Prosperity Playground starts 8.8

We are going into another super charged energetic upgrade month ahead, this time calling us forth into more activity, creativity, visibility and contribution. Not to mention 8/8/2020 also known as Lions Gate is a potent energetic portal supporting us in awakening to new levels of prosperity consciousness and abundance.
So, we are gathering to co-create a sacred container to amplify our intentions, practice together as we align with our truth, embody authenticity and most of all, attune ourselves to more potent expressions of generosity, receiving, magnetism and true prosperity.

Welcome into the Prosperity Playground my loves.

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A 5 week accelerator – can we call it a playground for quantum leaps?

Yes, of course <3

We begin 8/8 gathering in an invocation-activation-attunement ceremony to anchor in our hearts greatest desires and wishes – calling our infinite selves forth to actualize the dreams and visions we are here to birth with grace and ease and total expansion.
We then play for 5 weeks together experimenting and exploring deep into new ways of mastering our energetic experiences + relationships within the key tenets of prosperity consciousness:

1. Purpose Fulfillment (Creativity + Generosity)

2. Radical Authenticity (Intimacy + Vulnerability)

3. Playful Pleasure (Trust + Receiving)

4. Unconditional Love (Infinite Worth + Value)

5. Heaven on Earth (Actualizing Vision + Embodiment)

I’ve received so much fun guidance on this container and how it will be uniquely coded with special games and ways to play with one another that will truly expand our capacities to receive, to give unconditionally, to deepen in trust within ourselves and within all of life supporting us, and so much more.

There are many surprises included in this container (literally can’t wait to play these games with you – I’ve never seen these practiced anywhere else!) that are calling you forth to really listen to your intuition – to honor your sacred YES and see what happens as a result.

See how you are supported, see what you can create, see how you can shift, just like that, into a whole new reality and into a new relationship with money, with your sense of value, with your purpose and most of all with how you contribute you wisdom and truth within the world that is waiting for you to share your heart all in.

I sense this is a revolutionary moment calling us to meet in divine timing – what upgrades will we call in together? What new timelines will we anchor? What collective healing will we alchemize?

 I can’t wait to co-create this experience with you.

Join me in the Prosperity Playground here.

We start 8/8 but really the journey begins as soon as you say YES.
In the moment you join you will be opening the portal and saying yes to receiving an abundance of support and guidance on your path – get ready to receive, expand, remember and PLAY.
This is going to be so fun!
Loving you so big xx

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