Time to Take Your Power Back + Expand


how are you being in this moment? take a breath and really feel it..how am I being? is there anything i need in this moment to feel supported, nourished, more the ways i want to feel?

give yourself that now, whatever it is..do not wait. your higher self is waiting to give you such clear direction as to the next right aligned destined steps in your path.

its meant to be simple.

this will be my last newsletter for awhile..i’ll be diving deep into writing my book thats finally ready..revealing itself as complete..the missing pieces are now here to integrate. long story..gotta write it into a book.

consciousness codes – authenticity – embodiment – akashic records – quantum healing…

a recovery program for embodying your higher self.

cuz we’re ready.

you get the jist 🙂

its gonna be fun. can’t wait to share it when its time. feels good to channel energy into one portal that has staying power as opposed to spreading energy thin over all these platforms we’ve invested to share on..kinda weird when you think about it isnt it? the idea of posting to 5 different channels..i’m taking a long overdue break (and creating an entirely new system that feels much better too..more about that below)..

wanted to drop a quick note – if you have been considering getting into crypto currency investing, now is the time. don’t wait any longer..you’re going to need to learn about our future financial system sooner or later and now really is a prefect moment to jump in.

for beginner friendly awesome ease and support – I recommend our friends at Coin Metro as my preferred exchange.. check them out here. And get their utility token XCM..its gonna grow massively..promise..I’m all in and putting all my savings into it FYI..lets amplify mega abundance!

Ascend is going amazingly..we are starting development after finalizing designs and branding..its unlike anything you’ve ever seen. i’m so proud of what we are creating and how we are creating it..divine resonance – divine union – business magic. comes out in July..if you care to contribute as an investor, we are sourcing friends + family for a smaller raise to support us through launch. get in touch by hitting reply if you’d like to explore contributing ($25K+ level with accredited investors via SAFE).

Lots of initiations underway for April – clearing fear out of our systems, releasing shock and traumas of scarcity and moments in which all our survival systems were triggered..purging these energies from our cellular memory is no joke and yet we are immensely supported this month by all the incoming frequencies to do so…with grace.

So thankful for the abundance of support on offer..so much love + healing + amplification in our 5D council, our training (starting tomorrow!) and our field assembling to join together in Maui this June.

Celebrating the ripples of healing and consciousness expansion beaming out from these portals..

We are truly anchoring the new ways forward..the new ways of being, doing, creating, allowing, trusting, receiving..playing.

It is a high honor to connect with you in this moment. Its rare to share this depth and resonance. Most people are freaked out by prolonged eye contact let alone conversations about the new earth and multidimensional consciousness and akashic records and all the other quantum magic we frequently play in..

I’ll leave you with this..

What is arising in your life now for you to take your power back from?
Anything and everything outside of you that you’ve deemed as more powerful – to provide to you something you actually want to source from within..

Take it back. Claim it. Source it from yourself.

Your own love.
Your own acknowledgement.
Your own safety.
Your own support.
Your own abundance.
Your worthiness.

Decide. Receive. Embody. Radiate.

The physical body is clearing a lot lately. Support it in the ways that feel good. More rest, more nourishment, more movement, less screens, more friends, more massage, more support, more love..more fun. More nature 🙂 The simple things are really always the best medicine..our bodies know.

Have had some potent healing transmissions come through 1:1 and in group facilitation lately..we over-laid someones energy (divinity-source) over the covid vaccine the other day and re-programmed their RNA to stay in harmonic resonance with their highest timeline/true self/divine physiology..and that felt really good..

We are receiving such incredible energies..from new universes and dimensions we’ve never heard of before. Cassiopeia came through strong this last week. These feel like very familiar beings..now able to assist more on earth as our energies shift to be open to hearing-sensing-allowing them in to integrate and weave with us.

Excited for what we are anchoring in our Akashic group this time around..it gets more galactic and upleveled in multidimensional prowess each time we travel together through these waves..what an honor to co-create and share..and learn, now..

Without translation. Without pretending. Without trying. Without struggling.

Just as we are. Its such a gift..this ease..of being..with you.

As we are.

x Syd

PS: Birthing a new you, a new business, a new relationship, a new sacred container of wealth, embodiment, ease, visionary creativity..liberation? Yum, yes please, more please 🙂

Envisioning new 1:1 co-creators will be with us in Maui for the retreat ..how lovely does that feel? Book a call to explore 1:1 co-creation, amplification, support..quantum leaps.

Other 1:1 offerings are all here..let’s play.

New Visionary Souls Podcast:
Triggers as Initiations/Invitations

Embodied Ascension is a 9 day – 8 night portal designed to initiate and prepare our beings for infinite expansion – our dreams are unfolding before our eyes. Here is the container in which we prepare to launch forward, with grace, ease and pristine presence.
We are birthing new worlds that call us into new dimensions of presence, power and potency. Let’s practice together and anchor these new ways of being we are meant to embody.
Your spirit will feel profoundly nurtured and at ease, your body will receive potent healing and recalibration, your heart will feel magnificently open, overflowing..this is the essence of ascension and exemplary leadership in the New Earth.
Heaven on Earth is here when we allow ourselves (fully) to be.
Our Immersion is designed for an intimate group of visionaries devoted to embodying their true selves while being powerful examples of love, presence and healing in a world that’s calling for our medicine now more than ever.
Together we are pioneering and co-creating a new style of intentional immersion into shared presence rooted in collaboration, mastery, co-leadership and coherence.

Everyone in this experience (just like life, right?) is a facilitator, a contributor, a co-creator..how do we show up when we are each invited to lead?

Welcome to the New Earth experiment..Let’s play.

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