What October Holds

October is a big month of shadow diving – healing – integration for all of us as we finally mature into more of our true selves beyond victim consciousness..can we see clearly the creators that we are, the power that we naturally hold, the destinies we’ve come to enjoy and simply receive?

How much space can we create – in the body, mind, spirit – for the soul to completely anchor in? And lead the way. As it so naturally is suited to.. Perfectly paving the path for the next right step.. If only we could simplify our focus and see that’s all there is to do.

One foot in front of the other. All from presence. It is a game indeed- and it can be simple and fun if we so choose. I am proud of the experiences I chose to undertake in this lifetime..

Choosing to journey through immense contrast of addiction, shadow sexuality, giving myself away, prostituting myself in many ways that I used to feel ashamed about..repressing my true desires, feeling like I could only express them behind closed doors or in environments where others were hiding out similarly (night clubs, underground strip clubs, craigslist hustles…).

I chose those experiences to learn from. And you know what, so many of them stemmed from the desire to simply express my true nature which is wild and free amidst a life and society wherein I didn’t feel safe to be who I really was..I wasn’t resourced to express myself..I didn’t have a body/nervous system that could contain all the power that wanted to flow through.

So drugs and alcohol served as great permission slips to act out in the ways my soul wanted to experience expansion and freedom and ease..for a time. Always seeking higher expressions..connection with spirit..connection with my soul..

Only to realize eventually the only way I really want to connect is through my own presence. Fully here, in the body, amidst all this infinite spaciousness that is here once the heaviness can release.

It isn’t an overnight process..many years and lifetimes in the making..but some of us choose an advanced path of shadow diving early on – living many lifetimes in this one..in a span of a few short decades..so that we can awaken and remember quickly..to get into alignment with our destiny, our path, our purpose.

To be an example of lightness and liberation..just in our presence this code gets transmitted. To be radically free and comfortable with being just who you are now, without a filter, without editing.

Nothing to keep track of, nothing to manage.

Just being. Sharing truth. Emitting it effortlessly.

Always in practice. Always refining.

Yet there is an immensity of miracles to celebrate.

Published by Sydney Campos


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