My Favorite Ascension Technology

As high frequency beings we require more support in integrating the energy we are regularly receiving. Sometimes we work with certain products for a time and sometimes we just learn from them what we needed to learn quite quickly.

Grateful to share some genius products that have profoundly impacted my spiritual evolution + integration.

1. PNR – Personal Nexus Reality Device: The PNR is a programmed copper device which creates biophotons that help the body heal faster. For me also supports deeper energetic alignment and centeredness within my own being. Create stronger energetic boundary with the outside world and other beings. Also clears EMFs within wide range.

Use my code HEAVENONEARTH for 10% off all items.

Learn more + shop:

2. Source Seeds: 8th dimensional technology designed to create biophotons (and teach things to create biophotons) so there can be more living light particles in the world. Not for human consumption. Structures water when inserted into any drinking device/repository. Plant in earth to help strengthen earths healing grids and generate higher frequency food in your garden or plants in home.

3. Source Code: Different phases and blends designed to assist with physical integration. It can provide necessary resources to the body in an essence form to assist you in learning and mastering the codes more efficiently. This protocol has been immensely helpful in supporting my cellular regeneration after a decade long journey with alcohol and drug abuse.

4. Somnion Deep Sleep Patch: Each Somnion patch is charged electromagnetically to support smarter sleep. When applied, photons are released and filter down to positively affect the physical body, which can assist with deep and REM sleep. LOVE these..getting a big stockpile..wear on my third eye every night, unplug the wifi..and go into deep deep regenerative rest.

Use my code HEAVENONEARTH for 10% off all items.

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Been loving these Xelliss potions for embodiment integration + cellular detox support.

I like to call these Dolphin Food for those of us who used to be incarnated as dolphins 🙂

It feels so good to receive this medicine – potent nutrition and support for the immense cellular updates we are going through. Check em out and see if you resonate..could help the body in beautiful ways.

I like to take 8ML and mix into water with Willard Water (also for detox support) plus some lemon and some Source Code (phase 1) or Cloud (mentioned above via VoidSpace link)…a healing integration potion.

Get them here and keep in mind, the below two potions are my fave, use AM in morning and PM at night

I’ve compiled a big list of all my favorite nervous system support elements here.

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