New Moon Musings + Sacred Initiations

Aloha Beloved One..How are You Being?

happy new moon..time to plant seeds of beautiful vision – intentions – dream weaving…so much support is here to receive <3 shall we?

big many transmission shared with clients, students, in our council..with new collaborators. i cant wait to share ASCEND with you when its time – coming out this summer..its incredible. We are deep in design – development mode and it truly brings us to tears at certain moments when we realize we are creating the future of how humanity will engage in the digital sphere..such divine guidance pouring in to assist this entire process.

our greatest visions are given to us just like this – we are chosen, we are initiated, we are meant to carry them thru..we are meant to listen to their guidance. they know how to be, they know what they’re here for..can we allow and trust them to take the lead?

this is the essence of business – architecting in 5D.

i have been guiding visionaries in these processes and activations for years now but it feels like energy is landing in such a way collectively that more are ready to explore and experience what is possible beyond the realm of the mind – linear planning – overly intellectualized strategy in the ways we approach our businesses and visions.

We are now called to anchor the new templates of creation – instead of doing, let us sink into receiving, allowing, imagining, witnessing, transmitting.

Reprogramming the outdated paradigms of linear creation and “have tos” with attunement to deep presence, inner wisdom, trust in ones own guidance and relating to our visions as the sovereign beings they are that have the perfect maps for how they want to be stewarded..all of which is a inherently designed to be a success when we listen, allow, receive, trust ❤
The new earth is birthing thru our true selves…the more we listen, the more ease in our creation – allowing becomes available.

Hence, I am guided to support an intimate group of visionaries on the Spring Equinox – this will be a potent energetic portal supporting our desired manifestations and visions to come into full embodiment, to receive new creative downloads, to receive the guidance and wisdom from our visions themselves regarding how they want to live in this they want to guide us into more success, impact, abundance, alignment..ease.

Join us on the Equinox portal to explore the mechanics and ways of being entailed in 5D visionary business and co-creation.

Space is limited to allow for focused sharing and 1:1 support and we only have a few spots remaining.I am also offering only 8 additional 1:1 sessions at a special rate (with support in between the immersion and 1:1 session – a mini support container) for those who attend this immersion – to deepen in integration – attunement – next steps that will surely emerge in our potent time together.

Our immersion is programmed to relieve and transmute outdated paradigms of stress, linear creation, patriarchal methodologies and contracts within “work” and nervous system conditioning obstructing deep calm and presence as a natural state.

If you’re curious about what we’ve been architecting and practicing together in our 5D council or how it feels to be in our Akashic Facilitator Training, this is a perfect opportunity to come play and experience the resonance we amplify.

Here’s an invitation to receive support, attunement, and practical guidance on ways to incorporate more ease, authenticity, trust and flow into all aspects of life and all you aspire to contribute ❤

xx SydPS: 4 Spots left in our Akashic Facilitator Training starting 4/8. Five spots left for our Maui Embodied Ascension Immersion. Feeling so much healing – activation – expansion percolating already in these fields..such extraordinary beings gathering to co-create new dimensions of presence, love, healing, vision…Heaven on Earth is here 🙂 Feeling it deeply.

Celebrating – Quantum Immersions now anchoring for co-creating in Kauai and Maui. Curating an extraordinary 5-Day experience now for a special soul whose coming out in April for a deep-dive Lemurian – Divine – Blueprint Embodiment Immersion!!! Including this transmission-experience now in all 1:1 mentorship containers.

One space is open for 1:1 5D Visionary Mentorship starting now to take you through a journey over these next 7 months, including in person immersive healing – transformation – business re-design experience in Kauai or Maui.

Celebrations following Quantum Immersions + 5D Visionary Mentorship..could this be you?

  • Activate confidence and clarity to end and exit an unhappy marriage, start a completely new timeline and new precedent for healthy, intimate relationship ideal (in fact multiple clients have come to work with me right before deciding / finally giving themselves permission to leave an unhappy relationship)
  • Cellular re-patterning of codependent attachment to allow space for sovereign divine-union within and with all of life
  • Attracting soul-mate partner within a matter of weeks
  • Design architecture for entire new business and sales model built on ease, magnetism, authenticity and core values
  • Transmute core wounds of shame and worthlessness around receiving love and abundance to embody new dimensions of self-love, trust, and ease in flowing through life, listening to inner wisdom and following soul guidance
  • Radically scaling income in a matter of days and weeks
  • Healing blocks around receiving money, love, intimacy + sexual connection and enjoyment – crushing through glass ceilings of what was previously perceived as highest level possibilities
  • Easily transitioning into ideal weight and body optimization, unleashing more vitality, potency and overall energy
  • Improved relationships across the board with more abundance of love, receiving, alignment and reciprocity
  • Refined business development strategy and soulful marketing that feels good, authentic and magnetic
  • Develop + deploy visionary marketing strategies leading easily into aligned consumer/client attraction and expansion, new brand partnerships + opportunities to co-market – amplify abundance
  • Attract new speaking engagements and invitations to be on panels / PR + media exposure –  easefully amplifying presence + visibility
  • Getting a raise by asking for it + negotiating new position within company
  • Calling in a soul mate relationship – with someone she had been on a date with 9 years ago who magically showed up suddenly in her life again seemingly out of nowhere
  • Calling in the perfect business partner to start the latest new health platform – a new dating platform with a health-focused intention
  • Increasing fundraising viability with new investors after refining marketing messaging and re-positioning technology product offering

And many, many more ..when miracles become the norm. <3

Let’s play.

Schedule a consult call to explore.

“I joined this course not knowing what to expect, never having received an akashic reading before. I just jumped. This training was rigorous, thoughtful, and transformative, and yet so freeing and so personal.

I’ve gotten far more out of it than I could have possibly imagine. It’s not just a course, it is a total system upgrade. Coming to meet each moment with more presence has been so awakening for all senses. The container, we really are a soul family. Relationships can go so deep when there is no chance for us to get lost in the small talk or cultural conditionings of social cues. It feels so safe to float into limitless possibilities with this group.
I’m most proud of how much more sure of myself I feel. I can hold steady to my inner compass with much more ease. I celebrate my vulnerability and the way I’ve melted into a more refined interpretation of energies, channeling, and transmission.

In so many words, this course was a pathway towards transformation rooted at the very core of my being; undoing old patterns of fear and transmuting it into love and a lust for life. I’ve cultivated a deep and true appreciation for where I am right here and now.

I appreciate that the concise simplicity of this course allowed me to go deep and to heal on a level I’ve never met myself at before. This whole course was beautiful. I felt fiercely supported as I did a deep dive into self-love and uncovering shame. Then, of course, there’s the overt process of becoming a transformative akashic facilitator and energy healer.

Yes, this training offered me a chance to unlock and acknowledge the ability that’s always been within me because it taught me how to love myself so much more deeply that I ever thought possible. Thank you. I love you.” ~ Katrina Mary Kiritharan, Healer, Yogi, Founder @ Earthbound Intuitive

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