Happy Portaling

Going thru immense energetic portals now and next few days ❤️

Giddy up 🤪 new dimensions are here to enjoy.
Some insights from lately and sessions in particular ((so grateful for the amazing beings i get to co-create with wow!!)):
Make sure the water you’re drinking is pure and clean and structured ideally so your cells can actually absorb it.
Many more becoming more crystalline with incoming light and our systems have new requirements for hydration and nourishment.
Listen to what your body wants to eat- without story or judgement – you may want more salt or sugar and that’s okay because that’s what the body uses to make resources in higher frequencies.
We are evolving out of lower densities where we learned to make all these meanings about foods and how they impact the body.
Drop the story and listen and act accordingly. With everything ❤️
Slow down to speed up – we are receiving sooo much insight and new information and in many cases new/dormant abilities are coming back online. Slow down and allow yourself to really rest to receive and integrate it all.
Sleeping more and resting throughout the day is great. Dizziness might happen occasionally, if so eat some salt and ground..earthing is great to practice.
Detoxing the physical body thru colonics, Epsom salts and saunas is excellent for assisting with what we are integrating. Deep breathing and expanding capacity to retain exhale in particular is a great practice.
Love the specificity with which attunements and guidance is available lately in our higher realms we explore so frequently in session..what a joy to be with those who are simply so ease-ful and fun to be with.
I am so grateful for this moment and all of the journey thus far..preparing us for what’s here and now.
The earth we came for is finally here ❤️
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