What Self Love Really Means

aloha darlin…

how are you being?

its been a few lifetimes since we’ve last touched in, huh?

immense transformation underway. new bodies again. new beings meeting once more..

hopefully you are taking care of your sweet body and soul..nourishing in all the ways you crave to receive yourself..as love.

i am integrating a ton..soo many expansions and celebrations..words can’t quite do it all justice. playing in the realms of miracles. also surfing some depths as ancient emotions come up to be fully processed in moments. sometimes the feeling you’re so afraid of just takes 10 seconds to cry out..and then its gone. what was that again? gone.

lots of updates in this beautiful portal today..get ready and make sure you scroll down through all the goodies below. i probably won’t be sending another newsletter for awhile…getting ready for our maui retreat soon, graduating our akashic facilitators in our 4th training round and focusing in on more inner work..launching Ascend soon..welcoming new clients for immersive healing work.

quantum leaps. for real. overflowing. gratitude.

sexuality has been percolating in the field immensely. can you feel it?

Coming back from a powerful week off grid, with my mentor in a 1:1 immersion of a certain multidimensional quantum flavor 👽

Diving deep to receive more..of myself. Welcoming everything to come up thats ever supposedly been in the way. Mainly shame, self-repression and all the learned masks of personality that attempt to hide and diminish the powerful, fierce, penetrative divinity animating this form.

I kept hearing: self love is being – and allowing yourself full permission to be – precisely who you truly are. ❤

Immense reprogramming within our collective sexuality and imprints is up right now. Loudly. Unlocking our true creative potential and divine authenticity. It’s time.

Our true desires are never wrong. They are sacred messengers and guides, meant perfectly for us.

I used to be a stripper / escort years ago, very much wrapped up in drugs and alcohol..turned on by living a double life no one knew about. I loved the feeling of potentially getting caught and having to hide what I was doing – which I learned to do very young as soon as I realized the way I touched myself and explored my body’s natural good feelings made the people I depended on to care for me uncomfortable.

In my adult life the acting out through drugs, alcohol, dangerous behaviors and sex in more ways than one was a way to return to the temple..a return to the ancient ways my soul remembers so clearly but ceased to exist in this timeline which always felt so confusing.

We used to have sacred places to gather, to express, to nourish our beings, to harness sexual energy and expression in healthy empowering beautiful ways. And society thrived because of it. We remember.

We are now coming back online..remembering how to run our sexual energy currents through this embodiment, while grounded and flowing as our true selves….what does it feel like to be fully alive? Let us show you so you can feel it.

Our world diminishes sexuality – our creative power and aliveness – and generalizes it into ultra limited constructs that make us often miss the point of where our desires are usually leading us..into the infinite. Into divinity.

We are taught to be ashamed of our power, our aliveness, our beauty, our wildness. Society isn’t equipped to handle it. We are too much. We scare people away. We freaked our parents out and triggered their immense sexual repression so we learned quite young that being wild and free wasn’t safe if we expected to feel loved by those we had no choice but to depend upon.

Unhooking all the stories. Releasing the pain.

What if there were no mistakes?

What if in these explorations we were pioneering authenticity?

Then again maybe we were just killing time..until the world we were incarnating for actually started to actualize..finally, right about now. ❤

I love you more.

xx Syd

PS:: I am welcoming one beautiful being into 1:1 visionary mentorship. Explore options for sessions + feel free to book a consult for mentorship or a quantum immersion here.

+ + +

ONE month till we converge in MAUI!!! 3 spots remain to join us in Maui for Embodied Ascension. Get in here and come play..we’re launching into a new dimension, a portal, a new reality…ya’ll ready for this?

+ + +

New 1:1 offering – 60 minute visionary vortex sessions:: A 60 minute intuitive coaching session to support you in aligning with your purpose, embodying desired stages/ways of being, strategizing on your vision, and whatever else the moment invites us to explore. Can entail energy healing, guided curated meditation, attunements, channeling guides, and even lite business/vision strategy.

+ + +

Visionary Souls Podcast is coming back with some epic magic.

Get ready to rock.

+ + +

Scroll down for more delightful updates + ways to play..including free summits + upgrades below <3

I recently co-created a lovely interview transmission with host Kirti Sharma for her Tranquil Empath Summit launching May 30th.

I knew immediately I wanted to be a part of this summit to support all those who are awakening to their energetic sensitivity..to affirm that empathic sensitivities are GIFTS that can be harnessed for miraculous healing and so much more than we can imagine especially at first.

Grateful to collaborate with 10+ other experts in this collective to anchor in more healing, energetic empowerment and ascension here in Heaven on Earth.
Come join us for May 30th and feel free to forward this to anyone you feel this summit can support <3

Sign up to join the May 30th Empath Summit here

Come join us for the Heal Your Heart Conference launching on June 1st.

Here we are exploring healing your heart, attracting true love and enjoying more intimate, authentic, thriving relationships. Grateful to co-create with 20+ experts in these realms..pioneering new ways of being..ourselves.

Yum 🙂

Can’t wait to share more! Get ready for a collective upgrade + heartgasms galore.

Sign up to join us for Heal Your Heart on June 1st

ASCEND is the new social community designed for personal growth and expansion, architected with authenticity, transparency and collaboration in mind.

We are launching this summer. We are actively raising $1.35M and taking meetings with aligned investors. If you’d like to explore collaboration in this way (investments above $25K++) please email me.

Sign up for our waitlist for guaranteed access at launch since app won’t be public for first few months. Please feel free to share with friends + resonant communities who will love to play with us.

Sign up for guaranteed access

New Video Out Today: New Choice Points Are Here

Been loving these Xelliss potions for embodiment integration + cellular detox support.

I like to call these Dolphin Food for those of us who used to be incarnated as dolphins 🙂

It feels so good to receive this medicine – potent nutrition and support for the immense cellular updates we are going through. Check em out and see if you resonate..could help the body in beautiful ways.

I like to take 8ML and mix into water with Willard Water (also for detox support) plus some lemon and some Source Code (phase 1) or Cloud…a healing integration potion.

For Void Space Tech magic use my code Heavenonearth for 10% off <3

Embodied Ascension is one month away!

Through a Multitude of Sacred Journeys, Co-Creations and Experiences, We Allow Ourselves Full Permission To:

* Deeply feel, celebrate and expand into our true selves
* Attune to the highest frequencies imaginable
* Integrate and embody our authentic presence + purpose*Connect with allies, co-creators + visionary collaborators
* Receive quantum upgrades with the worlds best healers
* Step into co-creative leadership + co-facilitation
* Explore and anchor energies in the most powerful spots on Earth
* Reconnect to nature as a portal into divinity

Are you called to come play?


Embodied Ascension is a 9 day – 8 night portal designed for an intimate group of visionaries devoted to embodying their authentic selves while being powerful examples of love, presence and healing in the world.

Our retreat experience is a co-creation in every way. Through our immersion you will meet and play with some of the best sacred space facilitators, coherence guides, sound alchemists, visionary healers, and movement guides on Earth.
Together, we are pioneering a new style of intentional immersion into shared presence rooted in collaboration, co-leadership and coherence.
Your spirit will feel profoundly nurtured and at ease, your body will receive potent healing and recalibration, and your heart will feel magnificently open, overflowing…this is the essence of ascension and exemplary leadership in the New Earth.
We are birthing new worlds that call us into new dimensions of presence, power and potency.
Let’s practice together and anchor these new ways of being we are meant to embody.

Here’s our invitation.


Explore All the Ways to Play

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