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aloha love – hope you’re having a beautiful week so far. How are you being?

Here is a message coming thru, loud and clear – “the less I do, the more still I am – the more I receive.”

With our businesses, with the visions we’re here to steward, it’s not about us. It’s not about you.

All of our suffering comes from making things about us. It’s not about us. Embodying a definite practice..underway..illuminated in every aspect of life lately 🙂

Consider: Our vision is its own sovereign being. We are in a Divine Union with this being that has chosen us to steward its consciousness into form. Just like we would have a child, it’s the same thing. And as women too, we have a gestation period, a massive body upgrades. I’ve been seeing that parallel so much of like literal tangible birth and pregnancy with vision birthing. Aren’t they the same thing?

So now..actualizing great vision in alignment with our soul purpose and genius..becomes we take care of ourselves so we can birth the vision-baby-being into form with lots of support, resources and care. This is the feminine way of leading in the New Earth. Can you feel this initiation underway in your life too?

Reminders to slow not be so body, detach from overwhelm, results, expectations..relinquish control.

Have you been listening?

Our most crucial invitation now is to be calm, to make sure that the baby, the vision, has a peaceful environment to germinate, to grow, to evolve, to show itself, to develop. That’s our responsibility.

We were conditioned by a lot of different lifetimes and many different societies we’ve traversed to think that we have to figure everything out, to make it and plan it. As if its all up to us and we are creating in an echo chamber..

Forgetting we’ve been transmitting spirit all along..

Whose really leading the way forward?

Meanwhile, think about the pregnancy, the body knows exactly what to do. It’s already doing the whole process. The mind has no place in any of it.

Same thing with the vision, the body knows what to do, the soul knows what to do when we are listening and in communion with it like we’re in an intimate relationship.

This is a huge rewiring, huge reframe but its precisely what we are all re-patterning together.

This is the natural state of this birthing, through this body, through this consciousness, receiving.

…excerpted and inspired from our recent 5D Visionary Council convergence..anchoring beautiful ways of co-creating, allowing, receiving.

To receive the guided transmission – visualization component of this reflection to experience it for yourself – check out the newly updated 5D Visionary Embodiment Activation just posted on my site for you to play with. Our council had prolific magnetism-expansion-receiving activations following this journey..its a pleasure to share with you.

To go deeper…and work with the potent energy brewing for our Spring Equinox…

We are gathering for the equinox this Sunday – anchoring our hearts visions and soul callings, receiving healing and multidimensional guidance to support our unfolding, seeding new dreams and potent intentions..connecting with soul family.

Feel into this magic…

We’ll ground into the powerful Equinox energy (some even call this a year year to start completely fresh in) by receiving a collective Akashic Transmission + energy healing supporting our field.

This transmission will likely entail numerous practices, attunements + invitations to intimately connect with your vision – genius birthing through you.

Plus I’ll be presenting key protocols and ways of being in 5D business strategy, co-creation and magnetism. We’ll wrap our immersion (its gonna be an upgrade-party ya’ll!) with opportunities for sharing, and 1:1 intuitive / strategy / healing support.

Join us in exploring new paradigms of business- soul service expression, effortless receiving, embodying trust and co-creating in 5D ❤

🙏🏼  See you here 🙏🏼

Loving you more..body is processing so much this week, rest and recharge as you need..more the better..naps are amazing! In fact I was instructed by spirit recently to add daily naps into my schedule 🙂

Feels like the best medicine..when we stay still, the visions and manifestations and resources we are calling in can finally find us and arrive into our reality…I am experiencing this in beautiful ways..its real, it really works..its the way of flowing in the stream of life..with the stream.

We’ve all heard the same invitations for years but now we get to practice truly embodying it..not just knowing it..but living it.

It’s so much more fun (and wildly effective) to practice these new ways of being (and all the healing and transmutation they inevitably bring up for us to grow through) together.

I am loving all the digital portals we co-create to architect such potent healing-upgrade fields..its such a pleasure and honor to connect with such extraordinary beings all over the world. Our council has visionaries positioned literally all over the map – more time zones represented than I’ve ever met with at once..its pure magic!

Our sole Akashic Facilitator (Level One) Training for 2021 is coming up in a few weeks and only has 3 spots left. If you’ve been called to this practice, refining your healing modalities, stepping into mastery in your facilitation, receiving deep healing and integration support along committed high-integrity visionary community – this is going to be a blast. We’d love to have you with us.

Level Two Advanced Practitioner Training will be released in the coming weeks – includes a live retreat in Bali, with deep practice supporting you to learn more masterful techniques for healing core wounds, connecting with galactic and omniversal consciousness, developing greater capacities for presence and embodied leadership..being an example of the best you..and stepping into group field facilitation and so much more. This is only open to those who have completed Level One as the course prepares you to be able to teach the Level One course to your own students 🙂

How fun is that? Feels so good.

Our live-in person upgrade experience in Maui for the Embodied Ascension Immersion is becoming more potent by the day as frankly I am receiving many initiations in preparation for hosting / co-creating this space..its been such a beautiful journey so far when I look back to December when the vision really seeded. We birth visions sometimes maybe all the time that are meant to show us where we get to expand – where we get to grow to meet the vision in this new frequency/resonance..and this has certainly been the case with the Maui Retreat.

So much happens when we can meet in person and transmit codes in the much shifting, expansion, healing, receiving, remembering can transpire just in being together. Our fields, our bodies, know what to do. Our hearts can open. We can feel safe to be ourselves. We can remember what it feels like to be in our power, to be in our genius, to share our gifts, to embody our divinity…this is our invitation.

The New Earth is calling forth leaders who are ready to be themselves, fully and presence, in integrity, with wild creativity..welcoming forth new dimensions of consciousness to communicate through their beings..bringing glorious new potentials into Earth..architecting Heaven within this divine game we call life.

And the best part – we get to learn and grow together..we have so much support..we have everything going for us..the time has never been more ripe to receive, to say yes to this quantum leap in expansion, to leave the past where it belongs as we step into a completely new timeline of presence, unity, freedom, power and magnetic ease.

What else are you dreaming into for this Equinox and beyond?
What is your soul calling you forth into experiencing?
Whats feeling like a growing edge?

If your dreams are scaring you a bit they’re not big enough.
Your soul loves to be stretched..
This is how your spirit gets to play in the infinite..
And then it can remind your body and mind..
Of how divine and powerful you truly are.

Are you saying yes to the expansion underway?
Are you moving into it with grace, and even joy?
Letting it all be fun..even the moments of seeming discomfort and the little contractions inevitably in between.
Are you celebrating yourself all the way home?

You’re amazing. Keep going. Remember who you are.

You decided to incarnate here into Heaven on Earth in the most epic moment in all of human offer your unique genius, your keys..into this grand puzzle we are all piecing back together..

You matter so much to the whole unfolding.

Just in who you are is always enough.

I love you lots <3

Look forward to playing soon…


PS: If you’re called to collaborate 1:1 with fantastic energetic support – expert strategy – holistic healing – multidimensional attunement..all the magic..navigating through portals and traversing all the bridges we expand over and through…co-creating the future..anchoring and embodying divine alignment into every aspect of life (particularly within intimacy, relationships, sexuality, creativity and abundance of all kinds)…lets play.

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