts to offer and invite you into..very exciting co-creations underway.

Right now – what is on my how we are a week away from commencing our final Akashic Facilitator Training of the year.

The field anchoring now is a diverse array of powerful women all with the common thread of undergoing major life transitions right now (myself included) – like relocating geographically, shifting into new careers and leaving dissonant relationships, creating space for more aligned resonance in every way.
I had imagined this group to be world-bridgers of entrepreneurship, corporate, medicine and mental health and we most certainly are that – but more than anything I love to track the commonalities we share what we are meant to alchemize together through our journey.
Our present field is transmuting deep layers of shame and unworthiness – and “going it alone”- to expand into greater trust, intimacy, power and abundance. On all levels. Across all timelines. Now.
I love the vehicle of the Records for how it empowers and inspires us to remember + refine our own unique modalities and approaches to energetic healing and intuitive knowing. We learn the rules for the first week and the rest of our program is a deepening into one’s authenticity, soul-callings and energetic signatures. Plus lots of play time together + 1:1.
Perhaps we are all undergoing immense transition in every way..and now feels particularly pronounced.
Now we are all called to deepen our faith, trust and presence – our attunement to truth, no matter what. This is the essence of our journey..a continual practice, a continual integration..a new rhythm and frequency to dance in.
I am honored to share such vulnerable, revealing, expansive spaces with those called to play here.
I am in awe of the new worlds, potentials and capacities we awaken in our shared intentions to be more ourselves and give the gifts we came here to the ways that feel best.
I love this practice so much. I would be honored to share with you in the journey if you’re called to co-create..

Learn more about the Akashic Facilitator Training + apply to join us here.

I also want to mention – I make payment plans available for anyone called to be with us who has doubts about the financial commitment. I care more about the right people being together than anything else..thats the most important priority. The funds can be balanced over as long as you need to make good on the agreement.

I am fortunate to be flexible in this way and have loved creating new agreement fields like this with students called into practice..this is such a powerful process to co-create together. I hope other leaders are exploring more inclusive practices like this too..we are pioneering the new ways that feel best to play in.

Permission granted to ask for what you need and to receive what feels balanced..sometimes creating new terms that work for our truly unique situations and preferences at hand.

Please express your interest in joining if you’re called to be with us..and we can take it from there.

All my love..always.

xx Syd

PS: Launching our 5D Visionary Business Bundle soon as well as an epic new podcast with Sarah Renee and a recording of Sunday’s Lion’s Gate Transmission for you to receive if called..quite a powerful energy we anchored. Still reverberating.

One of my favorite pieces by visionary artist Android Jones: Quantum Yin

Learn more about ASCEND and support us on Kickstarter…sign up if you haven’t already for early access.

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