I’m Not Here to Teach You

aloha darlin..

how are you being in these first few days of July? It’s been a bit intense, yeah?

Writing all day and this is whats coming thru between sessions about surrender, re-patterning the limbic system and birth imprints and why letting go is hard (but we can do it). I love lazy days writing and letting everything flow – making tons of cacao, taking numerous self pleasure breaks, dancing in creative impulses that feel so fun and nourishing to receive and actualize.

The guru age is over in case you didn’t catch the current timeline updates – those who are still clinging onto this former paradigm seem to be standing out more and more like sore thumbs..is that what we refer to something thats trying too hard and not getting anywhere? Something like that.

After our retreat in Maui, I’m ultra sensitive to any codependent energies in my field – I cant ever allow anyone to try to give power away to me to heal them, fix them, etc ever again. It would be too painful and out of integrity with the truth of my being to even try.

Its confronting at first if you’re on the other end of this game – the feeling of your own power bouncing back sometimes hitting you hard (energetically) after youve tried to give it away..it can even physically hurt to do so, like your life force is draining out and then it hits you like a tidal wave to wake you up and break the pattern.

The best guides and really the only people i like associating with will send you back to yourselves – affirming always in shared presence that you have your own best medicine. Maybe theres nothing to heal or fix that someone else has the answer to – maybe the healing you’re after is simply your own inner acknowledgement that you are okay, just as you are and you’re perfectly imperfect, meant to be right where you are, here and now.

Trauma responses are running high in this transition to true sovereignty and empowerment, out of victim consciousness and identities therein. Go head, throw some more rocks at me, i can take it. Ill keep standing here reflecting what you dont want to see about yourself until maybe someday youll be willing to let the light shine thru.

Thats all trauma healing is really: let the light shine thru the parts of ourselves we’ve been afraid to meet, turn on and embrace. It’s safe to be powerful and fully alive, to be worthy of existing, to be enough. Just because.

Grateful to anchor these ways of being, energies, practices and empowering guidance for multidimensional access, healing and embodiment in our akashic facilitator training.

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all my love..


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