we are collectively launching into a massive quantum leap..

aloha love,
hope you’re weathering the epic energetic storms of april with grace and maybe even a little playfulness and ease..ive been receiving massive downloads + upgrades..energy coming in through new channels..new forms..hitting the body differently..expanding the cells, feeling vibration in new ways, new sight coming online. remembering 🙂

enjoying a very busy few weeks..creating, connecting..building new visions and collaborating with soul family allies + co-creators..so much magic anchoring, words can’t describe.

wishing the same – abundance, love, expansion, affirmation, beauty, and all the magic in between..for you.

checking in quick to share a guide i just channeled on getting started with crypto..check it out.

its really a perfect moment to get in this game. an opportunity to win big. there’s so much support here..please consider joining the party.

we are moving beautifully with ASCEND..scheduled for August launch now. check out our logo..its pretty dope. sign up to stay posted on launch details. so much grace in bringing this to life..i’m reminded constantly of how abundantly supported we are when we are allowing ourselves to be conduit for spirit – for a higher vision, when its not about US..but about we. everything is provided, always.

new book is coming in strong..can’t wait to share more when its time..its so good.

lots of people are finding the empath experience and celebrating how its changed their lives..so humbled to receive these constant affirmations..interesting to follow waves of how the impact is being shared..many people tend to reach out on similar days..a mirror of what the collective consciousness – evolution is going through. grateful for the time capsule of the books and stories we share reaching people where they are at beyond time and space..in the perfect moment.

did you see the surprise episode of visionary souls i released a bit ago? fun to channel..more coming..something percolating about abortion, birth control, addiction..we shall see when its the right time to share.

just signed a new client-collaborator-soul family visionary…so grateful he found me through my book which catalyzed a major awakening for him..total rock star. we are committed to a 4 month journey of deep soul transformation – integration – trauma release – creative elevation…such an honor to play with the most divine beings on earth devoted to mastery, presence and integrity.

getting ready to take off next week to kauai for a 5 day 1:1 immersion with another beautiful visionary i’ve had the absolute privilege of supporting these last few months – through leaving a 20 year marriage she finally gave herself permission to exit because it wasn’t aligned with her truth..into just a few weeks later meeting her soul-mate, a beautiful woman of grace and dignity who can really meet her in the ways she craves to be met, danced with, appreciated, loved.

Our immersion is focused on uprooting and transmuting the core wounds of codependency to embody completely in every way her divine blue print and return to original innocence – essence – divinity. its going to be profound..for both of us of course. but then again our sacred work is always a co-creation. we are both always receiving immensely..this is how we love to play.

i am beyond honored to serve in these potent ways. sometimes i pinch myself – how did i get here? what an honor to play with the most beautiful beings..our council is phenomenal, i think we’re going to start a company together…and the akashic training crew is another divine field of radiant light beings..miraculous really.

what an honor to connect beyond translation.
where every connection feels energizing and nourishing..elevating and inspiring.
where we can simply be, as we are..
and that is always..more than enough.
re-patterning and deprogramming our cells from lifetimes of lessons that would tell us otherwise.
just be being together..receiving these attunements.

i love the ease with which we can simply be.
here. now. together.

our maui embodied ascension immersion is turning out to be quite the mastermind – knights of the roundtable – priests and priestesses of avalon – atlantis – lemuria and all the galactic councils we’ve been a part of through all the lifetimes we’ve experienced..

what is it like when we allow our entire existence to be led by our hearts knowing?
in pure presence
as clear conduits for source?

this is where we practice.

we are collectively launching into a massive quantum leap..

starting new businesses that are world-changing
creating profound new relationships in sovereignty
embodying infinite value + self worth
bringing our divinity completely into human form
showing up as the leaders we are destined to be
architecting the visions + projects we’re meant to birth
magnetizing the resources + support required for ALL to unfold with ease..grace..joy..genius.

its gonna be so much fun. the most magical beings imaginable are coming. everyone is a co-facilitator. everyone comes with great gifts to share. in fact we are making a new website – outside of my personal business website..because embodied ascension is its own container. its not my retreat. its ours.

together we are creating something new.
a grand experiment in co-creative leadership.
in collective collaboration.
coherence and unity..

you know..the training ground for the new earth 🙂

its not about me..its about WE..

anchoring this in fully.
now..in every moment.
here’s our invitation.

loving you..always.

xx Syd

PS: Highly recommend joining the FREE wealth series underway within MTVO, curated by my teacher/friend/galactic pal Jason Estes…check out the intro video and then email PR@JasonDEstes.com to join saying ” I’d love to enroll in the Wealth Series.” It’s gonna be awesome..learning the steps to become a conscious millionaire..billionaire..trillionaire..yes please. let’s play!

Here’s me and my friend Becki – she’s an amazing healer – acupuncturist, sound healer, fern medicine woman, miracle water maker..and assisting us in our embodied ascension immersion.

so grateful for our friendship 🙂

All the ways to Play + Co-create

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