Getting Started with Crypto – Let’s FLY

There’s so much info out there about cryptocurrency and I can see how its hard to know where to look for trusted guidance and support in getting started. It doesn’t have to be overly complex, and there is sooo much support here for you to take advantage of in starting your journey, you just have to know where to look.

Hopefully I can help by sharing some of the key resources that have helped me 10x investments in some cases while overall creating more ease, abundance, stability and expansion in beautiful ways.

Make no mistake – this IS the future of finance, and there is no better moment than right now to get started educating yourself about all the paradigm shifts already underway that are certain to become our new norm in the next few years…sooner than we can imagine.

Here’s a step by step process (below) I suggest for getting started in your crypto journey – according to the steps I followed myself to get to a multiple five-figure portfolio thats continuing to create wonderful returns.

Say goodbye to traditional banking that rents your money out (at no benefit to you) to others for incredibly high interest, and HELLO to dividends that come in great abundance WHILE investing in awesome companies and visions that are making a tangible positive impact in the world.

Feels so good – and its a win-win-win for all..welcome to the new paradigm of abundance for all. Its also an opportunity to become really sovereign + wise about your energy (money and all assets therein) and consciously decide how you want to empower yourself to play a bigger game 🙂

Let’s begin::

  1. My friend Phoenix Desmond‘s new platform Conscious Crypto Portfolio + DeFi MagicK ((try this out for just $1!)):: “We know how busy you are, which is why we’ve done all the dirty work for you to put together the most comprehensive and leading edge info about cryptocurrency.”
    3. Phoenix’s new book: “Smart Money’s Crypto Handbook: The Essentials of Cryptocurrency Investing” – brilliant overview especially for newbies re: understanding the real deal behind banks, why crypto makes so much more sense and how to get started..easily.
  2. Another book I highly recommend getting + reading this book – Crypto Revolution – by my friend (and an advisor in our new company ASCEND) Aaron and his co-creator Bryce from Crypto101 Podcast – experts and pioneers in crypto. Check out their podcast much helpful wisdom + support here.
  3. Check out this video all about Coin Metro + Investments of the Future with some of my favorite people jamming on all things crypto including the CEO of CoinMetro – my favorite (and beginner-friendly) exchange. Video also posted at very bottom of this list.
  4. Another great movie to watch that will help you understand the whole ecosystem of crypto + blockchain: Cryptopia
  5. Check out the trailer or Cryptopia here.
  6. These are some other great movies that will inspire you and guide you in understanding more of our changing economic paradigms: “Top 5 Blockchain + Crypto Movies”  – I recommend Bitcoin + Banking on Bitcoin.
  7. My favorite exchange and one I highly recommend to get set up on is Coin Metro.  It’s super easy to open an account here and start playing around – even with small investments (literally start with $50-100 bucks!), so you can get a feel for yourself about how crypto works. I also love how CoinMetro is building everything in their platform with a win-win-win in mind. When you join – and you love it, which I promise you will – you won’t be able to help but tell all the people you love to get on board the abundance train! You can share your own affiliate link and get sweet bonuses from simply sharing the platform with those you care about..easy win.
  8. Investing in crypto really is in a lot of ways just like the stock market except instead of buying stock in companies we invest in tokens/coins – some of which are tied to a company’s utility (overall value/value prop within the blockchain ie what the company’s overall usefulness is in ecosystem of their expertise) and some of which are used as a modicum of actual exchange (a straight currency – a way to exchange digital assets). I like the breakdown of the different types of tokens here: Utility Token vs. Security Token.
  9. I promise, once you start playing you’ll see how much more sense it makes to have your money in these assets than sitting, waiting, not doing anything at all, in a traditional bank account.
  10. I recommend CoinMetro (and I recommend investing in their utility token: XCM) because I know the founding team and lead investors – they are some of the most high integrity, awesome people in the crypto space..pioneering a new model that really supports infinite wealth generation for all. We are partnering with them to bring parts of ASCEND‘s economy to life which entails its own cryptocurrency. Tune into Kevin (the CEO’s) AMAs (ask me anything) that are done weekly – and they have the most helpful, responsive customer support of any tech platform I’ve ever encountered.
  11. Do your own research and approach crypto like a fun project to expand your consciousness and learn about new ways to energetically invest in causes you believe in – there is SO much to explore in this new realm that’s very much still birthing..its so exciting to learn about all the new potentials that are coming up sometimes daily in the space.
  12. Start subscribing to some crypto news outlets (I like Feedly for this and I follow Bitcoin news and crypto news categories). I don’t read it religiously but I try to check in often to stay on top of all the new changes and updates that are almost constantly arising in this rapidly evolving space.
  13. I like this overview for beginner’s insight into what Crypto is and how to relate within some of the new terminologies.
  14. Coin Metro pretty much has everything you need to manage your assets all in one place = plus two-factor authentication makes it super secure.
  15. For tracking stats on various assets I love the app Coin Stats where you can select your favorites and track the market according to different time frames.
  16. There are tons of emerging groups and support platforms claiming to teach about crypto and in some cases charging a lot of money for otherwise free information – careful. If you’re willing to do the work and source your own answers and commit to doing your own research, you can make a lot of magic here. I feel this is the best way really as crypto feels so intuitive and its to me emerging as a resonance game – those of us who are tapped into collective energy patterns can read the market usually pretty precisely and that can positively inform buy/sell decisions..etc..its a very fun game for the intuitively inclined and even all the more reason to develop your intuitive capabilities 🙂
  17. Some other popular exchanges in case you’re curious are CoinBase (probably most popular in the world) and Kraken..those are the ones I’ve personally used but since I now live in Hawaii there are some barriers to entry since this state doesn’t have adequate licensing to allow citizens to do crypto investing although changes are underway hopefully soon to shift the laws. Same is true for now in New York and Washington state. To workaround this I created an LLC in another state (Wyoming) that allows me to get on CoinMetro as a business entity..easy, legal, pretty simple to set up. In case you’re wondering, I created the Wyoming LLC using this company and the “sprinter” package. Good solution for now. If you need help with this CoinMetro has epic customer support you can reach out to anytime and they’ll help.
  18. Awhile back I shared a post about Ember Fund which I also really like (per my friend Aaron’s suggestion)..kind of a hedge fund for crypto..and I keep a few assets in there just for fun. Check it out if you’re called.
  19. Another fun thing to play with is to get off chrome and safari browsers especially on mobile and start using  BRAVE browser which has great privacy and security (and its super fast) measures in place PLUS you can earn crypto from simply being on the platform. I invest in their token: Basic Attention Token (BAT) because I believe in what they’re doing and wanna support the new precedents they’re anchoring.
  20. Get access to the Conscious Crypto Portfolio. We know how busy you are, which is why we’ve done all the dirty work for you to put together the most comprehensive and leading edge info about cryptocurrency.

I know all of this can feel overwhelming – where to begin?! Everything is so about learning a whole new language and entirely new ways of being in the world. What I love about all of this though – is that we’re invited to radically shift our perceptions about literally everything we’ve ever been taught about how the world works..about how power and wealth are distributed and about how free we can really be (answer: infinitely).

The choice is yours. Take your power back from the old school banking system thats inherently designed to frankly rip us off (Crypto Revolution outlines this model super clearly towards the beginning of the book) and put your money (your energy) to work for you in beautiful, expansive, positive ways. Support causes that matter. Bring more consciousness to your finances. Take more responsibility for how your money can a capacity for greater wealth and impact overall. Receive support in getting started. We are all pioneering the new way and no one does it alone.

I’m excited beyond belief to see where this all takes us over the next year and beyond. I know that this whole space is evolving at the speed of light..and so many brilliant, genius, visionary beings are involved in bringing it to life..anything is possible, we are infinite, what kind of world do we want to build, enjoy and share?

Let’s generate incredible resources anchored in love, integrity and sovereignty to architect it…together. 

Heaven on Earth is here..when we choose to be.

Other videos I recommend tuning into…

Great news from the CoinBase team that this is on mainstream media.

This guy is sweet and actually walks you through how to get started on CoinBase, one of the most popular exchanges out there. I used to be on CoinBase but got kicked off very quickly upon establishing my Hawaii residency which isn’t permitted on the platform 🙁

Super simple breakdown of money and it.

Another super simple overview..

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