Kauai, Death Portals + The Cosmic Joke

Aloha My Love..

Happy March! Feeling the creative momentum supporting our visions and dreams to unfold with such joy..grace..ease..yes please. Feeling the support to take aligned action on so much of what’s been incubating these last few weeks and months. It is time.

Beaming you all the love from mama Kauai..I was called back here again somewhat unexpectedly but of course divinely just two weeks ago..and here I am. It is like a bus-rise of sorts to get over here from Maui which makes me smile. I used to take longer subway rides from Brooklyn to uptown Manhattan years ago and now..what a joy to island hop from one paradise portal to another. Thank you.

I was on a call with my dear friend Sophia (whose guest mentoring for our month on magnetism-play and ease in Visionary Business for our 5D Council underway) less than two weeks ago, moving through some challenging waves..emotional turbulence, inner child healing, attachment wounds..all super highlighted and coming out to be healed and met..on blast.

I was on the precipice of a huge breakthrough, I could feel it – felt like releasing ancient ancestral and collective programs about scarcity, fear, disempowerment, repression of ones power and truth and wounds around trust and faith..simply put: I was ready for a reality shift and all of life was inviting me to step through the door into a new experience. Have you felt this too, maybe even coming up over the last few weeks especially? February was quite a ride 🙂

I was allowing myself to be deeply supported just in sharing what was coming up – the old thought forms clearing out faster and faster..you know when you are mid-sentence and what you’re going to say no longer resonates, and you stop yourself – because the program has broken, and you are complete with the lesson? Yes, that was happening left and right..old programs be done. True self emerging..more fully..more as the full light you are..radiant, powerful, presence. Funny how we can be so afraid of this power we hold within..but seems we all have this one in common – the immense fear of our own light, of our own potency, of our own capacity to create precisely what we truly want. Ah..the divine human experience.

Sophia suggested – hey, why don’t you come to Kauai and we can do a healing retreat to support you in moving through this portal you’re clearly moving through..with a little more grace and ease and acceleration, as opposed to you walking yourself through it as you usually prefer to do? She didn’t say it quite like that but that’s the message I received..spirit was like: hey, allow this love in, allow this support in, take the leap..this is what the new expansion experience feels like..embody abundance, trust, faith..more of who you are is here, ready to be held, ready to be invited into full integration. Let it happen.

So within about 24 hours, I made a yummy 5-figure investment in my retreat, booked my plane tickets, cleared my next weeks schedule and got ready to go in just a few days. Spirit loves to move quick like this – so do our hearts..that crave rapid expansion and accelerated healing when given the opportunity to leap into new dimensions of consciousness and presence. The retreat experience is channeled – curated to support me in embodying the feminine heart of pure receiving – to allow my divinity to anchor into this being more deeply – to open up to more ease and grace in all areas of my life and business – to step into a new dimension of my power and potency – to be the leader I am destined to be.

How about now? Yes please.

Here is a reflection that came through close to half way through my retreat..which I am still on 🙂 Receiving so much..remembering so much..allowing for so much spaciousness to emerge..expansion..lightness:

A month ago (and just the other day again) I went to what’s known as a death portal at Polihale  – a sacred place here in Kauai where souls go to exit the Earth into other realms. It feels to me like a highly charged vortex reminiscent of Sedona in some spots – entering the field feels like emerging thru a plasma barrier where waterfalls of frequency plummet thru your being at the deepest levels, thru every cell, shaking up all thats no longer meant to be held onto so it can be purged out and released.

On our first visit I was warned to only go if a strong, clear intention was present because the energy is so potent – its known to catalyze death and disappearance in more ways than one.

Upon arrival, I sunk deep into the earth in meditation, connecting thru my own Akashic Records about why I was there and what specifically this portal was initiating me into. It all felt strangely familiar – I had been here before, across many Lemurian and ancient Hawaiian lifetimes, both as human and as a non-human galactic guide..feels just like yesterday in moments when you can dissolve beyond the body and beyond time.

Feeling the energy of the sacred cliffs staring back at me through the infinite eyes carved into the stone faces – welcome home, melt some more, let the earth take it all away..all that is not true, all that is not you. I was guided to a particularly potent part of the vortex energy where nearby the ocean was pushing up against itself in numerous directions – creating perpendicular waves, pouring out the sides as herds of buffalo and fiery dragons, catapulting various spirits and energies all about – the ancestors surfing across the luminous white crests.

Let go and release all that is weighing you down in this human experience – self doubt, painful self judgement, creations all of our own making, perceived challenges in receiving – challenges in opening fully, in feeling safe to give and experience love, to experience ones own light, to be fully here accepting this human form and this physical reality as divinely orchestrated and destined to be..unfolding. Instead of a painful purging out of the emotional density and fear and programs perceived therein – all the spirits were tickling me into laughing uncontrollably to the point of cramping in my belly and across my face – laughing at the hilariousness of it all.

The perceived human difficulties, the traumas, the conditionings, the programs…from the eyes of spirit and my higher self and all aspects beyond this realm overseeing this moment: how hilariously difficult you’ve chosen to make this experience, dear one.

Why have you found such pleasure in experiencing such pain? When all along life has been here to support you, to help you, to lift you up – this is the design after all. You’ve made such a game out of it all – blocking yourself from receiving that which has always been yours..and you, yourself, your true self.

Why has it been so difficult to receive? You’ve learned to receive as though its a linear process one must think about and then do – as if you are in control..no, it is who you are already, you are a pure receiver – you are a pure receptor, a transmitter, you are always receiving no matter what, especially when you are no longer thinking about it or trying to do it right as if there was such a thing. You have invented so many judgments and invested so much in understanding or knowing why – why – why and how-how-how when all the meanwhile life is happening through you and around you, divinely designed to be enjoyed, received, witnessed, played with, laughed at, danced with.

All this time you could have been dancing. You could have been singing, making love, playing in the waves, dancing in the wind, melting into the earth. This body is designed for ecstasy – for bliss to be the lowest felt vibrational potential, can you imagine? We know this from higher realms where we existed beyond the body..remember.

We are here now to bring this awareness and attunement into the physical, into these cells, into this breath, into this heart beat. We are such luminous beings, here to remember more of ourselves and then in our radiant presence, remind others of our collective majesty. We are cosmic royalty after all. We are the kings and queens with souls seeded from across multiple universes and consciousnesses, all here for the shared purpose of ascension into our inner realms, upon this magical planet that has already ascended and continues expanding in her own ways. All for the joy of co-creating and experiencing the beauty we can see, touch, taste and feel..only through this body.

The second visit just the other day back to the Polihale portal I allowed parts of myself to be killed – literally and figuratively with a silver dagger cutting away the energetic cords or any residue from ancestral and collective programming especially that felt at times like a heavy metal backpack of armor, nailed in place ethereally to protect my heart from perceived threats, betrayals or pain. The body can hold certain specific emotional forms in place like this – especially when the forms are spanning many lifetimes, etched deeper into place over each incarnation. I released giving my power away to what others think of me and how I had let that define my value for so long; I released regret and anger at oneself for perceived failures of previous ascensions within the Earth game; releasing doubt, fear, worry, anxiety and somatic imprinting of the need for control and security after so long of feeling inherently unsafe, unseen and in some cases non-existent.

Even after doing all these years of work and healing and transmutation..so much remembering and integration..lifetimes upon lifetimes of wisdom and attunement pouring through as space is created to simply remember and receive more of oneself…still there is always more to grow. We wouldn’t be human still otherwise. There is no end, but seemingly more new beginnings and more infinite space to expand into.

We are ascending inwards, into our hearts, completely out of the mind, into the higher-self-soul which is to be our guide in the coming era, expanding into the highest most potent energies we’ve ever felt through a body. Consider how the thought that “its difficult to receive” is simply a mass consciousness program that has been anchored so deeply into our collective identity we can easily overlook our own choice to question it..and reroute ourselves and our destinies however we decide.

We were taught for so long to not be as we are, to be someone else, to be better, to be perfect, to be different, or more similar..the paradox – something, anything else, other than precisely ourselves. And yet now the illusion is falling apart faster than we can attempt to hold it up and keep it together. Too much energy has been expelled already in trying.

We are sensitizing ourselves more to the truth – to the inner invitation into presence, into ones heart, into one’s own authenticity.

Why are we having this experience anyway if not for ourselves, our souls overseeing the whole movie inviting us again and again to drop the masks, sink more into the body, luxuriate in the feelings possible only through this physical-multidimensional portal and simply laugh at all the multitude of ways we’ve learned to make it all so seemingly complicated or hard to move through.

Can we see that the difficulties are mostly of our own making? This is the grand cosmic joke of it all – can we let go, of trying, of holding it together, of holding ourselves up in certain ways, of continuing to play games that don’t actually feel good, of listening to a wounded ego that is always making generalizations and decisions based in conditionality, fear and separation?

Letting calm and presence be the new norm is a practice, indeed. We are so much more accustomed to (and collectively entrained to orient to) anxious nervous systems and excitement and all the noisy chaos and distractions there in – the mind loves to connect in this frenetic pacing where it can just spin-spin-spin and savor in the delight of agitation and having so much to do and think and make happen.

Who are we when we let that all fall away, to simply breathe into the presence of who we are already being right now, as we are, all the way here and now? There is less thought and more feeling, less noise and more silence..and so much space to expand into more of our own radiance. From here our divine purpose naturally shows itself and paves the way with steps forward into our destined direction. From here we receive the guidance required to architect the dream realities we’re only beginning to imagine as possible. From here we understand that we’ll see it all unfold – better than we ever could have planned and then some – once we believe it.

We see ourselves as the masterful creator beings we are, capable of transmitting such pure potency and presence thru which all is possible and all is attainable in this here and now moment. We are evolving into instantaneous manifestation potential – evolving out of doing and controlling and managing programs into pure receiving, allowing, witnessing, being and enjoying it all unfold. Transcending time and space perceived limitations and barriers to infinite expansion into the realties we’ve always sensed we are here to explore and amplify.

What is your divine dream for Heaven on Earth? What is your soul calling you to expand into, now? What is your heart singing to you, guiding you to melt away, let go of, alchemize and radiate?

All is possible. All is available. All of life is designed to support you in your destiny unfolding. All of your body is designed to heal and magnetize at the quantum level all that is meant for you to receive to assist you in the journey. All of life is loving you so fully so that you remember the love that you inherently are, all that you have always been and all that you are destined to be.

Let us welcome each other and ourselves home into this moment more fully and completely..again and again, simply through our being, through choosing to be present, through choosing to radiate and bask into our own light, through emanating only what is true for us in each moment, for letting that be all that is required, ever again.

Letting it all be easy. Simple. Pure. Grace.

I love you. Keep going. Thank you for being you.

As a reminder..We have our beloved Akashic Facilitator training starting April 8th, for those called to deepen and activate their intuitive-multidimensional selves and develop their own innate guidance system, heal immense trauma, free themselves of ancestral density and collective conditioning and so much more..all is possible through this work, it is such a profound gift that keeps on giving. It is an honor to guide you on this path. Please join us if you are feeling the call in your heart to take this leap.

Being on this retreat has helped me to profoundly see my value and become more clear than ever on how radically I help others to transform their lives sometimes overnight into greater alignment with how they want to feel-be-share-create-and play.I am inviting three new visionaries to co-create deep healing, transformation, awakening and embodiment with me 1:1 in a sacred mentorship journey starting immediately to continue over the next few months. We will curate the container according to what spirit has in mind for our collaboration – but trust it will be life-changing, and will include an in-person deep dive retreat for 4 days here in Kauai or Maui depending on what is destined to be.

Here is a bit about my ideal co-creator collaborators, in this you?
  • Successful entrepreneur, business owner and/or leader within a company
  • Called to bring more consciousness, intuition and embodiment into leadership
  • Has experience with developing businesses, creative strategy and vision
  • Tuned in with intuitive gifts and multidimensionality to some extent and wants to grow in these areas more and integrate these gifts into their leadership
  • Determined to do the work to integrate their wounds and shadows into their most authentic expression and embodiment
  • Wants thriving relationships, creativity, spirituality and to experience more ease, trust and joy in all aspects of life
  • Receptive to new practices, approaches, technologies and healing modalities
  • Committed to creating Heaven on Earth – for themselves and have calling towards planetary service to share vision on wider scale
  • Easy and fun to work with – loving – grateful, high integrity, committed to doing the work to grow and heal quickly and sustainably
  • We have a lot of fun, feel energized and newly awakened every time we connect
I have guided hundreds of clients over the years and I am ready to step into an entirely new level of service with my intimate guidance shared most potently in an individual curated journey. This is my highest excitement really – especially to support those who are in positions of scalable impact in which their shifts and awakenings will catalyze ripples for multitudes more visionaries that they reach through their presence.

If you are ready for a complete shift in your consciousness, expansion through every cell of your being, and to embody new dimensions of creativity, personal power, intimacy and connection with spirit – let’s play.

The time is now..to take the leap into your true self, into your true calling, your destiny, your vision that’s meant to be birthed through you.

Learn more about 1:1 Quantum Immersions (which are included in our new 1:1 mentorship journey) here in Kauai and Maui.More updates and upgrades to come..hope to see you in our Akashic Facilitator Training soon if you’re meant to be in this potent group.

Check out our graduate celebrations to get a feel for the life-changing activation and expansion that’s on offer here.

We have a few spots open for the Embodied Ascension Immersion here in Maui June 19-27 which is proving to be an even more potent container with each passing moment..so much is being infused into this experience..a consciousness expansion initiation, an embodiment incubator, a wholeness accelerator..in Paradise with so many portals inviting us to remember.
Is your heart calling you to join us? Come play.

If you haven’t already – sign up for ASCEND, the new social media platform I’m creating and designing as we speak..coming out this summer.All my love family..see you on the other side..

Another portal of transformation is open, feel that?

Remember..take the leap and TRUST:

We are built to fly.

<3 Syd

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