Akashic Aloha

aloha beloved..

welcome to a whole new world. another new month. feels kinda strange as i tune into june’s energy. the first few days of the month are like that – previewing whats to come.so far it feels void-y. extra space for integration and rest. a space to relax into all we’ve harnessed and harvested in the months leading up to now. a bit of a contraction and incubation period so it seems. a lull from the busy-ness. also a time for inner work and cultivating ones authentic power – potency – authenticity.

what is the dream birthing through you to actualize?

what is it you are truly here for?

what is it you are healing and integrating now, in this moment?

what timeline(s) are you completing, for good?

how are you prepared to step into a completely new reality..come July – August?

This is what I have been sensing in readings and sessions lately – the theme is: the next two months are a regeneration time..in preparation for a launch into another new dimension. feels like unity – wholeness – togetherness – new collaborations – new relationships – new senses of abundance and of our own inherent worth and value.

yesterday i channeled a collective akashic reading here along with some other insights into the field and what we are all moving through…plus some medicine music and healing throughout.

it was fun to share – i am enjoying exploring alternative modes of communication and sharing since facebook and IG don’t feel as resonant..probably because we are so close to launching ASCEND and everything about it just feels so much better..makes the old ways feel even more..old/outdated. please listen, receive, connect in. let’s play.

saturday we are opening a portal into deep presence, trust, nervous system attunement and clarity. its going to be wonderful..i love gathering in these intimate containers with those who are called to explore together..its always a beautiful surprise what emerges in perfect order/timing/flow.

register to join us here.

i sense this will be the last of these kinds of offerings for a while..i do love to share in this way but i am letting go of all attachment as to how my offerings will continue through this transformation underway..focusing on launching new companies and publishing a new book.

this month feels like practice in deeper surrendering to the unknowing – to the void. letting go of plans, and all control therein. holding the vision but surrendering how it unfolds. being open to receive so many beautiful surprises and expansions along the way.

how can this be even better than i can imagine?

how can it be even more easeful?

how can it be even more beautiful, the entire process?

how can i enjoy the journey in presence, even more?

i will hold space for one or two more 1:1 collaborators eager to go deep in the sacred work of transformation – vision building – quantum leaps in healing and remembering we love to weave together..ready to rock?

schedule a call to explore here.

it feels potent to share the overflow of expansion and abundance we are/i am anchoring with ascend and all the creativity underway..with those ready to receive and amplify with me/us in this vortex.

it is a radiant field indeed.

the rest of the support containers that have been flowing this year are coming to an end in a month or so…allowing for so much ample space and integration..preparing for more expansion.

welcoming the new. surrendering to the present moment more. and then some more. then breathing out deeper. surrendering some more.

receive at your full depth.

it’s time.

you’ll hear in the transmission below.

loving you more.

hope to see ya Saturday.

or maybe even with us in person in Maui in a few weeks.a hui hou (until we meet again)…

x Syd

New Podcast // Akashic Aloha: Collective Energy Update + Karaoke

Explore ways to play 1:1

Feel into this magic brewing..

We have two spots to join us in Maui for Embodied Ascension June 19-27..its going to be such a portal we go through together! It’s still not too late to come play. Go ahead and check out the application and if you have any questions, reply here and we can set up a call to dive in.Ascend is launching August 1st. Have you signed up? We are only launching to a select group at first and if you sign up we can guarantee you access in August. Can’t wait to share our new dimension in social media-community with you.

If you’re curious about exploring 1:1 support in a soul sourcing session, visionary business advising, coherence consulting or 5D visionary mentorship, please explore my sessions and offerings here.

* nervous system healing and stability
* intuitive development
* somatic attunement
* presence practice
* soul embodiment
Together we will explore and receive guided practice, energy transmissions and activations, personalized support, community connection, and exploration into our multidimensional potentials.
Numerous resources and protocols will be shared, including follow ups and integrations support for all who attend this experience live.

Register to join us this Saturday here.

Even if you can’t make it live but would love to receive the energy/replay, go ahead and register and we’ll make sure you’re included in the healing field.

See you Saturday <3

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