Play for Peace: Play Challenge – Level Up!

Honored to participate in the Play for Peace® PLAY Challenge!

Feel free to tune into this if you’re called, feels lovely to share this potential 🙂
Here is a beautiful non-profit cause I love so much – they for 20 years they have been dedicated to bringing play + connection into conflict regions all over the world to foster peace and collaboration.
A dear friend and long time collaborator (guess who: Marilyn Levin !!!) is part of leading this organization and if you’d love to support a great cause – even just a little bit – your blessing goes a long way!
You can even support by participating in the challenge – post a video of you playing and doing something fun to inspire bringing more peace – play – presence into the world and share in whatever ways feel fun for you (tag #playchallenge).
Every little effort counts towards our global movement into world peace ❤️
Here’s my little vid…imagining the world we get to play in when we have even more resources and ways to co-create meaningful impact together..imagining all the children that get to grow up with safe spaces to play and be themselves..what more magic can we dream awake together?!
ECLIPSE VIBES!! Anything is possible. Cleaning up the old..time for the new and whats TRUE ❤️



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